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12-13-2005, 02:08 PM
After being nagged that I haven't posted yet, I finally got up the nerve to post one of my images. It's from my macro of a white rhododendron and painted in painter using the sargent brush. I started with digital art using the art media tools in PSP 9, and after submitting some of my things to corel and being featured in one of the "zoom in newsletters", I graduated to painter. I hope you all like it...


12-13-2005, 02:17 PM
Gorgeous!! ;o)

Digital Portraits
12-13-2005, 02:55 PM
that is absolutely beautiful! especially the flow of the work

12-13-2005, 04:44 PM
The unbelievable colors and passion you put into this, explains to me why you were so honored. What a beautiful painting!

12-13-2005, 05:27 PM
kd, this is a nice, very delicate treatment. It's as if I'm afraid to touch it for fear that I would damage a pedal.

Glad you stopped lurking!:)

12-13-2005, 06:05 PM
:wave: :wave: :wave:

Kd welcome and u sure are in the right place these are wonderful i think i can smell them:clap: :clap:

susan :)
12-13-2005, 06:22 PM
that is so very pretty..wow! i am just learning to use painter myself. havent posted anything yet...but i will..well, my icon is done in painter if that counts..lol ...what is the sergant brush?

12-13-2005, 07:17 PM
BEAUTIFUL:clap: :clap:

12-13-2005, 07:46 PM
Hi susan, and welcome.

The Sargent Brush is a brush variant found in the Artists brush category, near the top of the brush category list.

Do post some of your Painter work!

Your avatar counts. ;)

susan :)
12-14-2005, 12:02 AM
thanks for the welcome..and the brush location. i will show something i did soon..lol..i need to figure these messege forums out first. im still lost 99% of the time. i can do it..i know i can! just gotta find the time.

12-14-2005, 04:08 AM
Nice work kd, I use the sargent brush a lot, it feels nice.
Keep going Susan!

12-14-2005, 05:08 AM
Welcome to this forum Kevin!:wave: I see you really deserved a little nagging :D :D for not posting before. Beautiful rododendrons (they are my favorite flowers along with azaleas)

12-14-2005, 07:51 AM
WELCOME! This is superb....:clap: :clap: :clap:... Lurk no more, indeed!

12-14-2005, 12:39 PM
wow........You are wonderful.........do some more

12-14-2005, 02:18 PM
this is fine work...i like it kdparnell...:). very delicate it is.

12-14-2005, 04:36 PM
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'm usually a little shy about posting stuff, but you'll see more...