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01-22-2006, 02:10 PM
My comic studio has had our share of successes as of late with projects in the works for several of the major publishers in the comic world. As such we are entering a period of expansion and are currently looking for several undiscovered individuals who aspire to be comic-artists.
Fortunate Sun Studios was founded by myself (Mark Gottlieb) and my partner (Mauricio Castro) with the intention of rewarding the artistic community with a "chance". We recognize that had we not been discovered as much by freak accident of luck as our talent that we would never have the opportunities we do. Thus we are looking for highly motivated, talented individuals that just want their big break.
Individuals would immediately begin work on an upcoming small-press release, and likewise become part of our stable of artists with a chance to work on big projects for Marvel, Image, and the like.
We are looking for individuals with a broad range of talents... though experience with sequential art is prefered. Ideal candidates have experience with pencils, inking, and perhaps lettering. A love of comics is also requested, but not required. In the past we have had painters even work with us successfully.
Samples should be sent to...
[email protected]

We look forward to seeing your best.

Mark "Neomaxims" Gottlieb
CEO Fortunate Sun Studios

05-21-2007, 06:57 PM
To whom it may concern:

My name is Kamille Rodriguez. I am an aspiring illustrator who currently attends the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I recently came across information, via the school's online job board, regarding your company's search for someone like me. After reviewing the criteria for the position I became very interested in pursing this opportunity further. I have a great passion for comic books and some experience in sequential art which is exhibited in my portfolio.

I am proficient in many mediums of art including the following:
oil paint
acrylic paint
oil pastel
chalk pastel
pen and ink
color pencils

In the above mediums stated I am proficient in mixing and rendering on various surfaces.

I wish to embark upon the endeavor in order to apply the knowledge and skills that I am absorbing from my instruction at the Academy of Art. At this point in my career as a student I am constantly learning new things and becoming more and more aware of the various outlets available to illustrators. Such a realization has made me feel confident that I can begin to pursue opportunities such as this to learn from the industry itself. My passion for art and eagerness to learn transcends any salary. Experience is my reward.

I also posses an innate sense of design which supports my extensive knowledge of color theory. These key skills in what traditionally describes a "good artist" are only the foundation to my own individual approach to illustration. My own work is constantly evolving as I am exposed to new things. Therefore, I am eager and willing to appease whatever vision we can create together.

Add these skills to someone who is hardworking, a fast learner, articulate, team oriented, extremely driven and highly ambitious and I believe you've got a very strong candidate for this position at Fortunate Sun Studios.

Other than school I have no other obligations that will interfere with my schedule as a part of your company. Therefore, whether it be freelance or temp work, I can guarantee you the devotion of my time.

Thank you for considering my resume and good luck with your company's success.


Kamille Rodriguez