View Full Version : Junkt T-Shirt Design Competition

11-18-2005, 06:46 AM
We are looking for cool aesthetic T-shirt art, graphic design concepts, non-concepts, street art, marker pen musings, typography. The t-shirt is the medium. Remember censorship causes blindness, think out side of the box, free speech rules. Junkt will be an ever changing space to share visual ideas for T shirts, to submit designs, and to purchase fresh ltd edition threads. It’s not a competition more a platform to get your ideas out there.

If you’ve got an idea, a concept that you’d like us to consider for production submit it via the web site www.junkt.co.uk (http://www.junkt.co.uk). Chosen designs will be printed on a short run of 100 t shirts, a coveted place in the Junkt top 10, a tasty 100 quid in your back pocket and some extra goodies thrown in and of course one of your t-shirts.

www.junkt.co.uk (http://www.junkt.co.uk)
[email protected]