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12-10-2005, 12:36 PM
Hi everyone, I am actaully a freshemen now at MassArt. I use to attend USC (Southern California) and I had to dropout do to other circumstances in my life. Don't get me wrong MassArt is a good school, with some of the most considerate and helpful faculty memebers. I would advice anyone who wants to spend their academic career in Boston, to take a look at MassArt. A chance presented itself, and I plan to apply to RISD. I just wanted people's opinions on these two schools, I am not a Mass. resident, so I pay out of state. I would like to hear what other people have to say about RISD and MassArt. Thank you

12-14-2005, 12:53 AM
I asked an illustrator about what schools for my daughter to apply to in graphic design. His response was, "Isn't RISD the top art school in the nation?" That says it all!

12-18-2005, 02:40 AM
First of all: these websites are a waste of your time. I am going to do you a favor, because I was lucky enough to stumble upon this forum, and comment on this situation.

I once asked the guy who works the local convenience store in Providence where he went to school and he said RISD (illustration major too! tell your daughter!)

Look, the fact of the matter is, you aren't going to find all of the answers to your "which college should i go to" problems on an online "artschool" forum.

Is RISD an awesome school? Yes, I can assure you of that. So can everybody else, even the taxguy, who knows A TON about art culture. Go ahead and apply, and if you can get in and afford it, i can promise you nobody at MassArt will miss you.

The real question isn't "what is the top art school in the nation", (which RISD isn't), it's what is right for you. The atmospheres in general at MassArt and RISD are completely different If you'd rather hang out with Armani's daughter because Steve from Dorchester isn't trendy enough, then go to RISD. Once again, that is something you need to explore aside from random forum comments from people you don't even know.

I am from out of state, I transferred from a highly acknowledged institution, and I F*cking love MassArt.

All I can say to you, to actually be somewhat helpful, is don't judge MassArt by its foundation department. The "considerate" faculty you speak of isn't the same faculty that is in the photography or design departments. Most of the people that say they want to leave MassArt to go to "some better school", including you, are far from the most talented artists there. While you were writing this blog there were kids in studios slaving for reviews. On the same note, your art school is entirely what you make of it. If you are going to sit around and do nothing at MassArt, don't blame it on MassArt when you can't find work. On the same note, I will admit that it is harder to do nothing at RISD, (foundation year at least) . But if you don't have the do nothing problem in the first place, what is the difference.

Do what is best for you. If RISD seems more your style, than the best of luck to you. I can ASSURE you that "what other people have to say about RISD and MassArt" is NOT going to help you figure out which school is better for you.

12-18-2005, 02:55 AM
And by the Way, "taxguy" . No offense, but I saw your other posts on photography programs and you really don't have a clue what you are talking about. Do yourself a favor, stop giving people ill-advised suggestions. Or better yet, continue giving ill-advised suggestions and keep people who need them away from great places like MassArt.

12-18-2005, 04:07 PM
Massaht, Most of my advice is from both seeing schools, checking out ratings, which admittedly is questionable, and talking to experts in the field and asking their suggestions. Thus, my comments are based on all three criteria. I also ask student about the schools that I visit, and read most of the forums very carefully to screen overall student feedback. Finally, I run a company that uses a number of artists and graphic designers from time to time, and I ask their opinions on schools. Thus, I really do have a basis for all of my statements.

Even in this thread, I never gave an opinion. I just quoted a well known illustrator that we use in our business. I would highly doubt that you do the same research into schools that I have done.

As for Mass Art, I NEVER said MASS ART was a bad school. In fact, for the money, it's a steal! However, that was not the original poster's question. If money weren't an issue, I don't think that anyone would say that Mass Art has better overall reputation in some some majors such as grapic design. Just check out any ratings of the schools.

As for career success, there is no question that there are RISD people who are specializing in "supersizing drinks" at Burger King, and there are people who are art directors. I am sure that the same can be said of Mass Art and for any art school. However, RISD, having a strong reputation, does get a lot of internships and companies interviewing people. I have a friend whose daughter graduated from RISD. He will tall you what he told me: the RISD name definitely opens many doors, but it is the portfolio and the interview that gets the job.

Also as to Mass Art, I personally know one tenured professor who noted that liberal arts at Mass Art isn't that good. If he had his choice, he would be teaching elsewhere because, among other reasons, the kids, as he noted, "are not at all interested in liberal arts." This isn't always the case at some other art schools such as RISD and MICA in particular.

Thus, before you suggest that I am giving dubious advice without full knowledge of the facts, think about your posts. I don't make it a habit of slamming people on forums. I personally find it rude and offensive, especially if the posters don't know the work that I put into reviewing schools for my daughter.

PS: I will be writing a book for McGraw-Hill that that will be a guide to visual arts schools, which will include pictures, comments from both students and faculty and much more.

12-24-2005, 11:38 PM
It only matters what you get out of the school you go to. If you can't take what you are given and make it into something great than that is a design problem in your own self. I am going to a state university with an excellent art program. It's not MICA, RISD, MassArt, or some other fancy prancy name. When it comes down to places looking at your resume they are going to glance over the college/school/university for a second and then promptly ask for your portfolio. I would imagine that if you make good art at one school, you will make good art at another, and if you make bad art at one school, you will make bad art at another.

12-25-2005, 10:26 AM
Osidianrose, I somewhat agree; however, I do believe that the pedigree and branding of the school might open doors for the interview that some names won't do. In addition, the "name" schools generally have more employers coming to them to interview students. With no name schools, kids have to hussle more to get jobs.