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K Taylor-Green
12-19-2005, 01:19 PM
Hi everyone, and happy monday! Welcome to our weekly chat thread, where we share our lives, visiting about our jobs, kids, families, and pets.

I don't expect to see a lot of people in and out of here this week, as we all make those last minute holliday preperations. But stop and say hi, if you can.

We had a very nice get together, Saturday night. We invited friends who we don't get to see as often as we would like during the year.
My mother-in-law helped me decorate the tree that afternoon, and I had a fire going in the fireplace, that we kept going all night. It was great, sitting around and talking, eating, getting caught up with good friends.
The old farm house glowed. A happy time to remember.

This week will be fairly laid back for me, as most of my Christmas doings are done. All of our kids and their families will be here for the big day, except one. Our son Jay, a cop in Cincinnatti has to pull duty. But all the girls will be here, with hubbies and kids. My mom, two of my brothers, a neice and a nephew will be here as well. I will have a full house!! I am really looking forward to it.

So, what is everyone else's plans? I would really like to know.

Kathryn Day
12-19-2005, 06:23 PM
:) Wishing everyone a Merry Chirstmas! and a very Happy, prosperous New Year! I hope to be around on WC more and back to painting with the new year.

My husband and I will have a quiet celebration at home, both kids are in Montana, but we have reservations to go see them and the grandchildren the third week of January. brrrrrr cold.

CM Neidhofer
12-19-2005, 07:03 PM
Merry Christmas everyone! I'm in the throws of last minute cooking baking today! I'll be going to Loveland to celebrate Christmas with my best friend and her family. Have a wonderful holiday everyone! :wave:


12-19-2005, 09:12 PM
Hubby and I and dogs will pick up my Mom in New Smyrna Beach Florida and head up to Aiken S.C. to spend Christmas with hubby's 91 year old Mom and sister, BIL and nephew. It is the first Christmas together in memory! Will bring my Mom back to Cape Coral with me and hope to get some tips on acrylics from her-she just lost her hubby of 47 years in November. Unfortunately dogs will be boarding nearby because of resident dog issues. Happy Christmas everyone!

Deborah Secor
12-19-2005, 11:25 PM
Everyone has such diverse plans!

Tuesday evening we're going to see the River of Lights at the local botanical garden. What they do with the lights is quite lovely. At church on Wednesday we have the Jesus Painter coming. I hear he's wonderful, painting these huge canvasses. We have friends coming up to have dinner here on Thursday evening, which should be lots of fun. They've never been to our house. For once it's sort of nice not to have snow!

Christmas eve we'll be home with our son and his girlfriend--having our traditional posole dinner, of course. Doesn't everyone? Mmmmm, posole, fresh tamales, and soft flour tortillas. Can't wait!

Christmas day is church--should be gorgeous! We have the place filled with something like 500 poinsettia plants (they'll take them to nursing homes on Christmas Day). Then it's up to mom's house, toting the dinner along for a family only get-together and opening presents.

Blessings to all of you at this time we celebrate the birth of our Savior! I pray for joy and peace for all of you.


12-20-2005, 09:42 AM
Hi all! I hope you don't mind me joining the weekly scumble. I'm in the process of finishing my first pastel painting. I think I'm addicted already!:)

I have some last minute gift shopping to do this week and then it will be off to my mothers for Xmas eve and then to my father's on Xmas day, and then finally to his mother's Xmas night. Phew! It's always an adventure!

I do have to find some time this week to bake some cookies, too!

~ Jessa

12-20-2005, 10:12 AM
Welcome to the Scumble, Jessa! I'm glad you can join in!

We had an early Chanukah get together this past weekend, since some of our family will have their Christmas doings this coming weekend. We made a big mess in the kitchen making potato latkes...yummy! We will head up to Maine on Friday and spend the holiday week up there since my grandson will be off school and my daughter and her husband will both have to work. It's usually beautiful up there....sometimes I can just sit and paint snowy trees from the window. WE will have some friends join us for the New Years weekend, and then head back home.
You all have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate! And here is hoping for a healthy, happy and peace-full 2006!


K Taylor-Green
12-20-2005, 12:49 PM
Jessa, always glad to have new participants. I hope you will be a regular!
Sounds like you have a nice Christmas planned, as does everyone here.
But I sure am glad my shopping is done!!

12-20-2005, 09:23 PM
Hopefully I have finished up the last of my gift shopping and food shopping today! Hooray! We will be going to my mom-in-laws on Christmas Eve, then have church Christmas day and then my side of the family. My children will be gone, but I was blessed to have both of them with my for Thanksgiving, and next year I will have them both for Christmas, (we trade holidays every year). It will be and has been busy, and I'm trying real hard to keep the reason for Christmas in perspective and not get too caught up in all the other hoopla. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Bill Foehringer
12-21-2005, 12:33 PM
Guys seem to be under-represented in the pastel forum and even more so on this thread. I always feel a little like a tea-party crasher, clomping in with my snow boots and ice caked face hair. Not that I've been made to feel uncomfortable, quite the contrary and I appreciate it. I've always been the odd-man out so to speak raising a daughter on my own (to the outside world at least) since my wife can hardly ever get out. So in a way I'm kinda used to being one of the guys amongst the gals. I've had to learn to tread lightly in my clunky boots so as not to send the wrong signals. I have to laugh sometimes at the way a simple smile or Hello can elicit such strong reactions of disdain from the opposite sex even though I'm well aware of maybe why a woman may be so gunshy of the slightest flicker of attention from a guy. We guys do need to treated as people too without any strings attached. A guys life isn't all about being gross, LOL. As I've grown older one of the greatest disappointments I've had is that the women's (and therefore men's) liberation from stereotyping only went part way in my generation. I see people my daughter's age often hang together in mixed groups without so much separation of the sexes. Men and women both miss out on the cameraderie of half of the people because they cannot see past old roles. I see here on the WC that those roles have fallen away and that we have the companionship of people from all backgrounds.

My wife's sister and her two kids are still with us and will be for a few more months til they find a new place to live nearby. I must tell you it has been like taking in a group of refugees from a war zone. They've each come to us with their own scars after living in the household of an abusive spouse/parent. They are a settling down a bit but will probably always have scars.

I've not been doing any studio paintings, I miss my little PADs from last winter, because I had to move all my stuff down to the basement to make sleeping quarters available. It's all a big jumble down there with one thing getting in the way of doing another thing. I've also been busy framing for my display at the Elgin, Il. library starting Jan 8. Once the framing is done I'll be able to push that table aside to make room for making new paintings. Most of what is left is attaching wire, making labels and sorting the paintings into the order that they will be installed. I have to make up some flyers and more business cards also. Both exciting and nerve-wracking.

At risk of sounding like an old fool to the younger denizens of this forum, cherish all year long what is good about your life and work hard at holding on to it. Don't be disheartened by the losses that come your way as they do to all of us as the years role by. Don't hesitate to reach out to help others and don't be afraid to let others know when you need help or a shoulder to lean on for awhile. Look forward to what tomorrow brings as you appreciate today.
Humans have marked the winter solstice as a time of reflection since before Bethleham, before Stonehenge, before Giza, since the first notice of the longest shadows. The solstice is a metaphor for the way each day the future becomes the present, when the past slips away to make room for today, when what we hope for might become reality. It is a time when we appreciate what we have, like the foggy frost on the trees at dawn, like the friends and family who have stood with us through the other winters of our lives, a time to appreciate life itself.
May you all experience a wonderful celebration of the solstice, of life, in your own ways.

12-21-2005, 12:40 PM
Bill, what beautiful sentiments! I really appreciate what you just wrote. I mean mostly the last paragraph but I have to say I also understand what you are talking about in the bit about male/female relationships, etc. Too true. And I am glad that we women here have been able to make you feel welcome and one of us. It is too bad people grow up with such stereotypes.


Deborah Secor
12-21-2005, 01:31 PM
One of the strengths of this place is that we have a focus that keeps us unified--our art--so that we're free to engage in discussions that establish our relationships. Then when we meet in a thread like the Scumble, where we reveal more about our lives, we already know and trust one another, no matter who we are or where we're from. I like meeting people here who are so different from me, yet stand next to me at the easel where we share an interest in, and love of, pastels! It's a pleasant link.

Sandy, I LOVE potato latkes! Yummmmmmmmm...

Jessa, nice to have you drop in here. :)

Paula (pjo), the Reason for the season is important. God bless you and your husband. Keep focused on what's really important! Love ya!

I was just given the opportunity to set up a show for my students in March at a local Art Center, so here we go again. This will be more of an exhibit, although the work will be for sale. I'm encouraging them to see that there are different kinds of shows--some that are more focused on selling, some that just showcase talent and promote people's understanding of the medium. At this gift-giving time of year it's been nice to be able to give them this chance to show again. My Master Class is turning out to be quite a cohesive yet diverse group of women artists. What a gift that is!

My hubby will be home from the dentist soon, I hope with some good news about the tooth that he fears will have to be pulled...though I can't think what would be good. Root canal or pulling is not a good choice to have to make.


12-21-2005, 01:36 PM
Root canal or pulling is not a good choice to have to make.

Owee.....I can't think of a lot that sounds like less fun. Well, I hope it works out not too painfully and not too expensively in any case.

And I love latkes too....sometimes I wonder why we don't make them at other times of the year....but then...I know why! So good....and sooooo much oil! So right now I am pigging out and finishing the leftovers so I don't have to worry about them anymore. And if you only eat them one at a time they don't have as many calories! :D


12-21-2005, 01:45 PM
I don't think I have ever jumped in one one of the weekly scumbles before but this thread is so heartwarming. Bill -- your comments really warmed my heart. Today is the solstice and my husband and I got up very early to do our yoga and meditations and to light some candles and give thanks for the year just passed and the light returning. In my life, it is so important for me to remember all that I have to be grateful for, I live such a blessed life and I cherish my freedoms. I can no longer watch the news, it's too heartbreaking and I pray constantly for us all to become more aware and realized beings, to end ignorance in this world. I wish everyone in the world had the freedom and opportunities I have to express myself and be creative . . . to love freely and be received so deeply by those I love, to live in a beautiful town where the people are so loving and conscientious, I have an amazing community here. For the coming year my goals are to go deeper with my art, to connect my art and my soul more fully and bring that forth. I plan on developing a web site this year also. I am working up the confidence to approach a gallery this year with some of my mixed media and collage art. I made it through a gruesome past two years, with 7 surgeries, three of them back surgeries. I am so grateful to be free of pain and to walk and dance again. I can stand at my easel for several hours at a time now whereas before I could only sit. I am so so grateful to be alive and to be well and that my children are happy. I am very grateful for wetcanvas and the people I have met here, and the tremendous support.

I have been reading a wonderful book by Julia Cameron, called Walking in This World. Every page is an inspiration and full of truth about art, life, creativity and I highly recommend it.

Blessings and happy solstice everyone.

12-21-2005, 05:17 PM
Hello friends! So glad I took the time to read this thread! I was bemoaning my stressed/depressed state of late. Easy to get lost in the pressures of the day job & the holiday rush. Did not want to participate and sound like a downer. But, I do have so very much to be grateful for. As for many people, it is very hard for me to have my daughter and grandchildren so far away. I am grateful that they have a beautiful and safe place to live and are well provided for. Its been a difficult year for my husband and I because of his parents situation (1 in the nursing home and 1 that should be and isn't!). Changes in our schedule have left us little time for ourselves now and have made us have to push back some of our goals. Painting is a Godsend for me and now discovering pastels has added to my enjoyment! I am looking forward to learning and experiencing so much in 2006. For now, I would just like to have the lights put on our little Christmas tree so I can decorate it. And to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow. A quiet holiday season conducive to reflection and to dreaming about what the New Year will bring. My best wishes to you all and thank you for sharing yourselves here.

12-21-2005, 05:59 PM
I have been so out of the loop recently. Barely a member of this or any other board. With hosting Christmas this year, Cam and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off (or like "Headless Chickens" as my friend Ed would say - English isn't his first language and it was so cute the first time he said it to quote me :D)

This year has been incredible. So much has happened for me as a painter and as a multimedia designer. It has been very exciting.

My nights have been late lately as I finish up this painting from my inlaws (the thread is called "Climbing Porch Squirrel" in the softies studio if no one has seen it yet) I will hopefully finish it tonight. Cam will have to clean the majority of the house on his own, but at least he won't have to re-do it like he would if I helped :p

In case I am not back in here before Christmas, I want to wish you all a happy Christmas.

Deborah Secor
12-21-2005, 06:57 PM
And to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

Happy anniversary, Barbara!! Our 20th is next year. It can be a challenging time in a marriage, often accompanied by a lot of family changes (kids moving, parents aging, etc.) and needs a little extra loving care lavished on it, I think. Celebrate your years together...and enjoy. :wave:


12-21-2005, 08:07 PM
So glad I took the time to read this thread today. Bill, your message was wonderful - all of it! I have a few male artist friends, and I think each of them would agree with you - they too are frequently the lone male in a group of female artists. However, I know they enjoy the differences and can hold their own in any conversation or social situation.

Barbara - Happy Anniversary. We will be celebrating our 40th next June. Some days it seems like only 20, and sometimes "forever"!

We just put our daughter on the plane back to Oklahoma this morning. She was able to get away for an all too short pre Christmas visit while her husband had to stay behind because of two cases he couldn't get away from. (They are both attornies, but Andrea is an alternative dispute resolution attorney with her own practice.) It was so good to see her, and all of us miss her terribly. She would love to be able to convince her Texan husband that moving north would be a good thing for them, but he is from medium/small town Texas, and to him OKC is a large city - the Seattle area is pretty much overwhelming to him. However, now we are thinking if we could get him here in the summer, and over the mountains to Ellensburg, he just might see some positive possiblities there - small university town, Andrea would love to be an ADR professor, and they have that program there, ... we'll see. Michael goes from remaining in law to changing to something else so who knows what he'll end up doing... It sure would be nice to have them only 90 minutes away, and when Bob retires (soon I hope) the cost of living there is way lower than here.

I'm still not finished with shopping or baking - ugh! Not much more to do, but still it needs doing. We will have our sons and their families here for Christmas day brunch and present opening. We have enjoyed quiet Christmas days for some years now, but with the two grandchildren I suspect it will be a bit more lively for some years to come if we are fortunate enough to have them all close by. Last Sunday we went to our neighbors for good conversation and holiday cheer. Next week we will be going to brunch at the home of some retired friends - they have a small "ranch" with horses and goats. I think tye work harder now than they ever did when "employeed", and are most certainly more tied to their home because of all the animals - but they love it.

Cori - Sonny has become a most baaaaddd doggie! We took everyone out to dinner last night, and when we returned home Sonny had decided to eat the leather sofa! He chewed one corner and pulled stuffing out of the arm, and took one cushion off and chewed a corner of that too. Libby greeted us and ran to the door (I suspect she didn't want to be accused of the mess!) Now he didn't do this because he was hungary as he'd had his dinner before we left. With Andrea here, I haven't been taking the dogs on rides as much as I usually do, but they did go with us once. Bob took this week off and took them on a couple good long walks in the woods so they haven't been exactly ignored either. The only "good news" is that this particulare sofa was going to be replaced in the near future - now I'm going to spray it with bitter apple, and the next time the dogs get left alone they will be confined to the kitchen. We'll put their soft doggie beds in there along with their toys so if Sonny is going to chew up anything it will have to be a dog item. Darn pup! Santa would bring him a lump of coal, but he'd probably like that too. I made some home made dog cookies, and scorched one pan pretty badly. I figured since they like burned toast, they might eat these burned cookies, and yup! they didn't mind at all. If anyone wants this dog cookie recipe let me know. It is very easy to make, and you can vary the flavors. This time it was peanut butter and molasses. I've also made pizza flavored cookies.

Well, I guess I'd best get on with Santa stuff. I'm thankful for Soltice as that in part means the days will grow longer and that's always a good thing here in the NorthWET. Bob will celebrate Christmas in the traditional Catholic manner, and he feels inspiration in that. If I don't write again I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday filled with joy and love in whatever way you choose to celebrate.

Peace and Joy to All


12-21-2005, 08:56 PM
Cori - Sonny has become a most baaaaddd doggie!

For a second there, I thought you were going to say you hired Bark Busters to train him...lol. The training sound they teach you is a "bah" sound that's sort of growly. o when you said he was a most baaaad doggie - I chuckeled before reading on - because Abbers is the most baahhhhed doggie :p

Though he's getting mush much better. Tonight he walked from the yard to the house right beside me (with my hand hovering over him of course) WITHOUT A LEAD!!!! 2 months ago he would have bolted! I'm so proud. The real test is this weekend when he gets to learn that the rules still apply when we have company.

Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your daughter

12-21-2005, 09:28 PM
LADIES and Occasional GENTLEMEN:

Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
and to all those in the British Empire - Happy Boxing Day!

Love your site, it's informative, challenging, and loads of fun! ( maybe in 2006, 'dee artist' will find out what I do in REAL life!-PV19R -gamma quinacridone - the auto industry has favored it's lightfastness and small particle size, very useful for metallic finishes.I use it in rose quinacridone paint!).

Let there be PEACE on earth for ALL to ENJOY!

K Taylor-Green
12-22-2005, 12:48 AM
Bill, your post was very moving. And in my mind, what Christmas is about.
As for the rest, I guess you can be our thorn among roses, or is that the other way around?:wink2: We always enjoy your visits. I wish more guys would stop in.

Barbara, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Glad to see you here. Hope you visit on a regular basis.

Peggy, Have to agree with the "darn pup" assesment. What they don't get up to, especially when you think they are past all that!

Welcome bluefish. The more the merrier.

And Shari, I hope you are going to visit more often, too. Now that all of you have knocked on the door, so to speak, you'll have to let us know what is going on in your lives.

12-22-2005, 06:38 PM
Well, overnight, our guest list for the Christmas dinnero n Sunday has doubled....it was only going to be 6 people with the rest coming to Christmas ever drinks ans snacks...now all 12 are coming for dinner. Cam and I are scrambling...oy vay.

Anyone have extra migraine medication they want to send my way?

We'll be able to handle it, but it's going to mean buying more plates and cutlery since we barely had enough for the group we were having originally.

Happy anniversary Barbara

Stephen McCall
12-22-2005, 11:43 PM
Hello to every body !
Haven't logged in for some time-there was a nice reminder to tell me about that. Was interested in Bill's comments about lack of male participation, so thought I should add something-AND because I'm from Australia. Where , by the way , it is VERY hot today-it seems so strange to hear people talk about snow and suchlike. Never mind, it's still a fun time and we are going to have a roast turkey-who cares if the temp. is about 100!!!!

On the painting front, my first solo exhibition is currently on in the cafe in our little town. So far have sold 8 of 15. So it's a good Christmas for me! And I hope everybody out there has a peaceful and pleasant one too-no matter how you celebrate it.

Regards, Steve McCall, Corryong, Austarlia

K Taylor-Green
12-23-2005, 12:05 AM
Well Stephen, now you are just going to have to stick around!!

12-23-2005, 12:21 AM
Hi, y'all!
I haven't even been close to either WetCanvas or my pastels for a while, but I hope to start back to painting after holidays and birthdays are over...at least my pastel box is no longer being used as a footrest under my desk! LOL

It has been a momentous and exhausting year for me...the tiny newborn we brought home from the hospital at 4 days old last Dec. 27 will be ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow! She is more beautiful than ever, with a mass of very curly dork brown hair, tall for her age, cruising around the furniture and trying to figure out how to get at the Christmas tree. The whole foster-adoption process has been as smooth as it could be, and the county will be filing the adoption papers for us by January 7, when the last appeal period is over. We may well be a permanent family by February! We have been very, very blessed, and she is just a delightful child--both sweet and stubborn, the best of both worlds.

And, my 26-year-old son finally got a computer job--working for people who make software for gamers, without the episodic nature of game development, to his great delight. Best of all, he's now in Menlo Park, a mere 40 minutes from here, so the whole family will be together for Christmas as well as Olivia's birthday party!

So, I wish for all of you, in this season of returning light and great joy, that your coming year may be as blessed as mine has been. I look forward to seeing a lot more of all of you, new and old, in the coming year!


12-23-2005, 09:52 AM
Hey Stephen! Another guy! Wowee!!!!!

And Libby!!! What a great surprise to see you here. I have been wondering how you all have been doing and am so glad to hear the wonderful report...I'm glad the adoption process has been going well and you are enjoying your little family.

You all take care!


K Taylor-Green
12-23-2005, 11:35 AM
Libby!!! Great to see you!! And with such great news! Now, you know we will need photos of the lovely Olivia, so start picking them out. I just love these kind of surprises.

12-23-2005, 11:43 AM
I had never noticed this thread before today. I have seen posts by people who seem very special: talented, humble, kind and spiritual. It has been about a year that I have peeked in and our of this forum. And as Bill stated, this year has been one filled with the continuum from good to bad. Merry
Christmas and Happy Chanukah to you all!! And in the spirit of the ultimate optimist that I am, I plan to start painting more. The year was filled with having to take my 10 year recertification exam, to renovate and move my office, contend with new computer software, move out of the house for 2 months so that some very lovely people from New Orleans who lost their home had a place to live, picking up downed tree. . . . I, we as a region, have all been a bit melancholy (if not flat depressed) since the storms and it was a pastel painting that finally broke my funk. I know that there will be more heartache in the next year (hopefully not in the form of a hurricane) but there will be many blessed and special moments with many difficult ones that will transform us into the reflections of God's face that we are meant to be.
God Bless you all,

12-23-2005, 03:13 PM
Happy Holidays!
As Bluefish says, and I quote:
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
and to all those in the British Empire - Happy Boxing Day!

May you be surrounded by loved ones with much hearty laughter, big huge smiles, and pure and utter joy.
Warm wishes to you all.


12-24-2005, 12:27 PM
Happy Holidays!
As Bluefish says, and I quote:
Happy Kwanzaa
Happy Hanukkah
Merry Christmas
and to all those in the British Empire - Happy Boxing Day!

May you be surrounded by loved ones with much hearty laughter, big huge smiles, and pure and utter joy.
Warm wishes to you all.


What Cindy said X 2!

This last year hasn't been the greatest for me, but with all the fabulous friends I've made here on WC, I not only got through it, but have high hopes for '06 , as well! You guys mean a lot more to me than you know!

Have a blessed, peaceful, and otherwise just wonderful holiday season! I will see you on the flip side...am looking forward to stirring up the dust once again!

Merry Christmas!!!