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02-11-2002, 12:17 PM
This was my third sculpture, and my first full figure. It's in water-based clay. We worked mostly from photos because the model only showed up the first day. Oh well. I've scanned these photos from a picture, so the quality isn't so great. I've got to figure out how to make the files smaller is size - they're always showing up too large on this web page. Anyway, it was a fun class and a good learning experience. As always, comments or suggestions are welcome.


02-11-2002, 01:57 PM
Hi jeffi

This is such a lovely piece. I really like the way you modelled her. smooth & quiet....seems to suit the subject so well. Really has an essence of innocence to it. Beautifully done Jeffi. As for the photos,I gave a little info on reducing the size in the thread "Uploading 101". It might be helpful to you. If not, let me know what program you have for image editing and maybe I can help. This is fired? What size is she? Thanks for sharing. keep 'em coming! :)

02-11-2002, 02:49 PM

It's not fired - it was just drying out when I took the photos. It was about 12-14 inches tall. I'll go back and check out your instructions on uploading - thanks!

max nelson
02-11-2002, 06:34 PM
Jeffi...you don't NEED a model from the looks of this. Very lovely and quite as Di mentioned. Much like a Moillal (sp ?) Simple, graceful, pensive and handled with sensitivity. The only 'nit' would be with the hands, they don't seem to have the same sensitivity as the balance of the figure. One suggestion I would make on hands and feet would be not to score the seperation so deeply that it looks like 'seperate' fingers and toes. Less indication will make it look more like a single form. Overall, a very excellent work (for even much more experienced sculptors)

02-11-2002, 06:50 PM

Thanks. You're right, the hands did need a lot of refinement. I'll have to remember your tips while I'm working on my current piece, the nude I've been posting. I'm not a real fast worker - it seems like I never have enough time to get it done the way I'd like to. But, each piece helps reinforce things I've learned from the last piece, so hopefully someday I'll be at the point where I can start getting them bronzed.
P.S. - I'll have to look up Moillal on the web.

02-12-2002, 07:01 AM
Jeff - very nice. I really like the pose here and the eligant way she is holding herself. The front few is just great.


02-12-2002, 10:45 AM

Thanks. I guess it turned out okay considering it was done mostly from photographs. It really was a nice pose, you should have seen the model; my sculpure doesn't do her justice. But every experience is an opportunity to learn, so I'm glad I did it.

02-12-2002, 10:52 AM
Hi Jeffi: :clap:

How did I miss this one? I must have been sleeping to over look your wonderful sculpture. Man you are really good and a real natural orrrrrrrr your some famous :cool: sculptor who is just having lots of fun with us!:D :evil: :D
All kidding aside I really love this, such a gracefull pose! You definately have a sensitivity for the female mistique.;)


02-12-2002, 01:05 PM

"You definately have a sensitivity for the female mistique".

Could you please tell my wife that? She thinks I'm a goof.

02-13-2002, 12:55 AM
Very nice work Jeffi.
Besides agreeing with all of the above I like the way you've handled the bottom where it will work with or without a base.

02-13-2002, 11:03 AM

Thanks. Unfortunately I'll never find out how it would look with a base. While I was drying it out I accidentally hit it with something and it was just dry enough to shatter into pieces. I'm glad I documented it with photos first. Plus, I gained some experience making it, so not a total loss. Next time though, I'll be more careful.

02-13-2002, 11:42 AM
Hi Jeffi:

What, did I understand your reply to Frank correctly? The whole sculpture shattered?:confused: :eek: :(
If so what an terrible loss!:( Boy it is a good thing you did document it with photo's.
Sorry!:( Please tell me I mis-understood your post.......


02-13-2002, 03:32 PM

No, you didn't misunderstand. Actually, it was Wednesday night and I had just come home from my sculpting class. I had the digital camera my work lends me and I thought as long as I did I'd take some digital photos of the piece so that the photos wouldn't lose any clarity by being scanned from a hard copy. So, I picked the piece up and accidentally hit a board on my workbench. You probably heard me screaming from where you live. Anyway, after I thought about it I figured as long as I have the photos that should be enough. I don't think I'll be able to keep every piece I ever make anyway. Thanks for the condolences though - she was given a proper burial.

02-14-2002, 07:28 AM
Sorry to hear about that Jeff, I thought I heard something on Wednesday:)