View Full Version : plaster poured lamps

01-10-2006, 06:03 PM
I am new, and I havent a clue where the cd would be , but I have probably 8 plaster lamps that have been painted, some are wired. I had thought they would be easy to sell...YA!!
Well, they have been in storage for a bit, ...There is a prisoner strapped to a table, working on his project (a boat)
some detail..this is in 2 different sizes
There is a diver in his high pressure suit and he has a helmet on
I have another helmet only, from the days of deep sea divers
There is a Pelican that stands probably 18" and it's base is probably 20 inches round at least.
Anyhow, my question is..where do you find more poured items or where could I turn to possibly sell them. There are more, but I need to think hard, I guess it is a sea captain, holding his hand up to his mouth, hollaring out from the helm. Again, he is large, Like the pelican.
I would have to get into storage and have another look...
they are for the asking... thanks if you know where I might find more like them
they can always be repainted!