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RI painter
01-30-2006, 09:51 AM
This is an 8" x 10" studio version of and 8" x 10" plein air with some changes.
I will probably do a few smaller versions of this cause I haven't decided if I want to do alarge one.
Below is the PA


01-31-2006, 01:43 PM

The lower horizon and the back-lit wave are greatly improved. That back-lit wave is excellent. I like the warmer colors (I assume that is intentional and not just a photography fluke). Those warm colors help the rocks read better and distinguish between light highlights and water. The warmer colors also make the shadows on from the left rock on the water read better. I'm indifferent on the rock on the lower edge -- either way. The water on the rocks on the left is good, but equally good and different to the way you did the left rocks water on the original. I kinda like in the original that highlight on the top angled run of water as it pours back to the ocean -- feels like the sun's coming through it. In the studio, the white areas of water in that section read more as reflection. I like in the original the second rivulet from the left. You've switched the quantity of water in the first and second left hand rivulets. That's fine. There is a little splash in the orignal down on the right hand side of the pool. I really miss that in the studio. I'd like to see it added back in, maybe.

Excellent job. This is a great one. Most of these comments are comparisons, and with that one exception, I don't see anything I feel needs to be changed. I hope the comparisons are helpful so you can see how it reads to someone else.

Cristy A
01-31-2006, 04:27 PM
Jon, I was blown away by your p/a post with this one - I love that you're playing around with it now.

Please know that I offer thoughts with all manner of humbleness. (is that a word?) I've admired and learned from your work for a long time.

To my eye, the p/a has a vitality and 'sloshyness" (since I'm making up words today) that doesn't carry over in the studio piece. Something about the shape and energy of the spill of white water over the near rock on the left, and I think also the jagged shaped top of the cresting wave that lends the energy. I do enjoy the warmer color, and that may make the piece more appealing. (I had a lady return a painting she'd purchased once, because it "made her room feel cold".) I can't decide about the addition of the round rock in the bottom, though, and am curious as to your reason for adding it. The white glare on the dark rocks... overall, I really enjoy the original most. I'm very interested, however, in your thought processes that led to the changes you made -
my .02, but I doubt it's worth that!!! :)
Thanks so much for posting these - I love to see how painters think and work.

RI painter
02-03-2006, 09:56 AM
Wow Cristy and Brian,
thanks for taking the time for such great analysis. I guess they both have their strong and weak points.