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K Taylor-Green
11-29-2005, 01:41 PM
Wow! What excitement! First, the site is down, now I'm without phone and internet.:eek: I am at the local library posting this.
So, welcome to the Scumble!

Deborah Secor
11-29-2005, 02:16 PM
Hey, Kate, thanks for starting this thread, despite your internet troubles. Hope the phone is restored quickly!!

This place is moving like lightning for me right now! It seems whatever Kerri did is working... love the load time being so short. That really helps. I imagine like always there will be bugs to iron out, but for my 2 cents it's great so far. :D

It's COLD here--in the lower 20s, down into the teens or less at night, but no moisture to compliment that. We could sure use some snow--above 8,000 feet, if I have my way! :)

Hope everyone is well and happy since the holiday!


11-29-2005, 02:46 PM
What a week we had! Thanksgiving started out wonderfully as we all pitched in to make the meal. Steve, Lilia and the kids were to come over about 5 for a 6 o'clock dinner. Around noon Steve called to say Lilia's dad had passed out, fallen and hit his head. Her doctor sister was giving CPR as they waited for the ambulance so needless to say they wouldn't plan on coming to dinner. Long story shortened: On Friday Grandpa T had a pace maker installed and is now doing ok. Strangest part is that he had the same doctor as my husband did almost 4 years ago when he had emergency surgery for blocked arteries. It turns out that he is considered probably the best cardiologist in the whole state of Washington, and both men just happened to have the good fortune of having him on call when they needed him.

Dinner time had an interesting conversation. In a nut shell, I learned that my son and d in l probably won't be moving before they have what is now known to be 90% sure a daughter in April, and my husband seemed ok with the idea! I sat there in stunned silence as they discussed where the crib will be placed thinking my daugher had probably talked to her dad and they agreed that it is more important for Rob to finished college so he can provide a living wage for his family than it is for us to have a quiet house (in the back of my mind I know that is the right choice). However, when I talked to Andrea on Sunday she was just as surprised as I was at that information. What ever, I'll adjust! :cool:

I gave the last class for this session of beading for children yesterday. I do enjoy doing that. The program coordiinator, Susan, came by the room with two other women from a near by school. They are going to start a similar program next session on Tuesdays, and were observing the different classes. I mentioned to Susan that if she wanted a change from the beading next time, I could do an oil pastel class for the kids. She was excited at that idea and so were the other ladies. The very first class I gave for this school was pastel for 3rd - 6th graders. What a mistake! I had 14 kids working on flat desks and when the 4th grade girls found how pretty the soap bubbles were with pastel on their hands I just about flipped because they were purposely covering their hands in different colors! The class was very popular and they wanted it repeated, but I told Susan I didn't think it appropriate since the pastel dust could be airborn for up to 10 hours, and I'd hate for an allergic child to be exposed. She sadly agreed. After playing with the oil pastel samples I'd been given, I figured it would be a fun class for this age group. I may be asking for some suggestions for projects from some of you oil pastel people. This will be for 8 - 11 year olds. That's quite a spread in ages so the projects need to be flexible.

Well I'm off to get my teeth cleaned. I already know I have one filling that has a crack in it that will need fixing after this... :eek:

Hope everyone has a good week, and everyone in the snow belt maintains electricity. Anyone in who depends upon electricity to pump a water well has my extra sympathy if it goes out. That is my least favorite part of an electrical failure - no water in the bathrooms!


11-29-2005, 04:40 PM
Hi! Thought I would stick my head in here and see how everyone is doing!
Kate, I sure hope your phone and internet are back up quickly!
Deborah, We were freezing last week and today it has swung the other way! Its almost 60 degrees (fahrenheit) and the 8 inches of snow we got at my house last week is completely gone today!
Peggy, What is it about Thanksgiving that somehow grants such dramas in a family? LOL Wow, You sound pretty easy going - good for you; I would be spinning! My Thanksgiving had its own drama - Woke up to the 7-8" of snow and our water was frozen. Couldn't even wash the turkey and get it in the oven. Started putting up storm windows instead and finally DH got up and went to the pump house, thawed the water switch and turned on the heating tape for the pipes. I quick did up the turkey and stuffing and got it in the oven before we went to the nursing home to have dinner with my MIL in the Alzheimer's ward. That was quite an event in and of itself - I will spare you the rest.
Can't believe Thursday is December 1st! I had better get working on those Christmas cards!

11-29-2005, 06:21 PM
Well, just ordered a bunch of things for my dad for Christmas - he has had to go into a nursing home with severe alzheimers, and my sister keeps total control of what is going on, and keeps telling me he has what he needs, then when I visit I find out differently. I figured a bathrobe, pj's, slippers, shirts, jacket would be needed in a nursing home.... he has never read much, but got him a 'picture' sort of book of guitars- if anyone has any ideas on what helps folks with this horrible disease please let me know!! She won't let me put a phone in his room- first said it was too expensive, then told me 'they can't do that'....this is typical- I have been stressed for years over the situation, but since she removed him his home without telling him what was going on, and letting him select what he wanted there, I have been pretty much over the edge. She has had sole control of his money since my mom died 11 years ago- and it seems to have magically vanished. But then she had a lawyer friend give her sole power of attorney- sorry- I am venting way too much....... every thing I have given my parents over the years ends up at my sister's- except my artwork LOL

11-29-2005, 07:42 PM
What a sad situation, Linda...we're dealing with the flip side--my husband's mother just went into the same type home and all the attentdant problems are almost mind-boggling. Thankfully, Gary's brother Joe is in Eugene and can do all the hard stuff like visitng regularly despite her throwing things at him, etc., and liquidating for assets in order to pay for her keep, etc. She's not making it any easier, poor soul, and is constantly keeping the staff in an uproar. Last week she stripped and threw all her clothes at the staff, cursing the air blue, and the week before she attacked another patient's mother, bit her, and wound up in the psychiatric ward for several days. This is alzheimer's with dementia and alcohol withdrawal thrown in and is not a pretty picture at all. The ironic part is that the old woman is 87 yrs old and has never been physically ill a day in her life...she could well outlast us all.

