View Full Version : Virtual Xmas Bran Tub Time!

12-12-2005, 04:11 PM
We're going to do a Virtual Bran Tub ( in the Drawing & Sketching Forum and you're welcome to join in!)

....where everyone who enters gets a virtual present drawn for them! But, in the tradition of the Whodunits....we won't know who sent them!!!! We will have to do some guessing...and some detective work! Here's how it will work....

From now until Dec 16th:
Volunteers subscribe in the Xmas bran tub thread

Dec 16th: List is split in two (e.g. alphabetical order and alternating one to Judi, one to me) and published (each participant is assigned a Santa).

From Dec 16th to December 22nd: Each participant sends the virtual Xmas present drawn by them to their Santa for distribution

Dec 23rd: Each Santa sends virtual presents via PM to his list + the other Santa.

Then Participants exchange PM to find out who sent them the present. When theyhave found out, the author publishes the image in the thread ( saying xxx found me, here is what he/she got).

It doesn't have to be expensive...in time spent...a pair of socks, bottle of wine/perfume....whoopee cushion...whatever you think the other person needs/wants...you know how it goes!