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K Taylor-Green
12-26-2005, 11:19 AM
Ahh, the aftermath of Christmas Day. But I think it is Monday, and that means a new Weekly Scumble, our weekly chat thread where we get to know the details of our fellow artist's lives, like family, jobs, kids, and pets.
So, now that the big celebration is over, what is in store for your week?

I think the highlight of my Christmas came in the form of Colin, my oldest grandson. He is 8, and really dislikes physical shows of affection. I guess they get like this at a certain age. But I got a spontainious hug :eek: and a big "thank you",for the gift I had gotten him. That was better than all the gift wrapped boxes under the tree.:)
I hope to spend most of this week painting. I have a horse portrait commission, and a people portrait commission. Then there is the triple wolf portrait I am doing for fun.
Happy painting, all!

12-26-2005, 03:56 PM
Happy Day After to Everyone. We had a wonderful day of family despite awaking at 7 Am to no electricity, and expecting to serve brunch to 6 adults and two children at 11 AM. No electricity here means no water because we are on a well! The good news is it was back by 8:45, and my son and d-in-l with the two grands were almost 2 hours late in arriving so everything went just great. We learned my 2 3/4 year old granddaughter really really likes "kitties", and my female ragdoll cat was very accomodating once Zoe understood she had to be more quiet and gentle. My male cat didn't want to be "caught", but he was willing to let her play chase by not really going anywhere she couldn't follow. My 16 month old grandson thought doggie kisses - to the face no less - were funny, and kept putting his face in Sonny's direction. Good golden that he is, he was usually accomodating! Older goldie Libby stayed with the adults!

"Santa" surprised me like never before. My husband likes getting me nice presents, and it is usually in the form of some jewelry. However, this year it took a very different form. We are on the edge of needing a new TV, and I'd told him I thought we should splurge, and get a mutual gift of one of the flat screen things that he's been looking at. I'm not much of a TV person, but would like him to have what he wants. Well, it certainly wasn't a TV! I have a good friend who does beautiful bronze sculptures, and Bob likes her work enough that we already own some of them. There is one I really liked in the form of a bear, but it wasn't his favorite - guess what I got from him... the bear! Arlene's work can be seen on her website, but it doesn't do any of them justice because seeing them in "real size", and the glow of the patina and gold over lay is part of their beauty. http://www.amfineart.com will give you a clue of what she creates. Oh yes, the story behind this particular piece. The NW native Americans believe that every living being holds within some of the nature of every other living being. Therefore within the bear there is also human and fish. One side of this large bear is a very lovely contemporary patina of a bear image. Swivel the piece around and she has carved the NW native image of man and salmon.

This Friday we are going to babysit the grands - here - for the first time! Should be interesting... I'll let you know how we survive. :cat:

I just got email from the afterschool kids art director requesting I teach an oil pastel class for 4 - 6 graders. I'll have to create the entire curriculum, and I'll probably learn as much as they do! Any hints from anyone who uses op on a regular basis will be greatly appreciated as it is an 8 week class.

Happy New Year - may we all have more time to do what we love the most.


Paula Ford
12-26-2005, 08:02 PM
WOW that Wind Rider sculpture is absolutely gorgeous!!

What a sweet hubby you have Peggy. Mine is also a sweety (his name is Bob also). He got me a full set of Mount Visions and something I've wanted for years...a treadmill. Before we moved here to TN, we both belonged to gyms that were only a mile from our house. Now we live way out in the country and don't have access to any health clubs. So, today I did 2 miles on my new treadmill and am feeling much better already.

I'm off this week from work and plan to use those gorgeous Mount Visions (and the treadmill :D ) every day!!

Happy New Year Everybody! Hope it's a great year for all of you!


Kathryn Wilson
12-26-2005, 09:41 PM
I just got email from the afterschool kids art director requesting I teach an oil pastel class for 4 - 6 graders. I'll have to create the entire curriculum, and I'll probably learn as much as they do! Any hints from anyone who uses op on a regular basis will be greatly appreciated as it is an 8 week class.