I've been fighting a bad increase in sleep apnea lately along with severe asthma attacks. Needless to say, I haven't achieved much art-wise in the last couple weeks, but I sure do miss it.

And as if all that hasn't been sufficient...Melissa was diagnosed with early stage RA (rheumatoid arthritis) yesterday. This is the crippling type of arthritis, not the type I and many others have due to wear and tear. It's the kind that crippled and twisted my poor mother's body with horrible pain from the time I was just a toddler. I'm just so glad she is not alive to find out that her granddaughter has indeed inherited it. It seems to skip generations and sure enough I dodged it. The good new is that they have several new treatments available today that slow the progression of the disease and ward off a lot of the damage to joints for a few years at least. The doctor says that her hands and feet both show the disease is active but there is no permanent damage yet which is good to know. I'm just glad they did track it down and find out it's there before it got a better, more damaging toe-hold.

Well, gee, looks like between Linda and I we've managed to put a definite down tone to the new week! Sorry! How bout y'all sunshine kids key in with your good news to balance us out? I'm in real need of something to go YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! about!

11-29-2005, 07:46 PM
Oh Purples I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. Mine had stroke induced dementia that isn't quite the same as Alzheimers, but near enough. Mom kept him at home until she just couldn't care for him any longer. I remember she had to take the phone away from Dad because he kept making long distant calls to his youngest sister which was rather funny because they had never been all that close. As if that wasn't bad enough, he would forget to hang up the receiver when he was finished! I guess I'm suggesting in this case your sis might not be wrong, but gosh - the rest of it sounds like a selfish, self interested person to me. I have a friend who had the same problem with her sister, and I'm sorry to say there still isn't a happy outcome in that case.

Barbara I had to laugh at your frozen water story. So often in our area there is a terrible wind storm over Thanksgiving - usually that day - and turkeys have to be finished over charcoal or propane grills. I've learned to keep charcoal on hand through Thanksgiving... At least you had electricity for which I'm sure you were grateful. You are so right about family dynamics at Thanksgiving. In the past it could could bring out the best and worst in ours. Mostly because I am pretty easy going over the years everyone has mellowed considerably. My son won't expect me to be the babysitter unless I offer to be, and my d in l wouldn't dare do that either because my son would tell her she wanted the child and it is their responsibility not mine or my husbands. Don't get me wrong I like little children, but not babies so much - maybe having brothers 12 & 13 years younger that I had to care for, and then having my own twins 23 months after their brother was born has something to do with that attitude. :eek: I prefer 3+ year olds that are potty trained, can talk, and want to learn to do "art" projects or be read to. :)

Kate I hope you're back to normal soon in the phone/internet department. WC won't be the same until you are.


Deborah Secor
11-29-2005, 08:38 PM
I spent the day down at the bottom of our hill at a house fire. It was very scary for a while! This area is tinder dry and the water is extremly low, so when a house goes up in flames it hits the live newscasts. The helicopters from the news stations were circling like vultures for a while and they had live cameras on location all afternoon. The house was a total loss and they had to truck in water to keep it from spreading, but they kept the propane tank from blowing. Those firefighters are real heroes in my books--man, what a lot of nasty work that is, and how devoted these guys are.

But the good news is that the man living there got out safely, and he said the prayer of salvation with my husband! I assure you that this wonderful man is actually happy--really happy! When the fire inspector signed the house back over to him he smiled and thanked her and offered her his gloves, which is about all he has left in the world.

As we parted he had the biggest grin on his face and plans to come to church with us tomorrow. He says he feels a great burden is lifted from him. He has people to stay with--another family who are also born-again Christians. He was/is buying the house from them, so for 18 months they have talked to him about the faith. He looked like a very happy man at last. I know that the shock will set in, but I believe that he has and will have everything he needs. If you're a praying type you might keep Joe in your prayers. All he hopes to be able to recover is his wife's wedding ring, which was in a leather case. She passed away a couple of years ago.

What a day! I inhaled a lot of smoke today, though, I can feel that...
I smell like smoke but I feel very satisfied.


11-29-2005, 08:39 PM
Sooz- so sorry for poor Melissa- she had been through hell and nothing seems to get better for her. I have an odd relationship with my sister and dad- my mom died about 11 years ago- she was my rock- but my dad abused me- not my sister- she was perfect in his eyes- I think because I was a 2 lb. baby I must have cost him a fortune and was always sick- but my older sister always wanted to be an only child- in a sense then, she has achieved what she always wanted....well, I can see now that he really did the best he could considering his upbringing- and I am not about to turn my back on him despite his behavior toward me all my life- he simply really does not know better, and now his mind is gone completely. I know he would never want to be in that predicament.....none of us would.

Peggy- my oldest SCREAMED nonstop everytime I THOUGHT of leaving her with someone- I looked at daycare to try to continue working, and it was no go. I really prefer working to staying at home with kids- I love my kids, but love to be out working. Friends of ours offered ONCE to babysit when she was a baby- and she screamed the entire time. They said NEVER again. When we did try, she would 'projectile' vomit just before we left- so we almost never had a babysitter- now it has been 14 years!! I know babies are FAR smarter than we think.... when my oldest was tiny, she started talking- complete complex sentences. She asked me where was God? I said- in Heaven. She said- you know, I think God is in every living thing and is a part of us all. It took me many years of religious study to come to the conclusion that she was right- and that is a buddhist sort of belief. She also saw angels at church when we had a priest turnover and it caused disruption. My youngest could vividly recall her 'other family' from a past life, and it caused her a lot of questions and confusion. Anyway, kids never cease to amaze me.....

Deborah- I typed this while you were posting your story- thank heavens for your family to help your neighbors! I have read the Bible in every English version, have a collection of about 75, and many other spiritual texts. I finally concluded that every religion is like the spoke on a wheel- they are all paths to God, who is in the center of the wheel. Every religion (and there are many many Christian ones as well as others) is a spoke, trying to get to the center- God. What matters is that you try to get to the center of the wheel, from what path is right for you. I explain things badly, in fact offensively at times, without intending to, but there is a true spiritual void without the center of the wheel- I think this was, when it comes down to it, the basic message of Jesus- to love each other, to help each other, and to let everyone express his own ideas- because he said everyone could be LIKE him and do as he did- I think the message has been corrupted a lot of times, but it is a very similar message in most major religions. BTW- lower 20's? In NM? Wow- who would have thought..... I always picture the cactus....

11-29-2005, 11:31 PM
Linda, what wonderful children you have despite the early temper and screaming. You explain yourself very well in my book. I completely understand what you mean. Long ago I became completly disenchanted with all organized religions. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with God - we talk frequently. Just the human factor that try to "explain" or dictate that there is only one path. It seems to me that humans insisting that God is so limited that only their way of worship can make contact with him/her have caused more misery in this world than almost anything else. Our current situation in the Middle East is a prime example and has been repeated many times throughout history. Of course one could also argue that "religion" is only the excuse for an "economic" reason... I like your analogy of God being like the center of the wheel - one center, many spokes (paths) to the center. I remember when I was doing my most deep questioning, and came to my own conclusions. I had a dream shortly thereafter, and it was the most beautiful and deeply satisfactory dream I've ever had. I used to dream of flying through beautiful clouds and trying to go higher and higher, but never made it very far. After my own soul search, I had a dream in which the higher I flew the more beautiful the colors until I went so high and was surrounded by so many beautiful colors there wasn't names for all of them. Then I had the most happy, loving, accepting deep down feeling of "being" that I've ever known. I can't even really explain it. I looked around and knew that the color I was seeing was God. I heard a "voice" say, "Yes We are One!", and then I woke up. The good feeling lasted. I've always wished I could have that dream again, but I haven't even had the more simple flying dreams. Although I do enjoy painting skyscapes very much, I've never tried to capture all the colors of that dream. Perhaps because there are no colors like it that are available to anyone on this plane. And oh yah, I've never "smoked" anything! :D


11-30-2005, 12:13 AM
Oh my - I have been away for a week or so (suffering a bit of internet burnout I fear) and popped in to read tonight and had to post...

Sooz - how horrible for melissa. I hope she is handling it well. I have touches of osteo-arthritis in my knees and hips but nothing I haven't managed with for years (a fall on the ice at 17 screwed me up there) anyway - give her a hug for me and I am sure that the new treatments that are being discovered everyday will make it managable for her.

Linda - Whatan amazing story about your kids - really goes to show that they are truly a gift! I'm sorry about your dad - I know it isn't easy for you and tat you are truly torn with your history with him and your sister.

Deborah - wow, what a story. He is truly a survivor. His strong faith will help him through (and I bet he finds that ring)

My life has been hectic and tiring but I am feeling productive and am taking my days as they come.

Take care all.

Deborah Secor
11-30-2005, 12:49 AM
When I ran in here to post before dinner I hadn't read any of your posts, but now I've had a chance to catch up.

Yikes Peggy, sure does seem like somebody should have maybe mentioned to you the thought of staying there till the baby is born! :eek: I can really understand your reaction. I love spending time with little tykes who interact a little more...

Barbara, your Thanksgiving sounds like one of those fun ones you hustle through, feeling crazed, but laugh about for years to come... "Remember the year there was all the snow and the pipes froze?" :D

Linda, I think all your gift ideas for your dad sound like good ones. I've had several family members in similar situations and we found velour or fleece pants and top--a jogging suit, kind of--was very useful. If the pants have a drawstring they're easy to get on and off, and the top zips to make that easy, too. Oh--vent away any time. This is a great place for that! We all do it... And cactus thrives in snow around here, BTW!

Sooz, that's sad news about Melissa. I have a friend who suffers from RA and she is a very spirited, capable lady. What a sense of humor! But it can be so difficult and debilitating. I hope the medications they have available now will be most helpful to Melissa!

Peggy, you should try to paint that dream sometime. It might be a very compelling piece! I suspect it would be impossible to do it justice, but still it could be interesting.

Oh, Cori, I understand internet burnout. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and it's worn out. And I DO hope our neighbor finds the ring. We prayed for it! We'll see...

Golly, gals, I didn't mean to start a religious discussion here. I was just describing what happened in my day, as all of you have. I'm sorry but my beliefs differ from yours, Linda and Peggy. Just let me say that it is not I who say there is only one way to the Father, Jesus said it Himself very clearly. Let's just leave it at that... I'll be happy to PM with anyone who wants to talk more about this! :)

I can still smell the smoke hanging in the air, and despite a shower and washing my hair it seems to linger inside me. I pity firefighters! It would be awful to have to live in smoke all the time. They are really devoted. It just has to have an impact on your health over time.


11-30-2005, 01:24 AM
Smoke like that can really linger! Your whole neighborhood will likely be smokey til the next windy front goes through. We stayed in an old time log cabin one weekend up in Montrose, CO and I thought then what it must've been like living in a house like that with the smell of smokey fires literally soaked into the walls, floors, cielings over the years. Yikes.

I'm just glad the fire didn't spread any further! The man obviously has come through the whole experience with his values intact and there's always the chance to rebuild where there's life.

11-30-2005, 09:25 AM
Deborah, I have wondered about the propane tanks rather often- a bunch of folks out here have them- you would think they would really go bang if ever the house was on fire because of the gas line running into the house- don't know how they keep it from happening, but it would be scary. They did not even try to save a barn out here when the owner casually mentioned how much hunting ammo he had stockpiled !! The jogging suit sounds like a great idea....anyone know where you can get an ID bracelet?

Cori- wondered where the heck you were- but yes, understand internet burnout....

I am really SICK this morning- my mother in law asked me to buy her another set of micro brushes for her angel making (I gave her a set from Jerry's when they first opened here telling her they were really cheap not to worry about it)- so she said they were really cheap- won't you get me another set- so I sent it with my father in laws birthday- he did not see them- tossed the box away..... what I get for a little white lie about the price- now I have to get another set!!!

11-30-2005, 09:25 AM
Deb, I know what you mean about the lady you know who has RA. My mom was a real trooper too. She had a determined way of approaching her ongoing problems and ran rings around most women, designing and making all her own gorgeous clothes, keeping a spotless house, and always ready to help someone else if needed. She was my hero for sure and love by virtually everyone who met her. Sometimes I think folks who are taxed with these awful illnesses wind up showing the rest of us not only how lucky we are but what the true meaning of a quality life is!

11-30-2005, 10:25 AM
Sooz- your mom was just amazing... I think I would not be so heroic if I had a terrible illness.... we have now had turkey curry, turkey enchaladas, turky jambalaya.... really wonderful what my hubby can do with a turkey!! I am much better at nuking frozen food these days..

11-30-2005, 12:55 PM
Wow! What a week you all are having!
Kate, I hope you are up and running again soon.
Sheesh Deborah...bitter cold and then a fire! Yowzers! I am glad the man got out but how horrible!
Sooz, I am sorry about Melissa! I don't have it but know people with RA and I know it is not fun.
Purples, I am sorry about your dad. I know how hard it is do do all this. It seems like so many of us here are dealing with elderly parents and all the attendant issues. My mother is still in the rehab of the elderly complex they are living in. My dad wants her home, sometimes they talk about sending her home and sometimes about putting her in the nursing home there. She has good days and bad. Plus he is not feeling all that well himself. It is a rough time of life! And the brushes...well...you gave my sympathy!
I haven't been around much lately. WE are still trying to sell the house. It has only been about 4 weeks but it seems like forever. I knew it was a bad time of year to start trying but I forgot what a pain it is. I just finally found a spot where I can leave my pastels sitting so maybe I can paint a bit. I just finished the one piece I have been working on for about a month! Yeesh!
Plus I had my latest CAT scan a week or so ago and went to the doctor yesterday. I expected him to say this lung this was all cleared up and I wouldn't have to go back anymore but it is still there. It is still improving but he says it should be gone and he isn't sure why. So...I am having a bronchoscopy this Friday morning to see if something is stuck there blocking an airway or something. Pain in the butt! He says it is not cancer but still thinks it was a bad pulmonary infection and that sometims it does take a while to heal. But since I am otherwise in good health and my lungs are good it is puzzling why it is taking so long. I am ready to be done with all this but I guess not yet!
I hope I didn't miss anyone...I apologize if I did. Just too much going on around here!
You all take care...try not to have too many troubles...and do some good painting for me!


11-30-2005, 01:02 PM
Sandy- oh, I sure hope your lungs are cleared up very soon and that it is nothing serious!! My only hope of selling the house would be to move every blessed thing into a tent first- and not live in it. Could never keep it clean enough..... but then the sagging upstairs floors and kitchen cabnets would show more LOL. Must be really hard on your dad- I am sure he does want your mom home, but may not can do the care. We have an elderly couple that we keep an eye on and help out when they need it- he has been in a wheelchair for years, but sometimes gets to where he can't help his wife get him in and out...

11-30-2005, 01:04 PM
this weekly thread never fails to amaze me. what lives we lead here!

i hope the family issues iron out for all of you having troubles. i have a really awful m.i.l, plus others, and its such a stress. i surely wish for a calm, peaceful solution to you all. and i am sooo happy to hear i ain't the only one that found little babies a bit too much!! i always felt horrible for even thinking it, that i was bored, and tied down. i loved them, but argh! now we do things together, much more fun. plus the other stuff i do alone, which isn't possible when you have tiny ones.

and the health troubles, i'm so sorry to hear! at least melissa's had it checked, instead of ignoring her problems. faster knowledge will be in her favor to deal with it.

our thanksgiving was an in-house thing, small but tasty meal my kids helped fix, then a game of horse-opoly! good fun. (you buy horses and barns instead of property and hotels) and now, we've been hit with a fair sized blizzard--kids home 3 days now. the whole state of sd has been shut down. guess i should be more careful what i wish for--had been thinking how nice it'd be to have a few days off, quiet, and no pressures! but we have all we need, and happily our water and elec. is fine too, so i am actually really enjoying it!! now, shut off my power and the fun stops!! haha!

i've rather enjoyed the religious part of this thread also. i am really feeling the statements by linda (i think?) about the organized part. i very much feel the spokes idea!! but dealing with all the junk ppl bring into it just has been bringing me down for a while, and i don't know what to do about it. i want my kids brought up christian, but yet, not 'feeling the love' by going to church. we've gone to a few diff. ones around here, and the one we're at is by far the best for us, but there are still 'issue's, if you know what i mean. i gotta say, i MOST feel the spirit when i am riding on a gorgeous day, see my kids playing, or simply see a sunset that takes my breath away. sitting in the building of church, with others, all of us being our best 'public, churchy selves' just aint' doing it. maybe its me, probably is, but how to fix that? dunno. anyhow, i liked hearing the other viewpoints of this. thanks for letting me ramble on!!

K Taylor-Green
11-30-2005, 02:18 PM
Wow! All the stuff that happens when I can't come in on a regular basis!

My hubby always says the best age for kids is after they are house broken, and before they start school. I have to agree, most of the time. Babies are cute and lovable, but mostly to their moms! They require such constant care and attention. I loved mine dearly, but enjoyed them more from toddlers on up. Same as a grandma. So Peggy, good luck!

My heart goes out to all of you in the throes of health problems, for yourselves and loved ones.

And Deborah, a fire! How awful, though it sounds as if something good came from it!

I know I am probably missing someone, and I hate that!

My phone line is still out, is supposed to be back on by evening.

11-30-2005, 03:07 PM
Kate- I have given up on a working phone line and finally went with cell... yes, I agree the toddler to kindergarten stage is the best- mine are teenagers- and egads- now there is a science fair crisis (due tomorrow- won't listen to parents for advice) and the worst behaved one says she will live at home forever....except for every OTHER sentence, in which she will go join a circus or something.... LOL....

CM Neidhofer
11-30-2005, 03:23 PM
Wow..so many things going on! I know I loved my boys the most when they were about nine months until the time they went to school. Their little personalities emerged and they were happy...most of the time anyway!! But now they're both grown and out on their own and one's engaged for a 2007 wedding in Florida. I always thought I'd be lonesome when they were gone, but I'm not!! And now Mom has a new life as well, including a new relationship of her own that recently started! :D One of those hit me out of the blue, started flirting with me, never expected it kind of things...and it's exciting!! lol :wink2: Needless to say, not much art work going on around here right now. Been spending a lot of time getting to know each other better. We work together, and that's kind of a problem, but we're working around it for the time being. Best wishes and prayers to all who are enduring life's trials right now.


11-30-2005, 03:29 PM
Christine- WONDERFUL for you! That is the BEST sort of relationship! I had officially 'given up' at 30-something and decided to do ART instead of EVER DATING AGAIN. Ahem. One of many times- then along comes future hubby out of the blue. Goodbye art for another 15 years... LOL... know what you mean, but someone to snuggle with is so very nice too!

CM Neidhofer
11-30-2005, 03:44 PM
Thanks, Purples! At 46 and divorced, I'd resigned myself to enjoying my time alone. Working and painting and doing what I wanted, when I wanted. Now along comes Bruce and knocks me off my feet!! lol After being married for so long, I wasn't even sure I wanted, or was willing, to have another relationship. But we have a lot in common and he actually TALKS to me, as opposed to my ex! lol So, it's one step at a time right now and see how things go. He already has some places picked out for me to paint next spring and summer, while he fishes! 'cept I like to fish too!! lol Life is full of surprises sometimes! :D


11-30-2005, 03:45 PM
Good for you, Christine! Yes, life is always full of surprises...enjoy the good ones!


11-30-2005, 03:57 PM
Christine- my hubby is very quiet most of the time (except when talking about LSU sports)- so I bought an african grey parrot and it talks to me a bunch LOL

Kathryn Wilson
11-30-2005, 08:40 PM
Hey everybody, been down and out with a cold this week, but perked up when I received my most recent shipment of paper and a book - the Leslie Harrison book - and it looks like just what I need right now.

Christy - sounds like a duplicate of my second relationship - sorta out of the blue and we are like twins in things we like to do. Good things are worth waiting for.

Bill Foehringer
12-01-2005, 01:03 PM
Sooz, so sorry to read that your daughter has RA. My wife has this disease. It is relentless. At least you have the experience of your mother to help you help your daughter live with this. Methotrexate, prednisone and painkillers have made my wife's life better than it would have been a generation ago. Unfortunately my wife is more severely afflicted and cannot function at a normal level. Still her approach to do what she can when she can reminds me of the words a clergyman said at my uncle's funeral.
My uncle suffered gran mal epilepsy starting when he was 11. The year was 1930. No medicine was available. The spells would come several times a day every day. In school, at the baseball diamond. He is the only person I ever played catch with who could throw a knuckle-ball. The ball would seem to float around and then suddenly be right on your nose. His next pitch would be a fastball that would numb your arm up to the elbow. In those days people where less enlightened about illness and he suffered terrible shame due to his affliction. As I became older his contemporaries always held him in great esteem, my uncles, their boyhood friends. They understood that his suffering and his wonderful uncomplaining attitude was a great gift, his life was a great gift to everyone who knew him because they knew from an early age the preciousness of good health. Did he think it a gift? Of course not. I don't want to sound like a pollyanna. He suffered terribly all of his life and he lived to be 85. Most people of his era died before they were twenty with this disease.
The clergyman recited these things about my uncle's life. And then he said this: We did not know it at the time but one of God's angels lived among us and he was Jack.
I've thought about those words alot lately as I've watched my wife suffer. I think that when we think of dieties we imagine them with too many human attributes. What kind of God would create a life and then torture it to teach the rest of us a lesson? Gods cannot be thought of in this manner or who would believe in them. Is she an angel of God? If there is a heaven she will be there when her suffering is over. She is human like the rest of us. She is irresponsible about her health in ways that make her suffering worse and that distance her from her husband and daughter. These struggles of hers with food and spending are examples of what we all struggle with in our lives. She never complains about her suffering other than to laughingly say, "Just shoot me" when she runs up against her limitations. She suffers and does the best she can each day. Will this condemn her to hell? Of course not. Does this make her an angel? Each of us has our own failings. We each try in our own way making mistakes along the way. Who are any of us to judge another? God or no gods we are certainly not gods ourselves, of that I am sure, although I have met some self-rightous souls who have fallen into that arrogant trap as they look down their noses at others. I forgive them because they suffer from their own affliction.
If there is anything that I would like other people to learn from the suffering of others it is compassion in the full knowledge that in one heartbeat they could join the ranks of those who live with chronic illness. Some take great solace in religion but they are not angels, they are people just like the rest of us. Religious or not, we suffer, we persevere, we despair, we rise above, we fall down, we live.
I sincerely hope that your daughter does not suffer like my wife and that her struggle with RA is like your mother's at worst. But if she suffers more and becomes unable to live up to your mother's standards because of the disease or because of her humanity hold her tight because she will need all the love and compassion and understanding and patience that you can muster and sometimes even more. In those times when you despair for her, when you lament that she could do more or that no matter how hard she tries she fails to overcome this is your test, this is when all you can do is open your arms and love her. BillF

Kathryn Wilson
12-01-2005, 01:20 PM
Bill, I just read your post about your wife and RA. It certainly is an eye opener to what a "caregiver" goes through and is thinking.

Sooz, so sorry to hear about Melissa - I pray that the medication they have today will keep this abated.

My sister has been diagnosed with Parkinsons and my brother-in-law seems to be at wit's end to what to think or do - so my frustration is wanting to help but at a long distance that is near impossible, other than to listen and give support. The medication is not working, the tremors getting worse, attitude is poor at best - I've tried to counsel to join a support group for caregivers, and one for my sister, but they both insist they don't want to hear other people's problems. I've sent them links to information online and to group's online where she would not have to travel to a meeting. Just not getting anywhere - anyone have suggestions?

Sandy, maybe the medication they are giving you is not effective? Have they tried something else? Everyone's tolerance to certain medications are different and it may be this is just not the right one for you?

Take care y'all - love and hugs, Kat

12-01-2005, 01:36 PM
Hugs Bill! It sounds like such a struggle and yet you seem to have a good attitude. I am glad you are able to come here and "talk" to us. I hope it helps!

Kat, I am sorry about your sister in law. From what you are saying this all sounds like a new diagnosis. If it is I would imagine it takes time to adjust to it. There is always a period of denial. Perhaps once they get beyond that they will be more open to outside help. Or not. Then that is the way they chose to deal with it. I guess we each have to make our own way. It sounds like you are trying with your usual warmth and goodwill. I hope things improve there.

I am not having any symptoms at this point; at least nothing I am aware of. It is simply a question of the healing in my lung, which I guess can cause problems later if it doesn't all go away. But I am not on medication. So, we'll just see what happens tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

You all take care...it seems like there is too much suffering going on here!


Kathryn Wilson
12-01-2005, 01:58 PM
Glad you are feeling okay Sandy - how about "positive thinking"? You will the nasty little beast to go away?

It's actually my sister who has been diagnosed - it started in a year ago - but we should have been recognizing the signs. Family denial or ignorance, not sure. It is hereditary - so I am crossing my fingers that my precious gift of painting will not be taken from me, or that my children/grandchildren do not suffer with it.

Sandy, your words are reassuring - thanks.

12-01-2005, 02:08 PM
Bill- that is exceptionally beautiful, and thoughtful. And you are so right- all of us could be close ourselves to having a nasty disease- or becoming street people for that matter. Like your wife, I have self-destructive behavior, that makes things worse I know- and can't seem to stop it either. I think all of my religious struggles and trying to figure it out for myself comes down to the struggle exactly like you mentioned it- when I saw best friends die slowly and painfully of cancer, and another best friend lose her 3 year old slowly to a brain tumor, or myself being nearly blind and picked on constantly- and you wonder how on earth a loving God would allow such a thing to happen- and why to them- or me? And why do some people that can be really cruel to others seem to have everything? For that matter, why do some kids get wonderful parents who believe in them, and others get parents who only put them down? I was 'saved' at 12, and pray constantly, but the world seems like a harsh place to live a lot of the time, and it is people like you, and all the other wonderful folks on wet canvas, that make it a brighter place to be. I honestly don't know what I would do without all my WC friends, and I consider everyone in the pastel forum a loving friend!

K Taylor-Green
12-01-2005, 02:21 PM
Christine, that's just great!!! A wonderful surprise. I hope it all works out for you.

A big hug for you, Bill. People sometimes don't understand what care givers go through. I think they walk with the Saints.

Aw Kat, how awful for your sister and her family. But maybe Sandy is right.
On a happier note, you are going to LOVE Leslies's book. Maybe a portrait of that ornry JRT of yours!

Bill Foehringer
12-01-2005, 02:57 PM
Ha Ha Kate! Sinners and Saints or is it Saints and Sinners like the Rolling Stones' song lyrics from Sympathy for the Devil? Don't ask why I made that connection must have been my creative side. :evil: :angel: :D BillF

12-01-2005, 04:06 PM
I have so much to learn about all of you! I pray Melissa's condition with RA doesn't get as has been described by another. May I ask how old she is? Don't get me wrong, it doesn't matter, I'm just curious; I try to picture people in my head and like to be somewhat accurate! Kyle, I'm terribly sorry about your sister. I do think she & your brother-in-law may be in that known Stage of Denial and will do more when they're ready. Bill, you sound like my husband! (That's a good thing.) Sandy, I do pray your lung heals very soon! I had a fungus growing in one of mine years and years ago; it's scary, isn't it...

My husband, James, made his first Thanksgiving dinner while I, as usual, laid flat on my back on our cot in the living room ordering him around, telling him how to avoid lumps in the gravy. Honey! Don't let the foil touch the bird! I don't know why, just don't!!! We had about 15 other people over, people we love. We had a lot of fun. Now my husband thinks he's all that and is trading recipes with my friends. I used to be famous for my cooking, now I seem to be losing my fame. Well, it was longer than 15 mins. anyway... He did a great job. One of our neices stayed overnight with her 2 boys (her husband had to work his job as a chef); we love them very much so it was great, too. The boys (aged 8 & 10?? - Dang I forgot!) drew me pictures before they came, which has become a tradition. They put a lot of work into their art. I also let them use my soft pastels while they were here before anyone else came. That was scary but I was about 2' from them. I'm protective of the good stuff! I'm not a "kid" person but these kids are easier to be around and they're pretty well-disciplined.

My best friend, Sandi, is home from the hospital. Yes, she's still around, Praise God. The doctor's said she should have died - anyone else would have. She rec'd 7 units of blood in the hospital, had a stent to one of her kidneys put in (the other one is completely gone); she had dialysis, and continues with radiation. She's not in great shape but she's better. It really was a miracle and she's certain of it. I've never in my life seen such faith displayed in the midst of such great pain and illness. I took her some pencils and graphite sticks, etc., to go with the sketch pad someone brought to her while she was in the hospital. She didn't actually use any of the supplies but she liked having them near her just in case. I am totally grateful to God for leaving Sandi with us longer. I am selfish. She even called me yesterday and wants to see me soon. I will take my cot with me and she will lie in her bed and we'll be side-by-side like in the past (except not in her studio). Maybe she'll be up to drawing a little bit. She knows people are praying for her and she appreciates it. She believes in the Power of Prayer.

Night before last my husband, James, tried to take me out to do a little Christmas shopping. That seemed a waste to me; I lasted about 1/2 hr. on my feet and that's probably generous thinking time-wise. Managed to buy socks and a couple Christmas decorations. Then I cried and whined. James is proud of me for having managed to make it as long as I did. He thinks it's worth it to be with me. Go figure :]

On the way home from shopping a full trashcan was a hair too close to the road and it took the mirror completely off James' car. It literally didn't budge the trash can. We made a police report when we got home, they came over, and ran my husband for wants and warrants and wanted to see his state of mind. He thanked me for calling them. Hey, thought it was the right thing; he's the one said the trash can was in the road. It wasn't. They checked.

Tomorrow we have friends coming over for poker and Cosmopolitans. Yeah, I can't sit up to play poker. Great people coming so it'll be a very good time. One of our friends coming, Judy, is incredibly funny but very subtly so. You have to really listen to her. She cracks me up. Her husband, Tim's a great guy, and they're two of our favorite people. Her brother, Ray, used to be our pastor that was killed while jogging about 7 yrs. ago. He was a prince. One of our other friends that's coming is Shelly. It was her husband, Donovan, that I did a portrait of recently; he was killed in a motorcycle accident several weeks ago - anyone remember? Shelly is such a sweetheart. 30 people showed up at her house a couple weeks ago to get her ready for the winter; I think I posted about that. Anyway, she'll be here. It'll be good for her to come... Our friends have really accepted and adapted to me lying (laying?) down all the time while they visit. It's humiliating for me but they are making it easier for me. I wish I could say I'm dealing with my disability really well but I'm not. I'm in a negative slump, let's just say, or just whining more. It's going on 5 months and I'm tired.

I'm a Christian and a Believer, just for the record. I don't want to be stopped for saying that, but anyone else can say how they feel to me, too. I like being able to read of the differencesand the samenesses between all of us. It's great. I also love hearing of the guy from the fire. I know what it means.

That's it for me, I think.

12-01-2005, 06:26 PM
Grasshopper- I am amazed you were able to get up! Oh, your poor hubby dealing with the mirror, the trashcan, and the police too. Yikes!! I live in fear the local police will pull me over and break out an eye chart....

I sure hope EVERYONE is feeling much better and on their feet really soon- lets all try positive thinking- i am quite the opposite, so thinking positively could not hurt- all my negative thinking sure doesn't work!!!

Well, my point about religion is that you just have to find the right path for you, and then it is helpful, as is sharing that path, if it helps someone else. I would make a very bad Catholic, though, as an example, so trying to get me to become one would be useless.... although I both make roseries and use them all the time- it is the quickest way to get into a meditative state (for me). I suppose I serve myself up religious 'gumbo', and use what works for me from each religious path I have studied. I find a lot of the Native American and South American spiritual paths to be really wonderful, and it makes me sad that so many were forced to convert or die. OK, now I will try to keep out of religion AND politics, both of which get me in trouble really FAST....

12-01-2005, 06:40 PM
Sooz- your mom was just amazing... I think I would not be so heroic if I had a terrible illness......

Oh, Mom had her times of railing against fate, angry and discouraged times when she even longed for death in a very real sense. But it wasn't until the last years that she let me see that part of her struggle and I was probably one of the very few who ever did see it. When out and about her first concerns were always for the welfare of the neighbor down the street or the lost dog on the highway or worry about one or another relative's travails. I remember one of her most often heard comments: "I certainly hope that I won't ever become one of those poor people who bore others with their aches and pains! Everybody has aches and pains, so who wants to hear about more from someone else?" As for God? During her last week, she shared a rare moment of doubt and confusion when she whispered, "I sure do wish I knew what it was I ever did that made God so ANGRY with me! All I can do is hope that the punishment of all these years will be enough and He'll let me rest soon." The look of peace on her face when she passed reassured me a lot...

Deborah Secor
12-01-2005, 07:27 PM
<clearing throat> Um, may I inject a bit of...fun...in here? I don't want to be disrespectful but a friend just sent me this and I near died laughing! I just want to share it with you.


Sometimes, no matter what the pain, laughter does good like medecine.


12-01-2005, 08:02 PM
Deborah- that's great - just what we needed!!!

12-01-2005, 08:23 PM
Yes, we definitely needed a bit of humor around here. Just looking at this hurts my ears though! :D


Kathryn Wilson
12-01-2005, 08:28 PM
Is this what they call "a wake-up call"?

Deborah Secor
12-01-2005, 08:35 PM
Perfect caption, Kat! LOL


Kathryn Wilson
12-01-2005, 08:55 PM
Ya ever lay awake in a motel room waiting for the wake-up call, drift off, and then the phone rings. This is what it sounds like - :)

12-01-2005, 10:04 PM
Yes, that is exactly what a wake up call in the hotel sounds like- or children for that matter...... my 14 year old is currently in high heels stomping on our wooden floor as loudly as possible, because I was trying to sleep and she is getting ready for a dance at the school tomorrow night - poor polar bear !!

12-01-2005, 10:48 PM
Oh Deborah this is perfect! I on the otherhand know exactly what tha penquin is thinking! You see I played percussion in high school and one year of college. The cymbols were a favorite of mine if I was feeling especially frustrated for any reason. I good cymbol smack is better than shouting!:D

I ceratainly hope everyone has a better week. It makes me feel very fortunately to have the troubles I do have and not someone elses. I can thank God for my health as it is, the health of my family as it is, a home that is warm, good friends to laugh with, and a country that allows all of this and our differences.


K Taylor-Green
12-02-2005, 12:52 AM
Good grief, girl!! I needed that! Very brave penguine. Then again, anyone see Madagascar? The penguines ruled! Yeah!

Deborah Secor
12-02-2005, 01:34 AM
Shall we dance?


What dance are they doing--the tango?

Hee hee--okay, I'll stop now! My friend sent me a bunch of these...but these are the two best ones!


12-02-2005, 10:10 AM
I adore polar bears- and penguins- have an entire coffee table book of polar bears then learned it would be plagerism to draw the photos:crying:

I saw Madagascar- and the penguins were hysterical- I am going to buy that one for ME when I can.... they are the best part of the sea world exhibit in san antonio too...

as for percussion, Peggy, you should have seen the middle school band my kids were in LAST year (different small school)... in this school, all the kids who had gone there for ages played string instruments- and were extremely talented with them- so the older kids, at 6th grade, could switch to band instruments- it turned out most of them 'faked playing' or played different music that what was written- but it really didn't matter because the 3 girls on percussion were so LOUD you could not hear anything else anyway!!! LOL we used to be silently trying hard not to laugh...

12-02-2005, 01:13 PM
Deborah, what a great picture, LOL. I have not had much online time lately as my dad is up from NC and staying with me right now - so in the evenings when I get home from work I am spending time with him, and I would sometimes check in from work during my slow moments, but this week there has not been any slow time until today! I never even had time to take lunch all week long, but today seems quiet.

