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10-06-2005, 12:13 PM
Hello, I hope this is in the correct area/allowed in these forums, if not please feel free to remove it.

I am writing to inquire if any artists may be interested in working with us on this new venture to sell environmentally friendly greeting cards online. Our present focus is on only a few themes related to energy conservation like solar, wind, water and nature conservancy. We will be operating under the banner of www.ecogreeting.co.uk (http://www.ecogreeting.co.uk/) (registered but not yet active).

What we are looking for are artists whose images we can use to promote this line of greeting cards. In return, we would offer you:

An outlet which recognizes you as a contributing artist

An outlet for images of your art

A free web site with shopping cart to sell you artwork online in addition to our line of cards

Royalties on all cards sold which use your images.

We are not trying to be all things to all people and we recognize this does not work for everyone but we hope if there is a will, we can probably find a

We don't have a detailed specification sheet which lays out what the royalties or the mechanics of using our merchant ID, but rather at this stage, we are refining our focus and trying to identify the images we want to start with.

If you feel this may hold interest for you, I would be pleased to hear from you, better understand the scope of your work and hear any ideas you may

Please contact me at: [email protected] ([email protected])