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09-28-2005, 12:09 PM
Here is a portrait I am currently working on and need some help with. Particularly I have develped a mental block with the boy in back and want some feedback before I completely ruin him! I am pretty happy with the other two, but if you notice something, please let me know. Also, the coloring of the painting is not quite so yellow, but it was the best I could get with my camera.


09-28-2005, 01:10 PM
Don't see why....he looks good to me....I think he's looking a tad "off camera" whereas the other two are looking right at it....may be the hi-lites are not quite equal, but can't tell from here.
Fine enterpretation from the photos......

09-28-2005, 01:27 PM
hi Amy and welcome!!!

excellent portrait work!!

as Brian said....fine photo interpretation....I always mess up trying to mesh two photos together. you've kept a constant light source which melds the figures

wonderful work on the hair

re: boy in the back- his smile looks a tad crooked (his right side - viewer sees it on the left - is a bit higher than the photo...maybe that is throwing it off for you?

one tiny suggestion - to make the teeth a bit more natural I would shadow the corners of the mouths and make a few shadow areas in between teeth to break up the slightly solid look they have now. don't go too dark here though....just a bit to suggest depth and shadow will work.


09-28-2005, 02:06 PM
I think em found it....the neck and shirt angle is the same as the photo, but his head is at a slight angle compared to a more upright head in the photo.
In either case....its looks fine to me.

09-28-2005, 02:24 PM
Amy - just to clarify....my observation about the crooked smile wasn't to suggest that you start scrubbing or altering his face any.

like Brian....it looks fine to me. :)


09-28-2005, 03:30 PM
I thank you for your replies. I think I have gotten a pretty good likeness, there is just something that doesn't seem quite right. The people are a little pale in the original, so I will do a light wash to bring in more color, but... Is there something else? I do see the smile being a bit off too. (I also noticed the shirt, but think I will leave that alone.)

09-28-2005, 03:57 PM
Leave this alone....please...pretty please.
If the colour needs a little boost....ok.....but please don't start scrubbing.
Don't fuss.

09-28-2005, 04:20 PM
Seedy, I am new to the watercolor world. What is scrubbing? Is this a technique or is it what I am probably already doing when I make a mistake and I hurry to get off as much as I can?

09-28-2005, 04:30 PM
You coulda fooled me.....How about lifting.....with anger.;-)

09-28-2005, 04:33 PM
Hi Amy and Welcome :wave: :wave:

This is one fine portrait you got here!!! Very good likeness and so well painted!

I'm with Brian on that the bigger boy's eyes are not on camera. I do not mind the shirt at all.

Great advice from Em regarding the teeth (putting it in my book too).



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09-28-2005, 09:36 PM
Hi Amy, if I haven't said it already, WELCOME!!!!!

There is a golden rule with effecting the coments we recieve..;) wait for about 10 replies.. We all see things differently and usually have differing ideas. If you jump right in and make changes, you might be very unhappy with them..

Have a look at this wonderful thread on correcting mistakes (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=169809)..
I think your painting is fabulous! :clap: :clap:

09-29-2005, 12:21 AM
The only thing that jumps out at me is that you have rendered his nose a bit longer than the photo, making the upper lip area a bit smaller than IRL. But otherwise I think this is a GREAT likeness and I wouldn't start messing with it, except for Em's suggestion with mom's teeth.

09-29-2005, 02:56 AM
I'm a lurking stranger, but if you will accept a comment....I think his jaw line in the painting is just a tad too wide, it's quite narrow in the photo. A beautiful painting, you've really captured their personalities.


T Christensen
09-29-2005, 03:40 PM
Great job ....wonderful likeness ....you can do 2 easy things , accent his eyelash lines on both eyes , his eyes are a teensy bit too wide , add a teensy bit of that shadow in (our left) his mouth corner next to the teeth , in the photo they look the same value . It can be these tiny things that will work .....TerryC

09-29-2005, 04:04 PM
The lines in his cheeks are maybe a little 'hard'?
Could they be softened a little in the circled area?
Hope it's okay to cut a piece out of your work! :)

09-30-2005, 01:48 PM
Thank you for all your feedback. I have taken your advise and applied what I was able to without completely starting over. Here is what I've got. I think I'm done.:) The Mother likes it. :clap:http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/30-Sep-2005/62991-Three-on-a-Slide.jpg

ArtsyMom x3
09-30-2005, 01:59 PM
wonderful job!! Tell the mom that she looks like the sitter, not the mom!! I'm doing one that I've kind of portrait the mother to look slightly younger than reality may have.....I think they like it that way! lol....wouldnt' we all!

Great job on this...just great.

09-30-2005, 03:00 PM
Just great....
Did'nt know it had a bottom part....

09-30-2005, 03:50 PM
Looks great! The upper lips look good too! You should be very proud. :)

T Christensen
09-30-2005, 04:43 PM
Fabulous Finish .....Up there with the best I'd say............TerryC

10-01-2005, 04:43 AM
Amy it is absolutely beautiful!!

The Mom likes it. Well that is all you need to know..:D :clap:

10-02-2005, 09:18 AM
:clap: :clap: :clap:
Excellent! Great job on the legs too! And wow, that hand! (hands are my nemisis.... :rolleyes: )
I think you need to post this in the Gallery so more people can see it! :)


10-10-2005, 12:46 PM
Thank you all for your help. It is the feed back from others that can make a good painting to a great painting. I am happy with the finished product and looking forward to "improving." I took a workshop this last week with the Wyoming Watercolor Society. It was the first I had ever been to. Boy was it great! If you get a chance, look at their new website. It is new, but fun. http://www.wyomingwatercolorsociety.org (http://www.wyomingwatercolorsociety.com)

Thanks again to everyone.

08-16-2006, 11:07 AM
I haven't figured out how to keep track of all these posts and such. So for everyone one who commented. Thank you. In the end I feel this portrait turned out to be one of my best. Possibly from all the good feed back.

08-16-2006, 04:23 PM
Amy I suggest you go to "My Wc!" gtop left and edit your Options to allow either instant email notification or daily email notification so that you will be emailed when someone responds to a thread of yours or one that you have posted to.


08-30-2006, 04:39 PM

Wonderful. For I have been lost in Wetcanvas. There is so much here.