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K Taylor-Green
12-12-2005, 11:02 AM
Good morning to all! Welcome to our weekly chat thread, where we share thoughts about our families, kids, jobs, and pets.

As we get closer to Christmas, sometimes we experience or hear of things that bring home what Christmas is all about. Something of that nature has happened in my extended family.
My stepdaughter, Chris, has a little boy, Austin, who is 6 years old, as well as two younger children. She and her husband have belonged to the same church since Austin was a baby. Last week, a family who attends their church lost their home, and everything in it to a fire. They were lucky to escape with their lives. One of the little boys is about Austin's age and in his Sunday School class. Overhearing his mom and a friend discussing this tragedy, Austin asked questions, concerened that his friend no longer had any toys to play with. When his mom confirmed that this was indeed so, he thought about it for a minute, then asked her for a bag. He went to his room to gather up toys for this boy, not just things he no longer played with, but some of his favorite cars and trucks went into this bag. The bag was then given to the boy who lost all his things, with no regret from my grandson.
Inside that little dynamo of mischief, full of nonstop chatter, is a very generous heart. We are very proud of him, and while we don't want to foster the idea that gestures like that are done for rewards, I think there will be a very special present under the tree from Grandma and Grandpa.

Now, for a lighter note! I always let the three house dogs out for a run close to bedtime. I opened the door last night to do this, and heard an owl hoot.
On hearing this, my 90 lb. shepherd, Racker, just about injured his spine scrambling to get back in the house! I had to shove him out! Even then, he huddled on the step, refusing to go out in the yard. City dog! Some of you might remember that I took him from a friend who could no longer care for him, as he was caring for his elderly parents. I have had Racker since last April. I guess he isn't totally acclimated to country living, yet!!

12-12-2005, 11:30 AM
What a noble little boy. Good for him. An act like that is truly a testament to the quality of the way he is being raised.

This weekend was really busy at our house.

Our new sofa was delivered Saturday around noon. It is AWESOME! I'd forgotten how nice it is to have furniture :) Anyway - We decided our TV was too small so went out and also buoght a new TV as our Christmas gift to each other.Now we have this living room that looks nothing like what it looked like 3 days ago! :)

I also took some time this weekend and set up my library. That room has been a disaster area since we moved in 6 months ago (kind of a holding cell for misplaced household items). Now it has a wall of books and a comfy chair for reading. Eventually I will buy some more shelves and another chair. All in all, though, it is an impressive new home for my 1000+ books

I also did a whole lotta Christmas shopping. This week, we plan to buy our turkey and fixins so we don't have to rush right before Christmas. Next week is when our guests start to arrive. It's going to be a busy end of the month in our house! :)

Abner is still doing well with his training. He even surprised us last night when he went to sleep in his kennel early in the evening, without any pursuasion from us. We were doing other things and he vanished - we couldn't find him in the house. Cam then speculated that maybe he was in his kennel and sure enough ther he was...sound asleep. We were so proud of him. He never took to his old kennel so with him taking to this one just a week after we bought it is a big coup for us. I also talked to the neighbour and he hasn't barked since the trainer came back to work with him on it. She told me that they were actualloy scared that telling us about the barking made us give him away - that is houw quiet he's been. I am so proud of that lil hound.

12-12-2005, 02:45 PM
What a heart warming story Kate. Not only a grandson to be very proud of, but also his parents for the way in which they have instilled the goodness of heart in him. I had to smile about your "city dog" - maybe he is aware that in some cultures the hoot of an owl indicates an impending death! Or maybe he just doesn't like them. We had one here this summer, and both Libby & Sonny were upset when they heard it hooting in the night. We frequently have animal noises in the middle of night, but that owl made them both angry enough to ignore me when I told them to be quiet. Fortunately, it didn't return the next night.

Cori - you too should indeed be proud of your "little hound". I know how much dedication and love it takes to raise a dog that is happy and confident enough to go to bed when it is tired no matter what Mom & Dad are doing.

Speaking of dogs - Bob took ours hiking yesterday to Little Mt Si - an easy hike that could be done in about 2 1/2 hours so they were home just before dark (which is fast approacing 4 pm here). They met lots of other people and dogs on the trail, and Bob was pleased at how many people commented on how happy Libby & Sonny looked and how well behaved they are. Just as he was beginning to feel really good about it, he heard Libby and another female dog fighting (she has never in her 7 1/2 years fought with a dog & we used to go to a very large dog park often!). The woman owner of the other dog broke it up before he could, and was very apologetic because she had seen her dog start the fight. Fortunately, neither of them were hurt, and Sonny hadn't been able to get into it even though he was just about to - nobody picks on his older sister I guess! However, when they got home, Libby was so stiff and sore that she could hardly walk straight. Bob gave her half an asprin, and she gave me a most pathetic look as if to say, "Darn! I used to play hard all day, and I just don't understand why I'm so stiff!" I empathisized with her completely! She is fine this morning.

Well like all of you I have a zillion things to accomplish this week. My daughter from Oklahoma will be here by Thurs or Fri. Her older brother flew down there last Thurs to pick up a car that she and her husband have given him and his wife so they will have a car big enough to transport a baby in it. They are driving back, going through Denver (Englewood actually) to visit their grandmother and uncle. I hope the weather holds out until they get here! Since Andrea loves shopping at this time of year with her Dad and me, I've put off most shopping until she gets here.


12-12-2005, 03:09 PM
How wonderfl, Kate. Austin sounds like a grandson you can be so proud of.

And what a "hoot" about the dog! Well, they are funny, aren't they.

Good for Abner, Cori....our dog will sometimes disappear into his kennel also...it;s nice to know they don't think of it as a "cage" so much as a "refuge"...that's the whole idea.

Someone is here right now looking at the house....it's been really slow with the holidays but every once in a while I get a call. The broker is showing them around....and there is a big pot of turkey soup on the stove...the house smell terrific! Of course the disposal jammed on my as I was cleaning up the turkey "debris" so there is a bowl in the sink with a plate on it! :D It's always something, isn't it?!?!

My kids are coming over on Saturday night for a little family Chanukah celebration. We'll have potato latkes and a few little gifts. We are oding it a little early this year because CHanukah falls on Christmas this year and my son in law will be celebrating that....too many holidays...not enough time! What fun!

I hope everyone is getting through this pre-holiday season intact. I know it can be hectic and not everyone enjoys it all that much. So you all take care and stay healthy...and happy!


Bill Foehringer
12-12-2005, 06:22 PM
Our Collie is growing back her hair just in time for the cold weather. She had to be shaved so that bathing would help her dried out skin. The vet found she had a underactive thyroid that caused the skin problem. now she's on canine thyroid med and is active like a puppy at age 8, including eating every loose thing in sight. Maybe the dose needs to be adjusted downward a little?
Wife decided to vacuum stairs yesterday and fell three steps off the landing squarely onto her tailbone. She has a ruptured disc in her lower back already leaving her disabled. She spent the rest of the day laying on the couch in pain. She's stubborn and wants to do things she can't do any longer. I told her no more stairs-vacuuming. Also no more climbing on ladders. (She actually went up a few steps to hang a ribbon down the front of the Christmas tree!!!) Really she should know better. Just 'cause she might be able to pull off either activity with extreme efforrt and pain neither one is safe for her any longer. Arrgh..... frustrating, I give her credit for trying but she just has to walk away from some things while she can still walk. I said do you want to end up in a wheelchair??? If you saw her walk on level ground you'd wonder if she should even be walking. With the RA and fibro causing their own problems the last thing she needs to do is aggrevate her back problem. I told her to find things that she can do forget the rest. Either they will get done by me or daughter or they won't and if they don't get done then they must not be that important. The holidays are hard for her because they are her favorite times instead each year marks how much less she can do. I hope to post a painting I did at lunch today down by the river. BillF

12-12-2005, 08:28 PM
Debra your hair looks great! Don't comb it when it is wet, just use fingers and dry naturally and it will last longer. Yes, Peggy, you have beautiful dark straight hair that must stay that way. A little longer wouldn't hurt though. :) Cori, sounds like Abner has it figured out finally. My male dog will often take off to the bedroom on his own-my bed of course.

Still trying to adjust to this temporary move-more difficult than I thought it would be. Started a painting of a hibiscus but haven't finished yet. There is a nearby arts organization on Sanibel Island which is offering some good workshops and weekly figure drawing so hope to get going with that after Christmas. Just a little each day...

And Bill, I understand your frustration and how your wife feels, I have fibro and chronic depression and it is very hard to adjust to the restirctions placed on our lives. She also suffers for those it places on you. Take care of yourself.

Deborah Secor
12-13-2005, 01:46 AM
:wave: Hi all! I've just returned from seeing 'Chronicles of Narnia'! Wow! I just loved it! I don't know the books at all but I really enjoyed the story and the characters and the effects. A talking beaver--so real you're totally convinced! And Phillip, the talking horse, cracked me up. Anyway, if you want a good one, see Narnia!

Kate, Austin gets it! Totally kewl. This boy will go far with a big heart like that. His parents are truly blessed. You too, no doubt!

Your story about Racker made me laugh. I had a horse one time, years ago, that I kept at the Navy base stables. He lived under the jets taking off every day, right overhead. Never phased him a bit. But one day he saw a chicken flapping and you'd have thought he was gonna die of fright! Good grief--an F-4 going mach one straight up, no problem, but a CHICKEN... Oy! Crazy city horse.


K Taylor-Green
12-13-2005, 10:15 AM
Dee, Just laughed myself silly over your horse. Course, everyone knows horses are just dumb sometimes, to be such smart animals!
I had an older Arab that I rode on a daily basis. He has since passed away. The path that lead from the farm out to the bigger fields had a truck parked beside it belonging to my son-in-law. It was for sale, so wasn't moved. Anyway, he sold the truck, but not the camper shell that was on it. Riff and I started our daily ride, and the old fool almost danced out from under me because the shell was on the ground where the truck had been!!

Peggy, your poor dog! I guess they have no more sense of age than they do size.

Cori, Congrats on Abner! I'm a firm believer in solid training. Looks as though yours has paid off.

Bill, Sorry to hear about your wife. Maybe she feels as though she is just giving up. My heart goes out to both of you.

Hey Sandy, wouldn't it be great to have a firm offer on that house by New Years?!
Good luck!

I walked back to the horse pasture and played with the two younsters, yesterday. I think Kaseyn is going to be taller than the average Arab, taking after his Quarter Horse mother. At 6 monthes he is almost as tall as Stega, our other youngster, who will be two in March Their personalities vary soooo much. Stega is a people horse, he would crawl in my pocket and come to the house with me, if I let him. Kaseyn likes to be messed with on his own terms, and will wonder off, then come back. He has finally learned not to nip, well, mostly.

OK, I'll get off horses, though I can talk about them all day! I'm off to finish my shopping today, I hope. So, see you all this evening!

12-13-2005, 02:02 PM
Hey Sandy, wouldn't it be great to have a firm offer on that house by New Years?!

It would be fabulous...but I'm not holding my breath. I have a hunch it will be more like the spring...the housing market is just not that great right now and with the cost of heating...well...who in their right mind would buy this! :D Shhhh....I didn't say that! :D

I feel for you and your wife, Bill! It sounds so difficult. I know you understand why she keeps trying...but of course if she makes things worse, well, that isn't any good either. I'm glad you have your painting to lose yourself in at least once in a while...and your daughter sounds like a gem!

It is bitter cold today but the sun is out. It's very icy but I managed to take Casey out for his after lunch walk. Boy, you close that dishwasher door and that dog expects to go OUT!!!! I'm just so nervous about ice ever since I fell a few years ago. I didn't break anything but it sure wasn't fun. But, if live in New England I guess I just have to live with ice!

I just got an email with a load of absolutely gorgeous photos some friends took on a trip to Japan this fall. They said I can paint whatever I want. I don't usually like to work from other people's photos but since I don't expect to get to Japan in the near future this may be my best opportunity....and some of the pictures are just calling out to be done.

Enjoy the day!