View Full Version : Looking for a Pin from NC, Missouri, and Virginia

11-08-2005, 09:29 PM
I'm working on a project - a PRIDE pin from each state, to put on a piece of artwork I'm working on. I'm calling it "Pride." It'll include State Pride or "Family" Pride. My goal is to have a "PRIDE Pin" from EVERY State. "Pride" I'm defining as a State Pin, Political Pin, Bar Pin, Bear Pin, AIDS Pin etc. Just a "PIN" from where you reside in. Pins/States still needed are: Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia - just 3 more states to go. I hope to have the Piece completed before Dec 1 National AIDS Day, for a show at the Center http://www.glbcc.org/enews.htm Here's my address durkART 10906 Mill Pond Way Orlando Fl 32825. More info is on my website http://durkart.com/ I really appreciate it Thanks and Peace - the world needs more of it. :clap: