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02-03-2002, 07:53 PM
Hi All: Just so you Y'ALL can see I'm working on my horse and rider. Lots wrong and gots still to do more wrong; but I'm trying:D
Sorry about the camera angle it distorts the figures, trust me they don't look that out of size. :evil: :D
Comments, thoughts welcome:D


I've changed the hat shape and size since I posted the below. I've made several changes one of them being the hat.
I decided to go with the peroid hat he is wearing in the photograph and painting. I think it looks better--need to check upper body seems kind of long, also will post more images soon. Sure wish I was better at this! :mad:

Phyllis Rennie
02-03-2002, 08:05 PM
Those darn cameras!!!:D

Looks like you're making good progress on this.

02-04-2002, 07:20 AM
Mornin' Kathy

Wow! Looks like you've been a busy girl :D This is starting to really take shape now. Don't worry about any imperfections at this stage...just try to work thru the sculpture as a whole (unlike what that Di does :D) . Mine always look a LOT weird half way through but I'm used to it now. Of course sometimes I like to to look weird hehehe. It looks to me like you are doing very well Kathy and making good progress. It also looks as though your pony is having no trouble standing up now too :evil: BTW I got your note and I'll send you some info in a couple hours. Hope to see new pics soon.

Di :)

02-04-2002, 10:57 AM
Thanks Ladies, well guess I can't blame it all on the camera:evil: I sure wish I knew what I was doing and how to do it!:(
I think a sculptor must feel at times the same way a painter feels. When you can't make your hands do your minds will.:)
I guess if that were the case then we'd all be master's of our art. With no challenges to stimulate our creative growth.
I do feel I'm making good progress, and I really love sculpting. I keep telling myself how much my dad would love what I'm doing.
Sooooooo onward:D :D :D
Y'ALL (I've reverted back to my Texas Roots) are terrifc!:clap:


Phyl what are ya up to now? You've been pretty quite--did you get your landscape worked out for the new relief?

02-04-2002, 12:20 PM
Change of hat (unfinished), I haven't changed the body lengeth yet. What do you think to long/to short/just right--legs to long?:confused:
Haven't done any work on the bridle just placement, pretty much same for the saddle tack also. Any suggestions welcome



Thanks for looking:D
Sorry the images aren't showing I did use the Uploader above to load these images.

02-04-2002, 04:02 PM

I don't know if it's me, but the two pictures you have linked in your message look a little blurry when you open them up. Anyway, for what it's worth the left leg on your rider looks to be a little out of proportion with the right leg. Other than that it seems like you're making pretty good progress. Keep up the good work - it's fascinating watching it develop in front of us! I know your Dad would be proud.

02-04-2002, 04:49 PM
Hi Kathy! Remember me? I didn't think so!:D Sorry I haven't been around to comment, but I have sneaked quick peeks! I've just been so danged busy lately, I still am, but made some time so I can 'talk' to y'all! (how's that for Texas roots?) I'm in the process of remodeling my kitchen, and it's a job and a half, so far. I have been kind'a following your process on this from afar, like I said, and it looks really good too! I can't remember how you were going to go 'from' this, meaning since it's Plastilene... I have to do more reading probably. It looks to me too, that the rider is too big for the horse, but you said it was the picture, and I hope so.:p His torso looks too long to me, I can't really tell though. It looks like you don't have too far to go to me before it's done too. I like it, and I also think that your Dad would be so proud of what you've done here. Heck, 'WE" are!

max nelson
02-04-2002, 08:08 PM
Kathy..you are making GREAT progress on this. It's hard to believe you are a 'beginner, beginner, beginner':D We're all really proud of the way you backed up, cut up and installed an armature that will support your figure. Now all ya have to concern yourself with is the sculpting.
I agree with Bucco (BTW Mr. Bucco..where have you been!!) that the head appeared a little large in one of the pics but in one of the others did not seem that far off. Best advice I ever had on this was from Mehl Lawson. A pair of calipers/dividers and measure, measure, measure. Your eyes will let you down, even if you can tell a horse fly from a house fly at 200 yards. I think that it looks much better now with the hocks up from the original..or was that Di's peice? So many horse sculps going I forget.
I'm not being picky but you asked for comments/suggestions and these are all well intentioned so hear goes:
The hindquarters (rump) looks a little weak. It's probably from your reference pics not clarifying well.
The hock is just a wee bit high now.
The gaskin muscle could use a bit more bulge.
Check length of upper arms vs lower arm(the rider) Cannot tell from the pics but in one of the pics it looked off somewhat.
And finally:D it looks to me that the saddle sits too far rearward and should be a little closer to the horses withers. I know, I know that's the toughy, whether to cut into again to move but I feel that with the effort you've put into this thus far and the very good work this will be you would hate me for not pointing out until you spent 'big bucks' to cast.:D Dang..I'm getting as picky as Mehl is..sorry.
Max:) :) :)

Phyllis Rennie
02-04-2002, 08:30 PM
I do have another relief planned. So far it's just a flat slab of clay.:D

Think I'm finished with the seashell painting. It's in Structured Critiques if you want to see. It's only 8" x 10" and took a really long time--had to torture it, ya know!

Also I'm dealing with a sinus infection so I'm NOT in a good mood! Major headache--not too productive.

02-05-2002, 10:56 AM
Hi Kathy!

This is coming along very nicely! :clap: You should be very proud of yourself with this one! I can see that it is going to be grrrrrreat when it's finished. And I know you are taking the time to really work at this one. Something I am guilty of is "sculpting by eye" used to do woodworking the same way LOL ...and most of the time I go back over & over some parts till I'm happy with it. If we could all learn to make ourselves use measurements as Max suggested it would probably speed up the progress but I have trouble following sensible rules HEHEHE

In response to your photo dilema...I think I can see the problem and I'll email you this morning with some pics to correct it...hope you don't mind. Keep up the great work!


02-05-2002, 04:03 PM
Hi Di:

Thanks you for the nice compliment and as always the encouragemnt. I thinks it's worth while taking my time and getting this one right. Then I can have a model for the rest to follow.:D "Oh know they all scream please not any more"! tee hee
I'm trying to be a good girl and take it slow--for now anyway :evil:
I wrote you a note on your Uploading 101, thanks so much for taking the time to put that together. It helped me right away!:D
I see you got your pony up and I need to get over there and have a lookey see.


02-05-2002, 04:05 PM
Hi Phyl:

I thought I had read in one of your posts about a new relief. Are you going to use the shells? By the way it turned out really nice. :clap: The shells and shadows really came to life on the second go round. Sometimes those little paintings can present more challenges than the large one. lol
Don't forget to post so we can watch your progress.

Kathy :D

02-05-2002, 04:12 PM
Hi Max:

Thanks Max for the encouragment, yelp you'd never know I was a beginner, beginner, beginner for sure. Duh :D Thanks for the information on the dividers I'll pick up a pair and use them. Yep the eye thing sure has been working on me. :evil: I look at an area one time, then look again and it's not the same. I just have to remind myself to remember to measure! Hey if Mehl Lawson says to measure then measure it is--:D
This is to funny Di's pony's hock's were to low, my pony's hocks are to high. We'll get it right! tee hee :D
Regarding not being picky guess that comes later! :evil: :D Just kidding. Yes silly I ask for comments/suggestion and I mean't please help.
What I'm working on:
Hindquarters, I went back in and added more clay in various areas.
Hock, lowered the hocks
Gaskin muscle, added more clay to create more of a bulge.
Arms, those are off and I'll get that corrected.
Legs, you didn't mention but Jeffi did they need attention too.
Saddle, will cut and change position (more forward)had it to close forward originally. It really didn't seem right where I had it this time either. Third time has to be just right! lol
I appreciate your horseman's eye it's a good'n sounds like some of Mehl Lawson's teaching sunk in. Good for you!
Will post images after I make adjustments...:D It'all keep me out of trouble for a little while. tee hee ;)
Thank you and ML

02-05-2002, 04:20 PM
Hi Mebucko:

Well how the heck have ya'll been fella?:D So your knee deep in kitchen remodeling sounds like a big honey do to me.:clap: Glad you stopped by to see what we all have been up too. You've been missed around here. I had just mentioned to Di I hadn't seen you around these parts lately.:(
Thanks for your encouragement and for keeping an eye on my progress. Yeah I don't know how I'm going to finish this either ideally bronze would be wonderful. I have a feeling it's not very cheap $$$ especially when it's not something that I will sell. I'm going to take my time and see what's available and what fits my budget. There are two foundries in Berkeley, CA about 40 miles from me that I'm going to look into.
I cut the rider down last night (it definately was to tall/long), and I'm working on Max's, and Jeffi suggestions. I still feel that I have a long way to go yet I'll post some more images after I make the corrections. Thanks for the comment about my Dad.
Don't work to hard! Please don't stay away so long your missed :D


02-05-2002, 04:23 PM
Hi Jeffi:

Thanks for you comments and I appreciate your suggestions for improvement. :D Yes I'm still working on the legs they need a lot of work yet. You all are giving me some good input and that is what I need. I haven't done hardly any figure work so you all see things I don't. Thanks Jeffi about the comment about my Dad I know your right. He's the one who made me change the first hat! lol ;)
Will post more images after I get the corrections made.


02-06-2002, 06:52 AM
You are getting a lot of good feedback here. Nothing to add but to say keep up the great progress.

Looking forward to seeing more pics and the final piece.


02-06-2002, 11:31 PM
Hi Yielding:

Thank you for the encouragement I can use all I can get.:D I'm really having a good time with all the new friends I've made in the Sculpture Forum. Y'all are terrific:clap:
Looks like your sculpture is moving along nicely looking forward to seeing more.

02-06-2002, 11:54 PM
Hi All:
Well still working here is what I've done:
Please comment and suggestions welcome:D

1. Worked on figures legs and arms

2. Down-sized figures torso

3. Starting to carve figures face and hat

4. Enlarged horses hind-quarters

5. Enlarged gaskin muscles

6. Moved saddle, rider forward on horse

7. Lowered hocks (still not certain there right?)

8. Worked on bridle and saddle (incomplete)

9. Is the tail to high? or not correct position wise?

How would I go about creating the reins? My thought was to run wire and cover with clay? Or just wrap wire to resemble braided leather? Suggestions please:confused:

Thanks for looking and commenting and please suggest where I need to work more.
Di thanks for the upload 101

Figures left hand rests on the saddle horn doesn't show that very well in the image. Haven't done much work on the hand except for placement.


02-07-2002, 07:36 AM
Kathy you should be very proud of yourself for how well you are doing on this guy. Coming along very very well girl :clap: Ummm, the thing I notice first is that the back legs should be pulled back just a bit. It doesn't look like his weight is on them. (hehe Like I'm one to talk about where the weight is on a leg eh? ) But in all seriousness I think it looks like they are under his belly a bit too far. Good improvement on the torso tho. This is really taking shape now! Oh and before I forget...Grrrreat job on the image editing this time!
"By George..I think you've got it!"
Okay, I'm off to the dentist..geesh

Have a great day and keep posting.
Di :)

02-07-2002, 11:25 AM
Hi Di: :eek: Oh Di the dentist hope it's just for cleaning!:D

I agree with you the hind legs need to be better placed. There has been well more than one thing bothering me. I had thought maybe to place one hind leg back and one hind leg forward. I'll work on it some more tonight I'm off to my friends to paint today. I should be getting my stuff together instead of on the computer ;) Can't have that pony falling backward or appearing to anyway.
Thats another sculpture hummm:D Yeah I'm hooked already thinking about my next piece hummm maybe wet clay. Need to find out more about hollowing, firing and kilns how/to:D
Thanks for noticing my attention in Upload 101 Class. :D tee hee
Oh and I think Max is privately snikkering with our horse anatomy showing:evil:
Looks like we have another recruit in Bandiani :clap: She sounds a lot like I did when I joined this terrific group:D tee hee:evil:


max nelson
02-07-2002, 06:35 PM
Kathy..nope, no snickering from me, but after cancelling your commission perhaps I should be.:D
This is coming along fine. Like what you have done to get the figure in porportion and has a nice easy looking sit. The blousing of the shirt from behind looks real natural. The saddle forward is much better. You are making great progress. As Di mentioned, the rear legs still could use some adjustment. I don't know what your reference shows for position and horses can stand in many different ways. One thing I do notice is that looking from the rear the bottom portions of a horses legs normally would be much closer together. There are some horses that are 'post' legged however and your Dad may have had one.
As far as reins, it would depend a lot on what you plan to do with the peice. If you are going to cast it the foundry would make reins from small flat stock and weld in place. If you are going to leave it in plasteline then your idea of wire and clay would work.
Doing a multiple figure work such as this is difficult even for those with some experience. I commend you for tackling this and for the results you have acheived.
Now, aren't you sorry that you 'panned' my Madonna in such a horrid fashion?:D

02-08-2002, 12:01 AM
Hi Max::D
OK now that you have had your attitude adjustment. Maybe your sculpture wasn't really all that ugly. :rolleyes: :evil: tee hee
With that said lets get back to my problem:evil: :eek: You say forget your problem take it some where else, and I don't blame you one bit. :rolleyes: I'm sorry I was hard on you forgive me?:( :angel: :D
:clap: Thank you for graciously looking and commenting on my latest update after me 'panning your Madonna'. Friends?:D
Agree about the hind legs will look closer at the anatomy book. I should just scan the photograph so you can see the stance. The hind legs are spread outward and the front legs are close together. It's a difficult photograph to get much information from so I've had to wing it a lot.
Thanks you for the information on the reins I've been looking at my old Art of the West, and Southwest Art magazines for idea's. Most often they appear to have wire for reins, one showed the piece in the oil clay form and it had clay reins. I truely would love to be able to have it bronzed or some other type of metal. So I guess I have to decide how to handle the reins. Somehow it seems unfinished looking without the reins showing.
Back to work :D

Sorry I can show you a better image but it's old and fragile

02-11-2002, 07:15 AM
Coming along very well!!!

I like how the hat it tilted back in the b/w picture you have posted. Do you think your hat should be tilted farther back? You know best but I thought it may help with the look of the horse and man standing resting or looking for a new path to ride down.

just a thought


max nelson
02-11-2002, 06:13 PM
Kathy..see what ya mean. This is not much information to work with. Your Dad's horse looks to be unhappy having to stand there. He's swishing his tail and pinning his ears to let everyone know. I'm sure you Dad (and the horse for that matter) would not resent you taking some artistic license with the stance of the hind legs. It looks as if the horse may have been stopped prior to achieving a comfortable stance and may even had tried to back a bit. This can make for awkard leg placement. If you look at the photo you can see that the horse is a little 'cow hocked' looking in this stance. Simply put, somewhat of a V to the hock and an upside down V from the hock to the ground. It doesn't mean that this was the case..as said, it could be just the stance. In any case, the viewer of your sculpture will not be comparing it to the photo. My advice would be to correct to a more 'standard' look and let the work speak for itself. And...I KNOW...that you do this all the time when painting. No different! Great job with so little info to work with.
(see..I don't hold a grudge)

02-12-2002, 10:14 AM
Hi Max:

Thanks you for studying the photograph and giving me some insight into horse body language. You owning horses would pick up things about them that the average (myself) person wouldn't. I think the next sculpture I do I'll take the time to drawn every angle out and measure, measure, measure. hummm :D If it's from a photograph then I'll invent correctly what isn't seen in the image. Then I'll know exactly what is going on and not have to guess.:( I think your right my Dad would want this sculpture to show off himself and horse in the best way.
I'm still plugging along we had one of our Granddaughter's with us for the last four days. She did some Sculpey clay work making beads while she was here (shes 10 years old).
Well I'm off to look at a hog!;)


02-12-2002, 10:19 AM
Hi Yielding:

Thanks for your comments they are very much appreciated:D
Since the last images I have brought the brim of the hat up more. I like it that way also!:D I'll be posting some new updated images this week I think I've made some pretty good progress.
Your thoughts are always welcome:D
How's your sculpture coming along?


02-12-2002, 02:36 PM

Not to sound like an idiot, but I just found that link on the bottom of the page that lets you go on to a 2nd, 3rd page, etc. I was wondering why on the main page the name of the last responder kept changing, but when I scrolled down to see what they said it always stopped at the same message. Perhaps I should use my brain for something other than keep my ears apart...
Anyway, I don't know much about horses, but your sculpture has really come along. I can just imagine the horse saying "Aww Geee, Wilbur..." (Mr. Ed.) It's looking much better. Keep up the good work!

02-12-2002, 03:04 PM
Hi Jeffi:

Hey that's ok it took me a while to figure my way around the forums too!;) Thank you for your compliment I'll post some new images soon. I haven't worked on it for a couple of days been entertaining one of my granddaughter's.
I appreciate hearing your observations and suggestions:) I respect your opinion.
Oh about your wife I think she might surprise you about the "goof" thing. tee hee--Did you get her those flowers and don't forget Valentines Day.:angel: