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01-15-2002, 10:40 PM
Ok, I jumped in, perhaps vainly, to post my first artwork on e-bay. The item number is 1502929323 .

Can a few of you look and tell me what else to do to improve it? The minimum bid reflects the cost of production on very high quality paper, I hope that is ok. What do you think. Are there other free or low-cost things I should take advantage of? Does the image appear too dark to you?


-checking each minute like a nut-case to see if I get a bid....this can be addicting I think...

01-15-2002, 10:59 PM
Bluespade, your listing (and your print) are very nice. The only thing I would like to see would be a little more information on yourself, perhaps a link to the 'about me' page, or to a website if you have one. Your name is not shown anywhere, in my opinion, I like to see the name of the artist.

Good luck with it.


01-15-2002, 11:09 PM
Thanks, Sumafra! :D

I just added a little about me thing. My seller Id is my name, but I'll add that later in the description, too.

Any more advice is appreciated. Is the minimum bid too high? I hope my justification for it in the description doesn't sound defensive, etc.

Oh, also, should I list it in the self-representing thing? I find that all a bit confusing, but I'll figure it out if it makes a big difference.

01-15-2002, 11:20 PM
Hi Doug,
I haven't looked at your auction yet but here are some thoughts.
Unless its a really, really outrageous min. bid amount I think that any min. bid you want to put there is good and I don't think a person has to defend the min bid in their description. You yourself know how much you would like for a piece. Too many folks under price their min. bid, myself included.

As far as defending a bid without saying so just make a real professional type description that reflects well on your art.

As far as the self representing thing, that is an actual catagory which you can put your art into. It's for artists who sell their own work. I use that as a selling point also in my description but you don't have to unless you want to. Most people seem to rather buy straight from the artist themselves so it makes sence to put that in your auction but its up to you.
Hope that helps.

01-16-2002, 12:36 AM
Hi Doug,

Re your minimum bid, that's really hard to say. It's a giclee and they're more expensive to produce and it's a small limited edition, so based on that, I don't think it's too high. But you'll soon find out based on the bids you get.

As to the category, that's a really tough one. There are art and prints under both Antiques & ARt, and Collectibles. There's also digital art. I wonder too where is the best category to list. I really don't know. Perhaps more important than the category is the title. Many people search on certain words and you want to make sure that your title and description have all the right words so people can find your work.

I checked out your about me page and that makes a big difference. Now people can tell who you are.

Good luck.

01-16-2002, 10:20 AM
I visited your auction and too like the print very much! It's very bright, inviting and nicely presented. Info you provided about the print and the additional about yourself is very good. The part about defending your minimum bid amount could go.
Also, as I have found and also stated thru-out various threads here, the more you sell on Ebay, the more of a following you will obtain. When you first start selling here, you should look at it as advertising. A lower start bid will get more lookers and possible bidders. Im not saying do a $1.00 thing. But if you start it lower, you may end up with more bids and end up close to or higher then what you have it listed for now. But it is always a gamble and up to you weither you want the risk. If you intend to continue selling on Ebay,and since this is your first auction, I would suggest using it as advertising to pull in cliental. You have 25 prints? Listing the others after this auction could bring in more $$ and in the end it evens out..

01-17-2002, 12:25 AM
It looks great Doug, let us know how your auction does. I don't think that $30 is too high. :clap:


01-19-2002, 03:01 AM
Link me.
I tried to search the number and can't find it.
I am TRYING to get the guts to try it myself.

01-19-2002, 08:33 AM
dj-Im a newbie on html so I will just walk you there. Go to Ebay home page, http://www.ebay.com and go to search. Once there you have the option of what you want to search for. Search for item number, 1502929323. Voila you should be there!

Doug-I took a look and you have had some views but I think you could get higher. You have really isolated yourself with your category. I would consider also putting yourself under American and/or Self Representing as well. The more categories you list under, the more people will find you. Also why not note in your title that its Giclee and Cut down your wording so its simple. An idea would be, ~Hess-Giclee-signed-SUNFLOWER~..just a suggestion to help.

01-28-2002, 05:09 PM
Thanks. I didn't get anybids, so I'm gonna relist it. Seems like different categories (like floral) would be better. Any other suggestions for categories to get most hits?

01-28-2002, 05:22 PM
Doug I think what I told you above should be your best bet. Keep your title simple and straight forward. But, do include detailed description in your descript. Anyone doing a specific search will find your work that way. And remember your time frame you choose-5 days or 10 days is not necessarily going to get you more views especially when you are listing under catagories that are so huge. Most people will find you within the first 24 hours after listing and near the end of the auction. The other important thing is to send your auction to Ebay at a time that you think it will be most active and accessable at the end of the auction. Dont begin it Tuesday morning because it will be ending at that same time in the morning weither it be a 5, 7 or 10 auction. You will loose bids from people working and unable to attend the auction close. And do consider different time zones as well. What is 3pm to you is 6pm and 12 noon somewhere else...
Hope this helps and wish you luck!