Hi Peggy, post this over in the OP forum - we have several people there who teach OP classes. :wave:

Wow, Peggy that was quite a gift! Her sculptures are magnificent!

This week is so broken up by work days, that I'm not sure what I will get accomplished - but want to try out my Polychromos. I do have one more painting to do for the show - so I think a small one will fit nicely and be quickly done.

12-26-2005, 11:48 PM
Hi guys hope you don't mind me venting here I am so so soooooooooo very mad tonight that I have even had some baileys to calm me down...it is 0335 hrs here and the drama started at 11pm boxing day night. the picture below is my daughter, she was out with friends and was attacked by some moronic girl for no good reason!The first pic is her having fun xmas day and the 2nd is how she looks now we are back from the hospital. she is such a good and sensible girl I am soooooooooo GRRRRRRR. The mark above her black eye is a SHOE PRINT!!!! and as the night has goen on her other cheek has swollen up liek a balloon.



Paula Ford
12-27-2005, 10:51 AM
Oh my Goodness Maddy! That's awful. I hope your daughter is ok! Was that other girl arrested?

Deborah Secor
12-27-2005, 01:10 PM
So sorry this happened, Maddy... just awful! :mad: Hug your daughter (carefully) and be glad you can. Hang in there. Here's a ((hug)) for you, too.

I have a cold and won't be around much. See ya all after I improve.


12-27-2005, 01:49 PM
Wow, there are some truly vicious people roaming around these days, aren't there? I hope your daughter heals well and quickly. The attacker should spend some time put away somewhere!

Sorry about that cold, Dee! Get well, soon!

12-27-2005, 04:28 PM
Oh Mads, that is so awful for your poor daughter! I hope she is feeling better now. What's up with the other girl?

I have been out of touch a lot lately between being with my dad at the rehab center, having my DSL canceled and being stuck with dialup, and having a rotten cold. But I'm slowly feeling better, and now have cable modem at the house, so am slowly catching up.

My son and daughter-in-law came out to NJ for Christmas, from Manhattan where they live, though they stayed with my DiL's parents so I didn't see them much. However it was nice to talk to them and see them when I did. My son turned in his last exam last week so has now officially finished law school, and takes the NY and NJ bar exams in February. They came out Friday night and went with me to visit my dad at the rehab center.

Then Saturday my DiL's parents invited me to join them for Chrismas Eve dinner at their house. The food was wonderful home-cooked Chinese food (DiL and family are Chinese) - a big platter of crispy roast duck, platter of pork, platter of stir-fried tofu and veggies, platter of shrimp and snow peas, platter of lots of unknown mixed veggies including some that looked like seaweed, a soup that contained fish, mushrooms and chestnuts. Every bite was delicious. After dinner we opened gifts, and then I had to run to go sing in the choir for the tradional Christmas Eve 'Lessons and Carols' service.

Christmas Day my son and DiL picked me up, and we went down to have Christmas Day dinner (at noontime) with my dad at the rehab, along with my sister and her hubby and their two kids. Family members were allowed to attend for $5/each, and that included shrimp cocktail, choice of ham or stuffed chicken breast, baked sweet potatoes, diced turnip, green beans almondine, a dessert tray with banana parfait pudding, lemon pound cake, or chocolate caramel cake as the choices, along with eggnog, coffee and tea.

For the price it was good, and no cooking or cleanup, and my dad enjoyed it, and we had fun and opened gifts, and were there for several hours. After the luncheon my son helped me set up the cable modem so I could be back on internet high-speed. Hurray. That evening and most of Monday I just vegged, though I did get some painting done.

Today my dad was supposed to begin a test called a "Radionuclide cisternogram" where a spinal tap is performed to inject a small amount of radioactive dye - to determine definitively if he has a condition called "nph" but apparently it turned out to be a horror. The neurosurgeon himself was not present, and apparently a resident or someone was doing the tap, and tried puncturing my dad for two hours without being able to hit the right place or get the dye injected - until my dad said "enough" and insisted on going back to his room.

