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11-29-2005, 07:48 PM
Join DGrau, our host for this Weekend Drawing Event, in the All Media Events Forum on Dec 2.
Here's Dave's Invitation:

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/29-Nov-2005/6393-wde-12-2-invite.jpg I am very pleased and excited to host this upcoming weekends WDE. The holiday season is upon us, and it is a time when everyone gets together, so I hope you will all be able to join in and share, and enjoy my humble offerings, and that you enjoy the event.

I will hopefully have everything ready for you Friday 12:00pm (noon) Chicago USA time. Some times in other areas as follows: amsterdam fri. 7:00pm; ~athens fri. 8:00pm;~ bejing sat 2:00 am;~ London fri. 6:00pm;~ madrid fri. 7:00pm;~ manila sat 2:00am:~ new york fri. 1:00pm;~ sanfransico 10:00am;~ sydney sat. 5:00am..for other times please open this link to view.

You will have 30 minutes to decide what you wish to choose and then 2 hours to create what you wish and post what you have done, from the images. Your more than welcome to work more than 2 hours, but please post at 2 hours what you have done so far. Hope you can join in on the weekend but you have all week to chose and work.

suggested headings~ wde 12/2 (your title)
add to that "WIP" if your not finished, so people know to come back and look.
add "MI" if you wish to do more than one image, so people know to come back to see what you have done with the others.
please post all of your work in only one thread which you start.
Also please comment favorably on the nice aspects of everyones work you are able to. It is wonderfull to recieve feedback.
Here is a link for further guideline details if you need them (such as correct size of images etc.)

For those of you which are new to this..to find the images, click on all media art events on the main page..then click at the bottom on browse this forum..finally look for a lightbulb and title by it..wde 12/02/05 images here.

Hope to see you friday
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all

If you are unfamiliar with the Drawing Events, you can ask any questions in Dave's invitation thread, here: