View Full Version : Starting your auctions at a penny

02-12-2002, 10:23 AM
I'm fairly new to selling on ebay (just came to it this fall). I've tried listing works with a reserve, but got no bids, so I started doing a different line of small pieces so I could have auctions starting at a penny. Some of these have ended up selling for more than other pieces I sold with a higher minimum bid!

Has anyone had a piece actually go for just a penny? I understand the idea behind having it start that low; lower ebay fees (didn't understand how that worked at first), more views on the item, more bids which gets more attention.....

I'd like to list some of my other work, but I'm afraid to list at a penny. Even what I would consider a low starting bid (say, $20) results in higher fees and really seems to deter buying...??? Suggestions? Thoughts from you ebay veterans???


02-12-2002, 02:32 PM
Hi Teresa,
I think you're more of a veteran than I am, but I got scared off the low starting bids after the christmas slowdown. I sold one small still-life for a buck, but the customer turned out to be a repeat customer.
It looks like bidding has picked up again this month, so maybe I'll start feeling brave again sometime soon. I haven't tried a penny auction, but had started a few out for a dollar before Xmas.

02-12-2002, 05:51 PM
I tried the penny starting bid on one of my acrylics on canvas and it sold for the amount I would have started the bidding at, so I didn't feel I lost anything. I started my second penny auction with a small reserve, but got only a few bids. It seems that a reserve turns off most of the potential bidders (they don't like to try guessing your reserve).

So now I stick with my lowest bid...is my selling bid if only one person bids. I'd rather pay the extra dollar and feel confident that I won't be selling my work for a few cents.

A lot of sellers do begin their bids at one cent...but they also have a well established following of bidders!