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11-20-2005, 03:42 AM
I finally have a real website and online store. My husband has been working hard to get everything up and running, even while I've been sick. I know there are a few things to tweak, but I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions!

PolychromeBeads (http://www.polychromebeads.com)



11-20-2005, 11:50 AM
Here I go

Your site is wonderful, but I'll be honest (you know me :rolleyes: ) I don't like Frames. I find they don't really serve a purpose, are distracting to the whole picture and I don't like having to scroll in a small box to read what's there. They take up space on a page and don't really give you a good picture of what's on the site at first glance. I guess I like to scan a page first, then look at what I want before I read the whole thing. And you have two frames, one for the body and one for your logo, which I'm not sure why you have one around your logo and navigation bar. I find it hard on my eyes to try to read and scroll what's in a frame, I'd rather it be on one page and have to scroll down.

I don't know about the moving beads. I usually don't like things that move on a page, especially if I were on dial up which I'm not anymore. I would think people would have to read what to do, click on the picture and then click on Enter to "Enter" your pages. When you do get there, it takes you to a page Focals, with one picture. I'd rather it took you to the focal page where you have all of the beads (Which looks great!!!) instead of having to then click on the focal link to the left to see them all. I might think you only have that one focal for sale.

I see in your store that it's static. That's good, it's easy to glance at and NO FRAMES!:D

The Fuschia text is kind of hard to read on the purple background, although it looks good on the white boxes. I also don't like the color gray text, try something maybe darker in gray? It's kind of washed out on the purple background.

There's no way to get to Home from your store, I'd add a link to home somewhere in your navigation to the left. That's the hard part when you don't have the same navigation in the same spot on each page.

OK, so I think that's enough to digest for now. Now having said that, this is MY OWN OPINION!!! and please use or don't use what you get suggestions for. That's the great thing about critiques, there here for you to pick and choose from!!:)

11-20-2005, 12:01 PM
Aimee, your beads are gorgeous! the Barbie pink/purple on the homepage is distracting, though. you want the focus totally on the beads...right? i'd keep the surroundings darker and more neutral in color so the beads really pop out at you.