I'm so sorry about everyone's problems. Linda, sorry about your dad and Alzheimers. My mom died last December from Alzheimers complications - I sent you a PM. All the other news too..
- the house fire. So awful to deal with. The house two doors away from me was destroyed in a fire last summer. Everyone and the dog escaped alive, but sadly their two cats were killed in the fire, and now I hear the couple are getting a divorce. Very stressful situations.
- Melissa, and BillF's wife. So sorry about the RA. My sister was just just tested for it last week but the diagnosis was negative. However my other sister's landlord has RA. He is just a young fellow, but tries to keep pretty active. As long as he rigidly avoids wheat and most grain products he manages to remain pretty active, but if he has so much as a sandwich he becomes terribly crippled. I do hope and pray the new medications will provide some relief.
- Kat's sister. So sorry about her diagnosis. My dad was intially diagnosed with Parkinson's last year but the medications did not help a bit, and now they have decided he actually has something called "nph" which is a great mimicer of Parkinson's but the solution is to install a shunt in the brain to drain excess fluid. My dad may be having the surgery in January, though he is terrfied of having a hole drilled in his head. However he has seen a surgeon at Duke who is supposed to be one of the best men in the country at this type of surgery so surely that should improve his chances. In the meantime my dad is up visiting me until after the new year - but it is hard as he has all three of the typical "nph" symptoms - shuffling walk and other gait disturbances, urinary incontinence, memory problems - and it is a bit hard for him to get around. It's nice to spend time with him but it does cut down on my online time, and I have not painted at all since he has come up with me.
- Everyone else. sorry there is just so much to comment on. Grasshopper you have a wonderful attitude. Christy, congratulation and what fun to have such nice news to inject here, Linda, my son used to be a screamer when I had to leave him as a baby too, very hard! But since I was a single parent and had no choice about working I just had to palm him off on others anyway, and luckily he got over it. :) But I do love babies anyway - but not sure how I would cope with a baby in my house at this age. My mom always used to say "there is a reason God gives babies to *young* women", LOL.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent it at my dad's house in NC, and we had Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her hubby, and all three of her kids came home for the holiday. The day itself was gorgeous and we went for a nice long walk on the beach on Thanksgiving morning itself - well all except my dad who can barely walk from the disease, but he came with us and sat in the pavillion and took photos with his new digital camera while the rest of us were walking.

Anyway, now that my dad and I are getting settled in I hope to have some chance to paint in the upcoming week

12-02-2005, 02:34 PM
Just a quick update...then I am going to rest. I had the bronchoscopy early this morning...eveything looks to be normal. The doctors says I just had a really bad pneumonia and what we are seeing is scar tissue. It may or may not all clear up. I will have one more CAT scan in 2 months and probably will be all set. So, I guess that's about as good news as you can get!!!! I'm relieved. Now I'll go take a nap!
You all take care!


12-02-2005, 02:34 PM
Did you guys see this story (there is a film of it on CNN.com) about the cat who ended up in a paper carton getting shipped overseas then back? It is an amazing and true kitty story with a happy ending!!


Sandy- that is great news!!

12-02-2005, 03:53 PM
Sandy I'm so glad to hear your good news. Could it be the change of content in this thread of Christy's new relationship, and Deborah's fun postings that changed the direction of news for everyone?! LOL

Linda - thanks for sharing that heartwarming story. What a lucky cat - a trip to France and enough French food to gain weight! :cat:

It snowed yesterday/last night - so much so that my husband's late night return from a business trip was rather "dicey" in his Corvette. He had to take a round about way home because at an important intersection the police had the road blocked (probably an accident further up the way with no way around it on the narrow two lane road). He made it up and down the various slippery roads & curves, but when he turned into our long driveway the car slipped sideways and almost hit one of our many large rocks (we have several aritculated boulders on this property). Fortunately, our son was able to help push as he drove and it got into the garage ok. Today is cold, but the roads look ok at this point. Good news for hubby is that he had already determined he was staying home today.

I hope everyone has a good weekend doing fun things with loved ones. :wave:


Kathryn Wilson
12-02-2005, 03:56 PM
:clap: :clap: :clap: Such good news Sandy! What a relief it must be.

CM Neidhofer
12-02-2005, 06:24 PM
Sandy I'm so glad to hear your good news. Could it be the change of content in this thread of Christy's new relationship, and Deborah's fun postings that changed the direction of news for everyone?! LOL

Hey, if it helped the least little bit, I'll take half the credit!! lol :wave:

And the man can cook!! When I saw him yesterday he invited me for dinner today. We both work overnights, so our dinner is in the mornings. He was off last night and said come over right after work. Well, he'd made chili cheese pie, homemade chili, homemade salsa, and taquitos with the trimmings...shredded cheese, sour cream, etc.....He's a keeper!!! lol


12-02-2005, 08:04 PM
Christy, so glad to hear of your new beau! Now THERE'S a word one doesn't see often anymore! Sounds like a wonderful time ahead of you! You deserve it!

12-02-2005, 09:08 PM
Yeah Christy ! Sounds almost as good as my hubby! LOL - hope it all is wonderful for you two!!

K Taylor-Green
12-03-2005, 12:09 AM
Well, mine's great, but he can't cook! Christy, I used to work that shift. I'd have a bite to eat, a glass of wine in the tub, and be in bed by 7:30 AM. It was crazy, but I loved it while I did it. I worked for an overnight freight company, Airbourne. The excitement at the end of the night as we hustled to get those planes in the air on time, well, let's just say I was an adreneline junky!

Kathryn Wilson
12-03-2005, 01:20 AM
Any man that can cook is a keeper in my book - John cooks most days and he does it well!

CM Neidhofer
12-03-2005, 11:24 AM
Christy, I used to work that shift. I'd have a bite to eat, a glass of wine in the tub, and be in bed by 7:30 AM. It was crazy, but I loved it while I did it.

Hi Kate,

I'm not sure I'll ever get completely used to working nights. I don't go right to bed. I have to have my evening and wind down first. I usually go about noon, 1 p.m. and get up at eight or eight thirty in the evening. I know about the rush though. To me, it's like this big maching starting up. It quiets down around 3 a.m. and then about 5 a.m. the day people start wandering in and more customers and it starts to get noisier and livelier. And we're all rushing to get the last minute touches finished and pallets off the floor and make the store look all shiny and pretty again! It definitely puts a cramp in one's personal life, but we're managing, even with different days off. :)