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Hyacinthe Baron
10-06-2005, 10:12 PM
Hyacinthe Baron

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ART and NATURE Book and Artists as Authors

It is a revelation how many artists write so well about the world as they perceive it and of their artistic experiences.

Yet a controversy has come to light about how many visual artists are reticent to write their thoughts and prefer to express only through imagery instead of written language as well. Artists are often self-limited to the use of drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, even digital arts, to express an inner life and to make art tangible.

If we were cultural anthropologists, such as Margaret Mead, we could say we have discovered that visual artists are often verbose but “afraid” to express through words. While this is often a cultural matter, it is inhibition enforced by an inner critic that actually prevents individuals from giving succinct descriptions of their feelings in words. This inner critic is a compost of cultural, familial, and peer impositions. Is this why the artist is often the radical figure, the romantic oner willing to risk all and endure dire circumstances if need be to create?

Just think of the long-suffering images of Van Gogh, Gauguin, Michelangelo.

In this day and age when visual art seems to belong solely to the realm of Disney and animation, we must take a stand to expand the place of visual artists in the world. An explosion of authors who are not artists is glutting the cultural marketplace with their words. Their tool is a word processor capable of making changes with the mere touch of a finger.

The tools of the artist are far more complicated and difficult to use. Every artist knows that if one element is changed in an art work, it affects every other thing

Is there an element of finality in the written published word? Does the belief in the old adage, “If it says so in print it must be true” control the works we create?

The reality today is that an Artist’s market lies more in cyber space through conceptual art works. There are grants and patrons out there just waiting to share in the extraordinary experience of creation. In order to reach them the artist must be able to use words to describe the meaning of their art and the broad scope and concepts of their works.

The Expressionists had Appollonaire who described the works to the world, and very successfully indeed. Yet few artists can afford high priced publicists.

It is necessary in today's artistic atmosphere to receive more exposure.

Don’t Artists who write therefore have an advantage?

The thrust of our work at this late stage in our professional arts careers is in sharing through the medium of the internet. We are determined to share our website www.barongallery.com (http://www.barongallery.com/) for the purposes of increasing exposure for artists through unusual, but dynamic venues.

The Lifescape Portrait of Ed and Hyacinthe Baron and the Baron Conservancy heirs. 4’x4’on canvas. A digitally manipulated montage of oil, photographs, marble dust and acrylic polymer collage.

The ideal exposure on the internet as far as we are concerned is to have a site and to extend to the sites of other artists by establishing reciprocal links. For instance, your active URL on our web site and vice versa on yours allows the visitor to go back and forth.

The internet is such a marvelous medium that allows artists, traditionally loners, to reach out, to communicate and above all to share particular views of the world.

We urge artists to broaden your stance as a creator and to seek to publish your art and words as an archival record of your expressions, an in-hand book to put into the hands of your collectors and patrons.

We are discovering that in our desire to share our “quiet” place as we refer to the physical site and acreage of the Baron Conservancy in Wonder Valley California, we are finding like minded creative individuals and remarkable artists and authors who are talented and able to express, inspire and give insight into the artistic process and are also concerned for the preservation of nature and the human spirit.

We chose the title ART and HUMAN NATURE COLLECTION as the theme of our annual literary and art book to be published in March 2006 and have extended the submission date to November 23rd, because we wish, as in all our projects to empower artists to expand their forms of expression and we ask visual artists not only to display their works, but to describe them, using words.

We are looking forward so much to this opportunity to share our journey with creative artists, authors, poets and we know that together we can create an annual published book collection that will be a work of beauty to be cherished for a long time. We like to think of it as our gift, a way of giving back. If one lesson has been learned from 45 years of being involved in the world of art as a creator and collector and supporter of artists, it is that the universe accepts creativity with grace and gives back so much more than one can ask for.

We encourage artists to set forth their conceptual designs and literary descriptions of projected visions of what could be, and to publish their art in books and as limited edition etchings, lithos, prints, even on narrated films. Perhaps if more visual artists enabled their powers of visualization with words, it could make a greater impression on the world.

Don’t you think?

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