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10-17-2005, 02:48 PM
Good afternoon All....I am a newbie to WC and a newbie to watercolour. (hope i'm posting in the right spot) I started out in decorative art some years ago and now I'm 'branching' out! Since decorative art doens't teach much in the line of colour theory etc, I'm learning that on my own. I love to learn and read all i can get my hands on and practice, practice, practice.

Anyway, I've done a couple of watercolours and totally love this medium. I am presently working on a painting with some distant fall trees - trees have never been a strong suit of mine ( i like barns!) and I always seem to have trouble getting a green that I am happy with. So, I need some help putting together some green combinations for realistic looking distant pine & deciduous trees. I'm using a W&N palette (limited) with indigo, ultramarine, cerulean, winsor yellow, quin yellow & winsor green...........do you have some suggestions on what i should choose?

Thought I would also share a my first watercolour with ya...i'm not entirely happy with the waves in the background...too strong a colour??? But overall, quite happy with my first attempt at wc.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/17-Oct-2005/69714-2004-aug_05_160.jpg

10-17-2005, 03:32 PM
Great first watercolour. Welcome, sorry I can"t help you much with your ??s as I don't do landscapes . Just remember that as anything in nature ,trees and green included become lighter in colour and trees /mountains becomer bluer in tone.
If using windsor N green blue shade perhaps you could use a weak wash of that and if too vibrant add a wee touch of red to it to dull a tad.
I'm sure a landscaper will be along soo with some expert advice. Looking forward to seeing more of your work but do post a larger version so we can see it a bit better.

10-17-2005, 03:42 PM
Hi Kim nd welcome. Great first painting, wish I can see it bigger. I am not a big help because I do not think when I paint, I just paint. :) But I agree with Pearl. Make distant trees more washy pale, bluish and ones on a foreground brighter.!Experiement and see how it looks! Olga

10-17-2005, 03:43 PM
Welcome to the WC Watercolor Channel.

There are many threads here that can help you. The handbook might be a place to start. Try it first there is a subject thread on greens here (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=191782)

Also the learning demos has a section on Folliage and Trees click here (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=291955)

Hope that helps. BTW why not post your finished works in the gallery?

10-17-2005, 06:53 PM
thanks for your help....i think what i need to do is lift away some of trees to soften them, and maybe add a bit of blue to the green trees. Little tidbits i know, but i need to remember quickly! Thanks for your help. When i'm finished, i'll show it to you.

10-18-2005, 12:25 AM
Have a look at this thread on GREENS (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=258860)

Also check out the learning Demos' Link in my signature line..:)

10-18-2005, 04:39 PM
Welcome to both Wet Canvas AND, even more importantly, to the Watercolor Forum! Nice to meet you and glad to see your first watercolor painting. It is a beauty, obviously what you learned in the decorative arts has transferred over into Watercolors.

You've gotten some great links to look up and learn from ^^^^. Lots of people have a problem with greens, but most manage to conquer them eventually.

Whenever you have a technical question about watercolors or techniques, try posting it in the Workshop. You should get lots of help there. The Studio is where you should post your paintings that aren't finished or you want some critique or help with, and the Gallery is where you put your finished paintings that are ready to sign, mat, and frame. :cool: