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K Taylor-Green
11-14-2005, 11:10 AM
Hello all! Welcome to the Scumble, our weekly chat thread, where we discuss our families, kids, jobs, and pets!

And from me, welcome to changable Ohio! Warm one day, cold the next. You'd think that after living my whole 53 years here, I'd be used to it!
Got lots to do. Along with my usual chaos, I want things to be special for Kat's visit this Thursday! Let's see, we want to paint, so I have some rearranging to do. My studio is very small. This is going to be such fun!

Deborah Secor
11-14-2005, 12:18 PM
Have a blast with Kat, Kate! Remember, photos--we want photos!

I'm in the throes of putting on an art show for my 16 advanced students. We rented a space, and plan a Friday night and Saturday showing. We've invited hundreds of people, and now all we have to do is hang it! "All" sounds so easy, but it's a huge task. You should see all the e-mails flying back and forth! We hang on Thursday morning, then let the dust settle until Friday evening. That should accomodate any glitches along the way. I hope this is a roaring success for my gals!! I'll keep you posted.

Have a great week...


11-14-2005, 02:01 PM
Morning all!

This weekend was completely full with dog training and painting. Saturday, we had one of the trainers form Bark Busters come to our house to work with Abner. Well, let me tell you - she was a miracle worker. We now have a new dog and the tools to keep training him on our own and get results. It is incredible. It seemed a bit pricey when we first looked into it, but the training is guaranteed for the life of the dog and the cost is about the same as taking the two courses through the local SPCA. We don't think Abner would have done well in a class environment because he likes to socialize and play too much. This way, he only had us people to concern himself with and he is such a smart cookie - he picked everything right up!

Anyway - beyond that - life is uneventful. My birthday is on friday. The big 2-9. One more year to thirty. This weekend will be really full, though. I am hosting the WDE (a birthday art party for me) and including a VPON component too. This WDE will be different from almost any other that has ever been held (likely). I hope some of you guys will come out for it too :)

Oh and the fourth Harry Potter movie comes out Friday too (Happy birthday to me) so Cam is taking me out for all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster and then we are going to the movie. I can hardly wait!

Anyway - back to work with me. I hope everyone has a great week.

K Taylor-Green
11-14-2005, 02:18 PM
Cori, Sounds like a great B.Day weekend! Heres to the new Abner, long may he reign!
Seriously, sometimes only a pro will do. Or at least someone who does not get frustrated easily. Most dogs are eager to please, once they understand what is wanted. That is the hard part, learning to speak dog.

Dee, there will be pictures! John is bringing his camera. I hope the show goes well. Especially the work part!!

11-14-2005, 02:21 PM
That was the obstacle we were running into. He is bassett lab - excited and stubborn...lol. But he's doing well. I am glad we went with the pro - or we could have been fighting his jumping up for years.

11-14-2005, 02:35 PM
woke up with head/chest congestion after almost a week with the g/kidz.... why, why, why do i always come home with a cold or something along with my 52 crayon pictures: To Nonnny i luv u.......... even the 22 month old got in on it this time...... does a nonny's heart proud!! took the 5 yr old with me to the Artarama Show Friday.... her mom had given her $4 to spend and it was burning a hole in her pocket.... she behaved like a big girl; did demonstrations anywhere they let her; drawing, painting, giving opinions on stuff..... finally picked out w/c pencils she wanted and a 'painting' pad..... PERSONALLY, i was disappointed in the show.... couldnt find anybody i liked from last year... no loose pastels like last year (and i had a list!), no realllly good deal on pads of paper..... no ArtSpectrum, no ArtPro(got some wonderful loose DARK pastels last year)..... no Sennelier single pastels.... so i indulged in an electric pencil sharpener from Xacto.... GOTTA be good.... the insert sez (when i got it home): chalks and oils may clog the blades, do not use in this machine....... hellllooooooooo....... got out ALL my pastel pencils, w/c, c/p, drawing pencils, PENCIL pencils, and GD and i had a ball sharpening everything!!! i want to announce this because i was very upset: the show is about 2 blox from the store in Raleigh.... the bags you got your stuff in had a coupon on it: take this to the store within 10 days of the show for a 10% discount on purchases!!!.......... i KNOW they have loose pastels there.... so made a special trip on Sunday, on my way home from my kidz...... "WHAT DISCOUNT??".... showed him the bag... WOULD NOT HONOR IT!!!!! Unisom pastel guy PROMISED they would and that he had sent several people over there for that reason.... "NO, there are no discounts on loose ones for the show"..... i could have sworn it was in the Show Catalog.... but cant find all the pieces i had cut out (getting all wound up AGAIN!!).... when i came home, i stopped at Angelcat's house up the street and vented to her!!! if this constitutes a 'boycott', so be it.... i for one will not go back.... be interested to hear if Kyle went and her reactions.... probably had a wonderful time cause she's a nicer person than i am....... arggggghhhhhhhhhh...... thanx for letting me vent.... i just dont think that is RIGHT... they didnt honor it last year either, but i thought it was just the goofy kid at the ckout and the manager was out to lunch..... (this year, i felt they were ALL "out to lunch" and the ATTITUDE was atrocious!!!) ... nope, dont feel better.... my throat hurts..... joined Cori's Vpon.... gotta go figure out how to get in there...... thanx again :wave: .... spent some quiet time with a Misty Nawlins Mornin'..................... Kordelia http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/14-Nov-2005/22002-Misty_Nawlins_Morn2.jpg

11-14-2005, 02:41 PM
thanx for letting me vent.... you dont have to read it... pass it by.... i just needed to get it out....

Cori... glad about the dog... another reason i'm a cat person!! You are so wise to have invested that money tho.... always hear good reports about that, even tho it does give one pause.... .... was told i dont NEED a cam for the vpon... just as well, since you have him all tied up anyway..... back to the instructions... need messenger....

Dee... how exciting!!! wish fervently i were one of the 16!!!! promise you will take pix....

Kate... i missed something... Kat who? our Kyle??? visiting??? gonna ck last week's post.... yes... pictures galore!!

thanx again, please forgive if i missed anything....... i don feel so good..... :(
(uh oh... now the sneezes..... ) i'm leaving before you guys catch it....... Kory

11-14-2005, 02:54 PM
lol - you are such a whilrlwind, Kory! I love reading your rants!

Nope - you don't need a webcam to VPON. I just wrote you a really long response at the yahoo group to give you the rundown on how it all works....

lol about Cam - I don't tie him up! He behaves quite nicely! lol

11-14-2005, 02:57 PM
Kat & Kate! Sounds like grand fun....wish I could be there so pix will have to give us all some vicarious fun!

I'm glad your training session went well Cori. I know it can make all the difference in the world.

You can always vent here Kordelia! I hope you feel better soon...take care of the cold or whatever it is.

I feel like I have been away for ages...I haven't painted for a while either. The house looks great. The open house went well. There were lots of people and some have come back...but no offers yet. Of course Thanksgiving is creeping up and we knew it was not a good time to start this process...but I am glad we have the hard cleaning part done and we are on the road. I am trying to prepare myself for the long haul....boy, I hope it doesn't take too long though. WE have seen some really nice condos where we both feel we could be very comfortable...I would get a nice painting spot and hubby would have anice place for his hobbies. All reasonably priced and we don't need to deal with snow or lawns or anything. And some are in gorgeous locations...wonderful views from the inside. But....we won't do anything until this sells, unless there is a super flexible contingency clause.

Otherwise not much else going on...I have my next CAT scan this Thursday and am assuming things will look okay..I probably won't know for a bit though since the doctor is away for a bit. I don't go see him till the week after Thanksgiving. He said someone will call me but I won't be surprised if no one does. But I'm feeling fine; no coughing, so don't expect any problems...keep your fingers crossed.

I am going to go check out what you all have been working on...one of these days I will get to sit down and paint.


11-14-2005, 09:51 PM
Hi! It's me from Washington and I am so excited because PeggyB and I are meeting tommorrow at Dakota Art Store in Mt Vernon! This has not been easy!

I have packed up my stuff for the long ride to Florida.


I am hoping to continue with my pastels and encourage my Mom (who just lost her husband of 47 years) to go for it with her acrylic painting. Husband will be gone alot with work so I am looking forward to the time with her.

Both akitas are very concerned about my packing up my studio stuff

but I keep telling them they are going so I hope they understand. I was amazed at how little space in the pickup truck all my stuff took-maybe I am not taking enough!

We are leaving November 24 and hope to be set up in our rented house 11 days later. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11-14-2005, 10:46 PM
Cori, no wonder you're do vital and full of energy. My gosh 29 is a life time ago. a BIG HAPPPY HAPPY BD!!!!!!! Lots of (((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))) coming as well.
Molly, LOL just where are the clothes cases? I see a whole art studio there, however. I'm sorry you and your mom are going through this loss just now, but how grand that you can be with her.
Sandy, so glad to hear the coughis gone, so keeping fingers and toes crossed with you that the CAT will be clean, clean, clean.
Dee, have the best of shows for your students; how exciting for everyone. Please take lots of pics to share with us.
Kori, boycotting and ranting seem like the sensible thing to do when a store hasn't kept a bargain! Get over your cold too.
I was going to get a lot of work done today and instead played with photos, layouts for works and the computer all day. Not a waste, but not a best use of my time.
I enjoyed two all day workshops in watercolor this past weekend. The instructor is so experienced and is a wonderful teacher as well as a great artist. I've worked in W/C many years ago, but painted damp into dry. This class was all about wet into wet, very wet. I'm about to be elected to our Association board of directors. We are having a clothsline fundraising show this December. Clothsline will be stretched all over the gallery and unmatted, unframed originals will be clothspinned on with a maxium price of $50 and a maximum size of 16x20. Because they would be smudgable pastels and charcoals won't be accepted. I've been doing some 5x7s in clayboard etchings, but folk keep wanting to urchase them now. So mayhaps I'll just sell them and donate dollars to the treasurery. I have mixed feelings abut this show as I think it's a disrespectful way to display art work, and I don't much care for the fire sale prices. On the other hand, it gives exposure, gives the public a chance at original art at bargain prices and hopefully adds to our coffers. Still the 5x7s take about 10 to 14 hours to complete and to sell them for $3 or less per hour doesn't feel right. Doing less than my best doesn't feel right either.
Ah well,
I've a lot in the fire both in my art life, personal life, and my life as a therapist--should keep me out of mischief.

