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01-23-2002, 11:11 AM
I am in the process of getting ready to try listing artwork on eBay and need advice from those of you who have "been there/done that" ... would like to try to get it right the first time!

I have an eBay account now, have bought and sold on a limited basis for a couple of years, have PayPal, etc. and good feedback listings which I obviously need to take advantage of. Have not listed/sold art before ... just horse-related items and books.

My eBay ID is wolfmtn (Wolf Mountain). I am considering this as my "studio" name ... but the name is from where I grew up, not where I live now in Kentucky.


Is it a good idea to have my studio name the same as my eBay ID? Will this help develop the art studio as an eBay presence?

Does "Wolf Mountain" suggest too much of a specialized western/wildlife image to you? (Or does it matter?)

I do specialize pretty much in animal-related art, domestic and wild, but also do quite a few "nostalgic" type things, old buildings, equipment, etc. ... and a few fantasy type things like unicorns, pegasus, carousel horses.

I will put an "About Me" page with the Studio name on eBay and have a link to my art pages ... which to start with will simply be additional pages on my horsefarm website ... but do plan a separate art studio website in the future, presuming there are enough sales/ $$ to justify that.

Advice? Suggestions?

01-23-2002, 11:27 AM
Another thread is going around about an eBay ID too. Lots of good suggestions there, mainly not to worry. The other poster does mainly cat art and was worried that her ID might not be good for her non-cat art. I think Wolf Mountain is fine - what's more important is your existing feedback record. My eBay ID was my email address for the longest time (back when your ID could be your email address) and had no art connection. I only changed it in December to tina-m-art because the email server shut down. Honestly, I don't think the ID matters to the bidder as long as your feedback and description is good. Looking professional in the listing is what's important. :) As long as the ID isn't offensive or negative (like "fake-art" or "artsuks" or soemthing like that! haha!) you'll be fine.

I really have no idea if the Me page does anything so I might have to go read the other thread about counters on the Me page! Try to see if people actually do visit it.


01-23-2002, 01:42 PM
My one thought on the ID is....will you use it in all your titles for your auctions? That's how I've gotten a following...using CARLYART...in all my listing titles. It's easy to search for it..and I remind everyone of that every opportunity I get...LOL!

If you do want to use the ID in your titles...it needs to be short enough so it doesn't take up a lot of characters...and complete enough that it says who you are! It should be an easy to remember name that immediately brings your art to mind. If you decide to change your ID, you could still copy your feedback and post it on your ME page...until you get new feedback going strong. When I changed my ID, my feedback followed me.

I find that almost all of my buyers are familiar with my ME page because they check out my website! and the only way to the site is thru the ME page.