Now he is totally bent out of shape and does not want to have any tests or procedures at all, even though he is visibly getting weaker and less functional, so now everything is at a standstill, and no idea what will happen next!

12-27-2005, 09:11 PM
Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear about the very sad events that Maddy, and Debbie are having to deal with. Maddy, I hope the offender has to answer for her actions. Debbie, I know it is very difficult having to try to get an ailing father to cooperate with the medical personnel. My Dad's last few years were in a VA hospital after Mom could no longer care for him. He'd had several little strokes that resulted in dementia, and also had progressively worse arthritis in his spine. Fortunately for Mom, my brother worked for the VA and between the two of them he had visitors twice a day to keep an eye on "things".

Deborah - haul out the vitamin C or get the little packets of "Emer'gen-C" from the health food store. If you had started within 48 hours of first feeling the cold, Zycam works well too. Although nothing "cures" a cold as we all know, either vitamin C or zinc (but don't take both at the same time)help shorten or reduce the worst part of it. I read recently that this has proven to be true after several studies. I had a cold starting about a week ago, and got the Zycam (it is a nasal gel spray), and by golly after two days knew I wasn't going to be hit too hard. :)

For those of you who've gone to Arlene's website, I just looked there and realized the price she has on Transformation Bear is a lot more than what she had it priced at her studio show in November. Since I got the last one she'd had forged three years ago, I think the price listed must be for any in the future. I know the prices at the foundries have gone way up, and that the Bear isn't an easy shape for them to work with.

Kat, thanks for suggesting I go over to the OPs for instruction advise. I just ordered several different brands of student grade oil pastels to try out. I have a budget from the PTA of $200 so can't really afford to get the more expensive brands for the kids - especially if I get the maximum number of 15 students. Fortunately, these classes don't start until Jan 30.

Paula, I understand how happy you must be with you new treadmill. Although I belong to Curves, that is a 6 mile trip to town and not always easy. We have a treadmill that we bought about 8 years ago, and then four years ago after my husband's stint implants he bought a recumbent bike and rowing machine so he could vary his routine. I hate the exercise, but always feel much better when I get into a good routine and "just do it"!

Hang in there Pastel Artists. The New Year is coming. Have any of you seen that Jackie Simmons will be teaching at the Dakota Pastel La Conner workshops next summer? So are Richard McDaniel and Richard McKinley. La Conner is about 90 minutes from my house... I can't afford to do all three, but which one do I choose?!


12-28-2005, 08:19 AM
Thanks guys, sorry I posted about it but it was the wee hours and I was so blown away and needed to vent. She is fine physically not so sure about emotionally. Spent hours with the police, luckily we found out the girls name so could give that to the police, now we just have to wait and see if they will press charges etc. Hopefully they will as it was totally unprovoked. Thanks for your support, I am very paranoid about letting her out of my sight now the poor thing!

Those of you with colds hope they clear up soon, they can be very draining! (no pun intended). Debbie you certainly have your hands full, hope you take time out to pamper yourself now and then. Your dad's Lumbar puncture sounds awful, our patients have them regularly for spinal chemotherapy and I am sure they should not take that long!
I really hope they get it sorted soon.

Anyway as Peggy said the New Year is nearly upon us and I hope we all have prosperous ones! (well prosperous with nice things).

12-30-2005, 11:35 AM
Oh Maddy so sorry to see this happen to your daughter. It is always scary to let them out of our sight isn't it. I do hope they press charges and that your daughter is smiling again very soon. I also got the 3am phone call on Christmas eve from my daughter who had slipped on snow and broken her ankle. So we got to spend the wee hours in the emergency room and then spent a quiet Christmas which was nice. But very nerve wracking when the phone rings that time of the morning. She will be ok thankfully and it is nowhere as traumatic as what your poor girl went thru. :crying:

I've been really struggling with my artwork and the decision of whether to continue or to make some changes in my life. Without being a total downer here, my hubby's income has decreased significantly over the last six years and I now need to get some more regular income to help out paying for teenagers and life in general so I am shelving my art for a while and concentrating on building a new business. I figure at 42 I still have quite a few good years of work left in me and perhaps even time for my art at some other time. It is sad however, because I really feel like I was born to be an artist and this feels like "selling out". We have cut all expenses but it's time for me to contribute more than my creativity and good looks...LOL. I sold quite well at my show but after all the expenses of framing and mailouts and stuff there wasn't a very big profit... I do hope to make time for the odd painting now and then even just for sanity's sake. I still might have to sneak off to a workshop or two sometime just to keep my hand in... Painting the pics is one thing but getting them sold and marketing myself is harder for me to do...

I look forward to the New Year with excitement and what it will bring. 2005 was probably the worst year of my life and I am ready for something different (can you say midlife crisis...LOL). I have absolute faith that good things are coming in 2006. I wish you all the very best and hope 2006 is just wonderful for ALL of you!!! Have a good one...

Hugs to all, Colleen. :wave:

12-30-2005, 04:39 PM
Colleen, I once had a very wise art teacher tell me that there was a time in her life when her daughter was young that she didn't paint regularily for 10 years. At the time, I found that very hard to believe because she was a very productive artist when I knew her (she was about 60 years old then). Well, guess what - I followed in her footsteps so to speak as you are now. You will miss painting, but life sometimes has to place it as a lower priority. I think your idea of attending an occassional workshop will be helpful to you. I wish I'd have thought of it 20 years ago, but there weren't as many people giving pastel workshops at that time in Washington state. I was fortunate in that the work I found was at an art gallery so I was able to continue being in an art "community" in that way, and I also taught calligraphy and drawing. However, with teens in the house there wasn't much time for my own art.

Today, I don't regret what I did for one minute although I remember feeling rather resentful at the time. They are all very fine not so young adults. Like you and your husband, they are struggling financially despite two of them having good educations and the third has now decided the only way he will ever get ahead in life is to get a degree in mechanical engineering. Fortunately for all of us, my husband is well employed and we are able to help him by providing a home for himself, his wife, and daughter on the way. Also thankfully we have a big house! LOL It looks as though we will be having a baby in the house for about 3 or 4 years, and I thought I was too old for that! :rolleyes:


Kathryn Wilson
12-30-2005, 07:47 PM
Colleen, I think all of us go through something similar in our lives at one time or another. I didn't pick up art again until I was close to 50 - kids, non-supportive ex-husband, having to work a full-time job - there just wasn't time for art for most of my life.

Now that I've picked up art again, I'm going through something similar to your situation - no money, therefore a part-time job was needed to supplement our income and my ever expanding collection of pastels, paper, frames.

I do want to advise tho - be true to yourself and be good to yourself. You are truly a gifted artist so do not neglect that part of YOU. Set some time aside each week for painting - even if just an hour.

Hugs, Kat

12-31-2005, 09:49 AM
Colleen your poor daughter! Broken ankles are not nice at all ! Bless her.
Just a quickie from me...
I hope we all have a wonderful 2006, with no children breaking body parts, nor Dr's being insensitive, money being non existant, colds coughs or any other nasties.

Peace, joy and abundance is my daily mantra from now on!! Wishing you all a lovely New Years eve whatever you may be doing!

12-31-2005, 01:05 PM
We're ending 2005 here with a quiet gathering of a few friends and dinner out to celebrate our 42nd anniversary. I'm still struggling a little to kick the last of this respiratory crap that's been beating me down for the last couple months, but most days are much better of late...just a few setback days to keep me in line.

This year has not been one to brag about around here....seems like there is more treading water than actual progress. My artwork has been in a definite slump for one reason and another, but I'm hopeful and determined to drive for ing for an upturn in 2006.

My three major resolutions for the New Year are to get my health issues sorted and on the mend, lose about a ton of weight, and PAINT! All three are my priority items and I'm counting on you guys for the support and encouragement you've always given me in the past...it means far more than you realize!

I'm also hoping to meet a few other Colorado WCers who've contacted me over the past year. It would be so cool if we could all get together and paint sometime! If you're in central Colorado or thereabouts, let me know and let's see what we can cook up!

On a sadder note, a very close artist friend of mine lost his long-time life partner on Monday to a sudden massive heart attack. It's times like these that makes us all take stock of our own lives and priorities and appreciate what we have.

Colleen, don't worry...despite the detour of your dreams, you will do well...you're far too talented to be sidetracked forever. Like you, I was forced into a lengthy side trip into corporate insanity in order to put food on the table, but the art is coming back now and I find that I haven't really lost much of what I had...sometimes it's just a case of retraining the soul and reopening the right brain despite the callouses earned while working for a paycheck. As Kat says, insist on a bit of time for yourself each week...use it to keep in touch with your art vision and soothe your heart. I love your work and if I were rich, I'd buy enough of it to keep you out of the day job marketplace...alas, I'm not rich and not likely to become so! Whatever happened to art patronage???

Anyway, here's hoping we all have a great new year, that we are able to pursue our art in a fruitful and fulfilling way, and that we all stay healthy and reasonably happy.

Big hugs and warm fuzzies to all! I love you guys! :D

K Taylor-Green
12-31-2005, 01:47 PM
Aww, Colleen, that is sad to hear. But as I have come to learn, talent alone doesn't earn a living, and marketing is an unforgiving, time consuming entity in it's own right. Good luck in your business choice, and keep a light heart. Painting will remain your sanity's salvation, I am sure.

We are spending a quiet New Year's Eve with my sister and BIL. Dinner out first, then back to her place for lots of horse talk, as we both have and love horses. Laughter will flow faster than the wine.
It is funny, but some of my earliest memories are of car trips from our home in Springfield, to our Grandmother's house, some 60 miles away, with Jo on one side of the backseat, me on the other, having a contest on how many horses we could see in the fields. Horse crazy girls, the both of us, and both lucky enough to realize that love as women.
I think of things like that when I make my "things to be grateful for" list, that I make at the end of each year.
For every negative in my life, there is a much bigger positive on the opposite side.
I feel truely blessed to have a healthy, happy family, a loving relationship with my husband, art related work that fullfills me, and the love and support of all my friends here on WC, especially this forum.
May God bless you all, with a happy, fulfilling year to come.

12-31-2005, 01:54 PM
Thanks Peggy, Kat, Maddy, Sooz and Kate... great words of advice!! I have a positive attitude towards it all really... make hay while the sun shines and then paint myself silly into retirement and beyond..LOL :D

Sooz so sorry to hear about your friend's passing... always sad when it is so sudden.

Have a wonderful 2006 all of you!!!

Hugs to all, Colleen x :D

12-31-2005, 03:28 PM
Just wanted to drop by and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Maddy, how awful. I am glad to hear your daughter is okay but what a scare...and no wonder you needed to vent.

Colleen, whatever you decide, good luck! I know it is tough sometimes but I agree with all that has been said, especially about you being a very talented artist. But I guess we do what we have to do!

Sooz, good luck with your resolutions....you know I know how important your health is...and how hard it is to do what we need to do. But do it...you are too wonderful a person to give up and let things slide...just take it a step at a time...don't set the goals too high...but you can do it! I know you can!

I hope you all have a happy, healthy 2006...I hope to be around more.


12-31-2005, 03:30 PM
We are sending New Years here at home with cam's mom. Just a queit get together and possibly watching movies or something.

Both Cam and I have been very sick all week. I caught our nephews stomach bug and lost 10 lbs in 24 hours. Not pleasant at all. I won't give the gory details. I also conked my head on the kitchen counter yesterday when leaning down to pet Abner...one giant goose-egg and a gash to the forehead later and I'm not entirely sure it isn't a mild concussion. What a way to spend a week off....

Anyway - just checking in. I have alot to do today.

12-31-2005, 03:38 PM
Cori, I am sorry to hear you had that bug...we had it too and it is awful. I hope you are feeling better. SOunds like you need to have a nice, restful evening tonight! Take care!


01-01-2006, 11:52 PM
wow, what a week! mads, so sorry for your daughter. hope the fiend gets hers.

and kori, get better, girl!! always wishing i could loose 10 in 24, but when i did, ugh, not such a grand idea after all! very miserable indeed.

colleen, what a hard spot to be in. but, when i'm so stressed over cashflow,
i have a terrible time creating anyhow. just too much in my head to get quiet and paint. so maybe time-wise it'll be tough, but just maybe stress wise, it'll help. its been similar here....

i have been stressed over money for about a year. ranch work isn't for those who like money! (is actually listed as one of the very worst jobs)but it was getting more than just an annoyance, the kids are getting older and you all know how that can suck a wallet dry. sooo, i took up milking again! i've been doing it on/off for a couple years at one barn, but took up another barn 3x a week. its really early, but such a relief to have some cash coming in. and i'm done by 9-10 am, leaving me a good deal of time to work on my own things. i did it in high school, and crazy as it sounds, i rather enjoy it. and it pays very well. my kids are now old enough (10 and amost 9) to handle my being gone, and daddy outside doing chores. usually tho., they're in school anyhow. in fact, its improved them somewhat, knowing they must learn to do a bit for themselves--laundry and light cleaning, and even some cooking!! and the stress in our family has gone waaaay down, with just a part time extra job.

and, there was even enough left over, i am getting a french easel!! i am sooo excited! i can't seem to get the idea of plein air outta my head, and my kids like to do it too, so why not? i ordered a mabef 22, from blicks, should be here later this week. i also was able to get a very nice display system for shows, hoping to do some decent ones this year. without working an outside job, i would never have been able to pull all this off. not to mention the groceries i buy, the other small bills i pay. selling out?? i sure don't see it that way!!

hoping you all the best week, best health, and most of all, peace in the year.

Kathryn Wilson
01-02-2006, 12:24 AM
Colleen, glad to hear you're getting things sorted out - being an artist can be like a roller coaster ride - up one minute, down the next. But it sounds like you are on the upside swing of things.

Sooz, you too - things need to be on the upswing for you and we are here to support you in any way we can. Just tell us what we need to do to help!

You mentioned something about artist patronage - a light bulb went on (really brightly) - why not support each other in some way through selling each other small paintings? That way the buyer gets a painting and the artist gets something to cover their supply costs at least - ? Can we brainstorm on this a bit - or maybe I am talking through my hat and nobody would be interested in selling some of their smaller works that didn't take much time, but are really nice ? We could even take advantage of the Bargain Basement right here on WC. What do you all think?

01-02-2006, 12:44 AM
Neat idea, Kyle, except I can foresee a small problem with it. For instance, if I buy a small sketch from Donna and she buys a small sketch from me, we'll likely cancel each other out and could've just as well swapped sketches without passing money around. And if I bought one of hers and she never bought one of mine, I might think she doesn't like my work and that wouldn't be too encouraging? I think if someone admired one of my pieces, as long as it wasn't a huge investment in time and energy, I'd just as well give it to them and feel very happy that it found a home with a friend. And if it was a more substantial work, then yes, selling makes sense and there would be no inherent pressure for the artist to return the favor. Or am I dreaming up issues that wouldn't really happen? Not sure....I have a habit of complicating otherwise simple things lately! :D

Kathryn Wilson
01-02-2006, 12:50 AM
Yeah, I knew there could be problems like that - I just thought the fairy godmother would come up with a neat idea that would take care of all the problems - :) Let's chew on it a bit.

I thought we could include a little code letter into a post that would indicate an interest in selling, trading or giving away - then just post it in the Bargain Basement and see what happens. We all do WIP's and Weekend Event paintings that probably will not go to a gallery or show, so why not share. People throw these paintings on Ebay all the time and sell for a pittance to strangers, why not to each other?

Oh, well, another late-night boondoggle - :)

01-02-2006, 03:41 AM
Well, you may be right about that too. A bit of spare change never comes in amiss, that's for sure! Maybe things can be worked out after all....no reason not the toss the idea around a bit. I'm game!