11-14-2005, 11:57 PM
full of energy? Nah - it I'm not busy I'm bored :D I'd rather be busy.

11-15-2005, 12:34 AM
Aah Cori! I remember that way of feeling! Enjoy it and keep it, I loved it when I had it, now I have to parcel my energy for things I need to do and want to do. But I am all of almost 52 after all.

Az, do I need clothes in Florida? I was hoping to spend my time in shorts and a swimsuit, although I did pack my painting aprons. The art stuff went in the truck first you will notice-I wanted to make sure there was enough space! I can cut back on clothes! LOL!

I talked a neighbor into giving me a mini lesson in wet on wet watercolor. What fun! I must do more! I am taking wc and pastels to Florida with me!

Kat and Kate have fun and looking forward to pics. Hope the weather is reasonable for you!

11-15-2005, 01:20 AM
Kate, Kat I know you'll have a great time together, and I too vote for lots of pictures.

Deborah your students are very fortunate to have you as a mentor. Please take pictures to share with us here at WC.

Cori - Boy do I understand the "gotta train the puppy" routine! Fortunately for our Sonny, both Bob and I have been through obedience classes with previous dogs. So far he is doing very well with "home schooling", but we plan on "public school" after the first of the year so he will learn he has to behave no matter where we take him or "who" is around that he'd rather play with. His sister Libby is a delight to take anywhere. She even knows hand signals for all commands so I don't have to shout when we go to a dog park. I have a particular whistle she knows to look for me when she hears it, and then she does whatever my hand tells her to do. It takes time and patience, but is well worth the effort.

Oh yah - Happy B'Day Cori. 29 what a long time ago that was! You are younger than my three kids! Bet you never thought you'd be hanging out with a bunch of older (never old) women on the internet... LOL So many of us are grandmothers!

Kordelia - no apology needed. I'd rant too if I'd been to that so called Artarama. Who was the sponsor? Jerry's? I'll boycott them too..... not that I suffer too much by doing so since Dakota is just up the road from me. Take care of yourself Nonny - at least you weren't exposed to the chicken pox as a friend of mine was with her grandson!

Sandy I have my fingers crossed for you that the house sells soon. Can't say I blame you for wanting to get out of snow and cold. I may complain about the rain and cold of the NorthWET, but still prefer it to snow and cold that I grew up with in NW North Dakota and later Wyoming and southern Ohio.

TJ I'm happy for you that your life is filled with interesting activities, and is keeping you busy. That is so much better than not feeling well and wondering when you can be active again. My mom says getting old isn't for sissies, and I tend to agree! LOL

Molly and I will have a wonderful time exploring Mt Vernon and Dakota Pastel Art. I've made a long list of pastels I want to look for, and some color patches to match since I don't know exactly who's pastels they are! Some people have marvelous systems to keep track of their pastels, but I just can't be that organized.

This week is a better one for me. My daughter-in-law and son are healing their grief by keeping busy with the two lovely children they have. Lilia is healing physically very quickly, but the drastic change in hormones have her up one moment and down the next. We all realize what is causing it, but that doesn't make it any easier for her. Here's pictures of my two grandchildren:

Wouldn't you know Zoe has her Nana and Mom's straight hair, and Bruce got Grandpa and Daddy's wavy hair and long curling eyelashes!

Molly and I willl send a report on our day together - well I shouldn't make promises for Molly so I will do it if she can't. :)


11-15-2005, 01:28 AM
Old? You guys aren't old. I don't even consider my grandmother at 70 to be old! I have friends here in Calgary (former coworkers etc) that are approaching 60 and I still enjoy going out for coffee with them and visiting. My great aunt was a bridemaid in my wedding at 75 years old! Talk old when you're in your 80s or 90s :) I'm just Cori - your online friend :)

11-15-2005, 09:38 AM
Peggy, what beautiful grandkids! Enjoy them!

We are not actually leaving the cold at all! :D In fact, eventually we plan to retire in Maine. Yep...we are nuts! It's not that we like the snow and cold so much, as we are not hot weather people at all and we love it up in Maine. The weather isn't much different there than here in Massachusetts. The reason we are trying to sell is just to downsize...this big old beast is just getting filled up with junk and costs a fortune to heat. SOmething a little smaller where someone else will deal with the landscaping and snow removal sounds a lot easier right now. That's the goal. And I think we will get there...it will just take a bit. We couldn't have picked a lousier time to decide to do this. But, I have a friend who sold her house the week between Christmas and New Years...so ya' never know!
Cori, I'm glad to know I am not that old in your eyes! :D


11-15-2005, 10:10 AM
Peggy, what darling grandkids you have. I'm glad your son and DiL have someone to snuggle with to comfort them during this difficult time. They both have perfectly pinchable cheeks. :D

Lot of other exciting stuff going on. Good luck Molly, on your trip to FLA. I admire your priorities when you pack. If I had to pack my priorities would be my books and art supplies. I had friends who moved, and they got rid of almost all their *books* because they said books are heavy, so expensive to move. LOL, I said I would get rid of all my *furniture* first, to make sure I could bring the books! What's furniture after all? But books are priceless. Of course I would also have to bring my easels and at least one good table for the table easel. :)

But I'm not moving at this stage, except for a week. This past weekend was fun with a lovely concert on Saturday night (one I could have sung in, but chose to take art lessons instead of going to the rehearsals on Tuesdays), and on Sunday a friend threw herself a big 60th birthday party, and that was fun.

This week is pretty busy, and Saturday I leave for Morehead City, NC for a week to spend US Thanksgiving with my dad, and my sister and her family. Then I bring my dad back up to NJ with me when I return, and he will stay with me through Christmas and into the new year. Since he took care of my mom, an Alzheimer's patient, basically 24x7 for many years, he could never do this before, so this is a big step for him. The first anniversary of my mom's death is Dec. 18 and I'm glad he will be up here with me for it as I imagine that will be a hard day for him.

The only downside to his visit is that I'll probably have a lot less time to paint, and be on the net, but it will be lovely to have him. He is facing some possible scary major surgery at the beginning of the year - a shunt installed into his brain to relieve symptoms of a condition called 'NPH', so I hope we can do some fun things together. The surgery has lots of possible complications, but he is seeing a Dr. at Duke who is supposedly one of the top men in the country - so we hope this might increase his odds for a successful outcome.

The doctor at Duke said he just successfully installed a shunt in a patient who is 90, so my dad, at 77, is a spring-chicken in comparison. :)

Cori, a happy birthday to you too. Sorry I'll miss your VPON birthday paint-out. Sandy, I hope your house sells quickly. I adore Maine too, and could happily live there, but I agree I prefer someone else deal with the shoveling and yard work.

Deborah, the art show sounds like such fun. I'd sure love to be one of your students too. Alas, NM is a bit far from NJ.

If I don't get to post in next week's thread, while I'm away, a very happy Thanksgiving to all USians on the list, and a lovely week to all others as well.

K Taylor-Green
11-15-2005, 12:10 PM
LOL, Kordy, yep, Kat is in Ohio. And wouldn't you know, it rained all night, is supposed to rain all day, and all night tonight!! I really wanted it to be dry, so Kat and John could play with the horses. We are going tp paint together though, and I know that will be great fun.
You take care of that cold, though you got it in one of the most fun ways possible. Grandchildren, ahhhh truely one of life's greatest joys, and a compensation for an expanded waist line and wrinkles!

Speaking of, Peggy, yours are just adorable!
I know you and Molly will have fun, and Molly, you are right. Who needs lots of clothes, anyway?

Sandy, Great to see you! Hope it doesn't take forever to sell that house.

Hi, TJ!! I know what you mean about demeaning art work by that kind of display. I feel the same way.

Well, I'm off for a while. My two of my grandkids are coming over for a bit. Their dad has an appointment in town.

11-15-2005, 09:45 PM
Molly and I had a wonderful afternoon at Dakota Pastel Art and then lunch. :clap: Molly got a couple pictures of the DPA supply room that she plans on sharing with everyone. I was supposed to use her camera to get a picture of her too, but just now realized we got talking with Craig Lemley (owner), and I completely forgot to ask Molly for her camera again. How time flies when there is pastel dust in the air! Did I mention the wonderfully colorful display of pastels? Died and gone to artist heaven. Needless to say, I left a good chunck of change with Craig as did Molly. :)

When one walks into the store, you are greeted by three very friendly dogs - 2 corgis and a golden retriever come to work every day with Craig. Smart Molly had doggie treats in her pocket! I leave mine in the car... It seems many people bring the dogs treats - including twice a day from the UPS drivers. Even so, the dogs are in good physical condition. Even the golden is trim which is amazing since they are known to be food magnets, and frequently more than a little "chunky." I got there a little before Molly did, and Craig gave me a tour of the class rooms that they have for the La Conner Workshops that they sponsor. They are large well lighted areas that anyone should feel comfortable in while taking a workshop.

I think we are both sad that we won't be able to share time together in person again until next June, :( but watch out after she returns! There are so many beautiful places to go paint in that part of the state, and both of us want to work more on our plein air experiences rather than photographs.


11-16-2005, 10:14 AM
Scalloway, my husband's stepdad had nph. Surgery could give your dad a new lease on life.

Peggy(?), those kids are so cute! Wet auntie kisses on their faces! Love the dark hair and eyes! I can't imagine going into any pastel place like that. It would be like heaven!

Kate, I wondered why it was raining. Now I know, you have stuff to do. Knock it off will you?

Molly, you're packing smart & prioritizing. You can get clothes at a 2nd hand place but not art supplies. :wink2:

Update on my best friend, Sandi, our artist colleague. She is in the hospital as of last night, in ICU. They are giving her dialysis to prepare her for blood transfusions (her kidneys can't process transfusion as they are). She lost 4 pints blood (cancer cervix). She doesn't get any regular chemo, has gone holistic. She'd been bleeding badly for days and her holistic guy (doctor?) said it was normal, just the toxins leaving her body. Grrrr. She passed out in the shower, was real white and couldn't keep a single thing down and has tremendous pain at times so her husband took her to the ER. If you pray, please continue for her. I lover her.

What kind of dogs are you guys talking about? I'm a dog person...

I'm having a hard time inspiring myself with art, although I did start a portrait last night from a reference pic of myself that my DH loves. I so badly want to do pastels but am having a very hard time with it, trying to figure out which pastels I want to use while lying on my back. It's not easy when you can't sit up to look at your trays; it's not even easy if I pick one stick up and look at it in front of me. I can lay everything out for easy access but, I don't want to give up! It's soooo frustrating.

Hey, Kate, keep in mind one of the plus's of wrinkles: They don't hurt.

11-16-2005, 11:28 AM
Your friend is in my thoughts, Faith.

My pup is an 11 month old Basset Hound/chocolate lab cross. A definite complete mix of the two. His training continues to go really well. We are so happy and relieved.

11-16-2005, 12:12 PM
Faith, I'm so sorry about your friend. :(

As for my dogs - I have two. Willow is a blue merle sheltie, 9 years old. Maggie is a black-and-tan 14-year-old mutt (don't tell her that, she has no clue she is that old). Maggie was found, a skinny starving pup, under a park bench in Newark, NJ when she was about 3 months old, so no clue what sort of dog she is. The vet calls her a shepherd cross, and she surely has a thick, dense, double coat like a shepherd. She also "woo woos" rather than barks, which is more hound-like, although supposedly the northern breeds like Malamutes and SIberian Huskies also "woo woo". When she was younger she would often HOWL, just like a coyote, or like the northern breeds. She would get going, and get my two little shelties (Willow, and my sweetheart Merlin who is no longer with us) howling as well. It was so funny to hear that one deep bass howl joined in by two little soprano howlers as well.

Maggie is roughly collie-sized. She has tons of "street smarts" but was one of the hardest dogs I ever had to train, as she has a *very* dominant personality. Even at 14 she is still full of bounce and pep and attitude. Willow has always been my "good girl" and has never given me a lick of trouble in her whole life, unlike Maggie who deserves "Trouble" as a middle name. :)

Anyway, here are my two girls, from this summer up in Canada. Some folks may recognize Maggie because I did a painting of her from this reference pic!

11-16-2005, 04:06 PM
WOW Debbie - hard to believe that Maggie is 14 years old - she looks much younger. Both are beautiful dogs. I've seen a picture of Cori's "pup", Abner, too and he is a really cute mix of the two breeds.

My two are 7 (almost 7.5) year old Libby and almost 7 month old Sonny. Both are golden retrievers. I believe I said enough about how well behaved Libby is, and how puppy like Sonny is so won't repeat myself.

Here's their pictures. Sorry I don't know how to "thumbnail" - I think I got instructions one time, but didn't do it right away so don't remember...

Libby, this fall in the back yard - starting to show gray hair around her muzzle and above her eyes. She's about 60 - 63 pounds which is a good weight for a female golden - right in the range according to the standard (which most breeders these days tend to ignore in favor of the oversized goldens).

Sonny at 5 months and 55 pounds (now about 60 - 65 pounds!)

It isn't too obvious in the pictures, but Libby has small paws and Sonny's are about twice her size. He's going to be a big boy when fully grown!


11-16-2005, 04:18 PM
awww such cute pups, guys. I have a funny one I willpost when I get home (I just don't have it here. Cam caught Abner sleeping on my head the other day and when he heard the camer go on he gave a big tong-lolling yawny smile. When Sooz saw it, she asked if we'd bought his tongue by the yard!!!! lol. I'll do my best to post it tonight. :D

Deborah Secor
11-16-2005, 04:53 PM
Awwww, Peggy, Libby looks good! I have photos you sent me a while back of her as a much younger lady, which I've painted on occasion in the past, so I feel like I know her! Sonny looks like a character (reminds me of Yogi Bear in that shot!) but I bet he'll grow into a gentleman in time.

You guys are killing me...I love dogs but it just isn't the right time for me to get one now. We aren't home that much and it would be hard on a puppy to be home alone too much or too long, let alone an older dog (which is really what I would consider getting.) Thanks for letting me enjoy yours.

Can't wait to see the tongue shot, Cori! :D


11-16-2005, 08:35 PM
Peggy, Maggie is pretty good about hiding her age. She has no gray hair at all on her muzzle or head, and did not even have to resort to the bottle! She does have a few signs of age, her eyes are a bit cloudy, and I think she is a bit deaf - but she is still the family athlete and leaps and jumps almost as well as when she was a pup. According to the age chart at my vet's she is about 90 in "human" terms. Gee, we should all be like that at 90! Well, I read an article once about a man of 92 who ran in marathon races. I guess that would be Maggie. She must be about the size of Libby as she was about 60-63 pounds in her prime, but is now down to about 57, and is 24 inches at the shoulder. Libby is a great looking dog, and Sonny is lovely too. Even in a still photo I can see him just vibrating with puppy energy!

Deborah, I hear what you are saying too. Dogs sure do tie you down. I sometimes tell myself that when Maggie and Willow are gone I won't get another, but I wonder how long that resolve would actually last? But considerations about what to do with my dogs are among that things that have kept me from signing up for workshops, for example. My dogs have never stayed in a kennel in their lives, and I'd sure hate to start with them at this age! I generally only go on trips and vacation where the dogs can come along. :)

11-16-2005, 08:50 PM
Here's my Annie, my 120 lb. black lab. She's full-figured, let's just get that straight right away. She is the shiniest dog I've ever seen, even though she's getting quite gray. When we catch her begging while we eat we tell her, "Labs don't beg" and she turns her head. The 2d picture is my 2d favorite dog, Shug. He belongs to my friend, Sandi, that I told you about. I love that dog. He's part chocolate lab and maybe some kind of hound. They found him about 4 yrs. ago or so. The pic is on their boat and he's watching the fishing line.

I've thought I wouldn't get another dog but, that's a big fat lie. I'm already planning the next one - not that I want anything to happen to Annie but...

We never put Annie in a kennel, either. We usually hire a friend to stay at our house with her.

C'mon, Deborah. You know you want it!!! :D

11-16-2005, 09:24 PM
There you go - one Abner tongue picture :D (yes - he is sleeping onmy head there) And one where he looks less demonic lol



11-16-2005, 10:00 PM
OMG that's hilarious! My dog couldn't get her big - uh - you know - up on my bed if she tried!

11-16-2005, 10:21 PM
He doesn't get to sleep with us anymore because he just sleeps on my head! I don't care when I am in a coma but if he moves it pulls my hair and I wake up. This photo was taken Friday morning when I was off work and he got the special treat of cuddles before I got up :D

It amazes me everytime he gets up there because our bed is really high up andhe is just a short lil guy!

11-16-2005, 10:29 PM
OH my! What a fantastic picture of Abner - both of them. He is just tooo cute for words, and that comes from a died in the wool "Golden Elitest" as my daughter refers to me. I've had at least one golden every since I was two years old so please forgive me my prejudices. Oh yes, also had for a regretably short while a wonderful German Shepard - but that's another story.

Grasshopper, you realize both Labs and Goldens are known for their - ummm - roundness? LOL I've had only two that can be described as "normal weight" and both were female. We'll have to see how Sonny turns out.

Deborah, any time you want a new golden reference just let me know. I should also send you some of my Ragdoll cats - have a couple that are really nice and you know I don't do pets - or at least not as anything recognizable as the particular subject. You are right to consider how lonely a puppy or even adult dog would be if left alone too long. Libby has gotten old enough that I can leave her for 8 hours and not worry, but Sonny is so rotten spoiled that he will get destructive sometimes if he thinks I hould have taken him along. I think I told everyone how he completely destroyed the cats' scratching pole by chewing the carpeting off as well as some of the wood beneith the carpet. He'd pick it up by the pole and run through the family room as though it were a rag - that dog has strong jaws! - and yet he has the most "soft" mouth any hunter would be proud to work with when it comes to his own toys and a ball. btw: the cats are please with the new scratching "condo" I got that he can't pick up!


K Taylor-Green
11-16-2005, 11:00 PM
My gosh, what pics!!
Cori, he could WALK on that tongue!! Hilarious!
I love Goldens, too. What am I saying? I love most breeds. We have 5 dogs. A chocolate Lab female, a black Lab male, a Toy Poodle, a sable coated German Shepherd, and a black Wolf cross. The Poodle, the Shepherd, and the Wolf all live in the house. The Labs are kenneled, but come in to visit for a while each evening.
All of your dogs are adorable.
Faith, I am praying for your friend. I don't know what I would do if something happened to my best friend, Elaine.

11-16-2005, 11:07 PM
Cori, that picture of Abner's tongue just totally cracks me up. That is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.

11-17-2005, 12:17 AM
Glad you guys enjoyed those. He is a funny little clown that one.

11-17-2005, 03:18 AM
Faith, I keep a prayer list, your friend has been added.
Cori, Abner is hilarious. that tongue could belong to a fly catching frog, Mi gosh!
Everyone's dog is wonderful. Of course, my own little FoXy is the best. She certainly is the best of the dogs I have had, and the sweetest. I keep telling her that she really can live to be 18 then I will have had her the 13 years I have had other of my dogs. That's the bad part of getting an older dog. The time they stay is shorter. She is a twice rescued dog and it has taken most of the 2.5 years I have had her for her to gain confidence. It's been wonderful to watch her blossom and become a real dog. The greatest aid to her final blossoming has been taking her to the Association's art studio on open studio day. She knows when that is and waits by the car in anticipation. All the artists just spoil her to death. They vie with each other as to who will bring the best treats for her. She doesn't eat much dinner that night. :) I took her to a Water color workshop this past weekend and she was quite puzzled as to why they weren't treating her, despite all the cooing and petting they did. They fell in love with her but of course, didn't have special treats. I'm lucky here to have two great kennels for boarding. One is called "Grandma's bed and Bisquit". Don't you just love that name? They treat the dogs like they were at home. Foxy who had never been kenneled gets happily excited when we pull into the gate there. When I pick her up everyone comes out to say goodbye to her and I swear they are all teary eyed, even the dog! Even so, I prefere taking her with me when I can.
I'm not posting much in people's threads. I have suddenly gotten way too much going on. I feel like a tangled ball of yarn getting pulled in different directions. Much of it is good and exciting, too much is also problematic and mostly due to my own procrastination and shooting myself in the foot several times over. I'd rather paint than tend to all this other business. I guess I'll have to slow down the painting and tend to business so I can paint freely :) and enjoy all the other irons in the fire.
Enjoy the rest of this week all.

11-17-2005, 12:56 PM
My husband had a biopsy of a space below his nose, above his lip. The results came back today. Positive for skin cancer. They want him to call tomorrow to see a specialist. I know skin cancer can be ok, but it's my husband.

11-17-2005, 01:01 PM
My grandfather has skin cancer and I have several areas of my face and arm under surveilance (they will likely do a biopsy this winter on one mole) anyway - my grampa has lived with it for over 40 years. All that happens is he has to go in and have areas treated as they show up. It's not so bad, but I understand about it being your husband. It's never easy when it's someone you love facing cancer.

11-17-2005, 03:19 PM
I guess I'm mainly concerned with the fact it's been there for a long time. We thought he just kept opening up an old scar when he shaved. We're not sure of the kind.

11-18-2005, 08:42 PM
I'm sorry about your huband, but the fact that he is lived with it a long time seems like a good sign to me! My dad had one like that on his nose. He had it for the longest time. He kept saying it was a pimple, which it did resemble, but it never went away and keep getting a little bigger. We *begged* him to see the doctor but he put it of and put it off. Finally went to see his dermatologist for *something else altogether* and she immediately said he had to have it treated. It was cancerous but so big by then she could not remove it herself but had to send him to a surgeon, and the surgeon said he had never seen one that large and that deep. It left a really ugly scar on my dad's nose as they had to remove so much skin and tissue to get all of it - but that was *years* ago and he has been fine ever since. My brother-in-law just had one removed a few months ago too. It's really scary I know, but certainly most stuff like that is very easily treatable. It's not easy to deal with, the "C" word is always terrifying. But I'll keep him in my prayers, and am sure he will do well.

11-19-2005, 12:16 PM
Happy Saturday Morning,

Have been enjoying my self allowed time off since my show opened. It was a great night and seems like years ago now even though its only two weeks. Have been fussing with other stuff like THANKSGIVING !! Yay... Love this time of year as we don't do it in Australia I have totally embraced it now I'm a real for life Amerkin. Anyway, Mother in law had both eyes operated on for cataracts and Father in law is not that good either and they wanted to just go out to eat and as far as I'm concerned that just wasn't going to happen. So I have a 23lb turkey ready to be transported to Oklahoma City and have been baking like the mad woman that I am all week. I have pecan pies, lemon meringue, caramel pies, rum balls, almond cookies, Famous Dave's beans, stuffing (in dry form ready for wet ingredients) and a few others I can't remember now. Oh and then dozens of cans of green beans, corn, yams, cranberry sauce and marshmallows, heat and serve bread rolls etc. Its all going in my VW with my youngest daughter and we will head out on Tuesday for OK. Hubby, eldest daughter and two dogs will come along on Wednesday. I think the turkey is so big he will need his own seat in the car somehow!! :D

Love your doggie Cori.. wow those eyes and tongue combo!!! LOL... luckily for me our dogs are way too little to jump up on the bed but both do get put up there each evening anyway.. the biggest Maltese Zeb jumps off when the lights go out to take up the whoooooole of the couch by himself but the smaller one Poochie loves to snuggle down the bottom between us and will stay there allll night and next morning unless you drag him out which we do. Some nights its like wild kingdom in there... both dogs and then both cats come in to check it out... thankfully there is lots of space in our king size...LOL.. hubby is skinny!! :D:D

Grasshopper, I do sincerely hope your hubby goes well at the doctors and they are able to take care of it with a minimum of pain and fuss. Never nice I know but they are really doing wonderful things for skin cancer these days. Aussies have one of the highest incidences globally of skin cancer and my mum goes in every two months to have dozens of them treated and burned off or cut out... All those years of laying out and having a wonderful tan are taking its toll. I have had one removed from my "driving" hand so far as I also spent a youth on the beach without sunblock or hats.. Hope all goes extremely well for him!!

Best wishes to everyone in the pastel forum for the coming season.. I'm letting myself do minimum art before the new year kicks off again and I get busy... I need to restore my house as its gotten out of control and just do other stuff... like READ!!!


Colleen and Family xx :wave:

11-20-2005, 01:16 PM
reading all your posts makes me feel better about being so busy myself!! i fit right in!! and as soon as i can, i'm posting a pix of my dog, josie. she's a catahoula, and they smile big-time, and the photo is well, unique! i am also a dog person, always have been. we currently have 4.

so sorry about all the health troubles. poor health is certainly humbling, and makes you grateful for having good health. its easy to take that for granted, but i try not to.

a good friend has other type of hurt--her hubby (second one, after many years of really awful marrige to first one) just told her he hasn't loved her for several years now, and wants out. she is crushed to say the least, and has been totally in love with him, and had no idea this was coming. all this is haunting me. i sure feel for her.

personally, i've had some good fortune this week. the best man from our wedding was here for a week, he currently lives in georgia, we had a super time. then i had an art show over this weekend. a local hoilday inn put it on, there were about 10 of us there. it was going painfully slow, (we were joking that a wake was more hopping!!) then suddenly, i sold 3 pieces in a matter of a couple hours! then even better, the couple in the far corner sold me their display panels!! i got the mesh style, (the ones i wanted but couldn't $$) and saved over $200. they plan to upgrade to the carpet ones, and were ready to sell right there! they are 4 panels, just enough for the amount i usually have at a show. i can always add another if i need to, but for now, i couldnt' be happier with them, so light and handy, and even came with some of the extra stuff.

wishing you all a good week, and good health most of all!!!!

11-20-2005, 01:38 PM
Chew, congratulations on the sales & your great deal!

Yesterday my husband and 29 other men and some women got together at my friend, Shelley's house, and cut wood, installed a woodburner, painted inside her home - got her and her two young boys ready for winter... Her husband, our good friend, died several weeks ago. They spent the entire day there working and most of these people didn't even know Shelley and Donovan. We can see the worst of people, we can see the best. This was the best.

I got permission in the mail yesterday from workers comp to see the pain management doctor about the steroid injection (epidural) I want to get. I'm hoping it will help me enough I may be able to sit up.

K Taylor-Green
11-20-2005, 03:15 PM
For cryin out loud, Faith!! Do they expect you to stay flat on your back for the rest of your life?? I'm sure that Worker's Comp has good points, but all I have ever heard are the horror stories where poor injured workers are treated like lazy lay-abouts, and have to fight for their rights. It's just crazy!

Chewie, great news and congratulations! Sorry to hear about your friend. Heartache is such a difficult and lonely thing to deal with.

Colleen, You sound like my sister! She loves to cook and bake the way that I love to paint! The hollidays are her favorite time of year.

11-20-2005, 03:53 PM

I know it's not apropriate but these are really out of common :

Scroll down and play the movie under VODAFONE:

This is a direct link for the LOW 180 secs version Bravia ad:

Hope you like them.
There's also one from Nokia with a toddler jumping on a trampolin, really funny

Kindest regards,