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09-05-2005, 02:31 PM
Wow, almost forgot this is a new month and we need a new Goals thread. The whole Gulf Coast tragedy has really distracted me lately and I'm just glad I paid the month's bills earlier than usual or they'd be late too! :D

We're coming up on our first Goals anniversary, if you can believe it! I think what might do us all good is to use this month to review and reconsider our personal art goals and see how they have changed over time. How well did we do in reaching our initial goals? What are our new goals now? Maybe each of us could post a personal review of their year in art and plans for the coming year by the end of this month and then we'll start afresh on October 1.

I know I came nowhere close to my original goal of 100 paintings, but I was somewhere around midway and THAT's a lot of paintings, too. I'm glad I set my goals super high because it kept me trying at least mentally. I've definitely had some blah times during which I didn't paint anything, but I've also had some busy times, too. I think I've learned a lot and gained quite a lot of experience. I still haven't decided what my new goals are....I'll be thinking about it and will post nearer the end of the month!

For those who came much closer to their goals, there is still this month to reach the finish line, so go for it!


Following is the usual spiel about this is all about:
Please be thinking about any changes you'd like made to our overall mission statement as it stands below. This past year has been a good trial of our original ideas, but we might want to adjust and restate our general reasons for this thread for the year to come. All ideas welcome..... Please mark your idea posts as "Goals for Goals" so that I can pick them out and put 'em all together for discussion. Thanks!

This is a thread dedicated to goal setting. Doesn’t matter what KIND of goal you choose; that’s up to you, but the idea is to ask yourself what your art goals are. Want to change subject matter, technique, try some different colors than you usually use, or just work more consistently and productively than in the past? This is the place for you!

This area is all about supporting each other in reaching our personal art goals and acting a bit like our very own cheerleading team. It can be a bit lonely at that easel day in and day out. Sometimes, just a few words of positive feedback and encouragement when we find ourselves sliding into a slump can make all the difference. Here, we can choose our goals, discuss them, and think them through in an ongoing way.

This is a place you can feel free to try ANYTHING you want to with your artwork and be assured of encouragement, not criticism. No one will laugh at your lopsided barn or clashing colors; nobody cares if you yearn to paint nothing but antique milk cartons; we’ll welcome anything you want to try and treat it with respect whether it’s traditionally "arty" or not. Feel free to break the "rules" sometimes without fear of reprimand! This is a place to take risks and push yourself a bit more than usual. It’s also a place to have FUN.

Each person is free to set their own goals….some will find 100 paintings ….or any set number at all a bit daunting. Maybe a number goal isn't what you're after at all. No worries, just do your best to tell us what you're hoping to achieve and we'll support you in every way we can. I think that's the first order of business for each participant…deciding just what their personal goal is at this point in time. I think we should allow for those goals to mutate and change direction along the way and everyone can change focus freely by simply re-stating his or her goals anew. So those interested in taking part in this might want to think out their goals and reasoning, etc. and then try to post it here in the Goal Posts thread so the rest of us will know your needs and direction and can try to support you with them.

The main rule for this area is that it is a NO CRITIQUE NOW (NCN) ZONE. This may seem silly on the surface, but we’ve had some newbies AND vet WC’ers who have been negatively affected by strenuous critiquing too early in whatever process they were working through. Some have given up posting their work at all unless they were totally sure it would be beyond reproach. I’ve been very lucky in this; feedback on my work has been kind and very, very helpful, but I have seen occasions when such was not the case. For the experienced tough-hided folks among us, that’s no problem. But in here, it’s not allowed. That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about for awhile. If you CHOOSE to invite full critiques (and I’d encourage you to do so when you’re ready and when what you’re doing is at the right stage), we ask that you copy the work in question to the appropriate Studio (Oil or Soft Pastel) and ask for critiques from participants there. I don't for a moment think anyone here in the Pastel forum has been INTENTIONALLY mean in their critiquing, so don't get me wrong here; it's just that there is a time for frank discussion of someone's work, both good and bad, and there's a time to give the artist some space.…

While negative feedback is verboten here, SUPPORTIVE feedback is welcome and encouraged! We all like an occasional pat on the back, after all! Just try to be as specific as possible in your supportive comments…WHAT did you like about the piece in question, what neat effect did it have on you, etc. This helps the artist so much more than just saying, "Love it!" It's also okay to ask questions, such as "What are you aiming for with this? Color harmony or deliberate discord?" or "This is a bit different from your recent paintings…is this a permanent change in direction or just an experiment?" And it's all right for the artist to ask for specific feedback such as, "Is the model's arm too fat in comparison to the rest of her body?" Just remember to answer the question only; she'll find out the feet look like duck's feet when she goes for a full critique! Questions and answers that will help the artist THINK more clearly can be good. I just don't want anything even remotely resembling: "Well, you CAN'T have green people against a red sky…that's WRONG." Nothing you do in here will ever be considered WRONG….it may seem a bit weird, but that's fine, that's what experiments are sometimes. And who knows? You may find a niche for yourself and become famous for green people with duck's feet against red skies!

09-07-2005, 07:14 PM
YooooooooooooooooooooooooooooHooooooooooooooooooooooo!?!?!?!?! Where'd everybody gooooooooo????

09-07-2005, 07:35 PM
lol - we gave up :p Just kidding. I'll think and write mine up tonight...

09-07-2005, 07:52 PM
Ay! I wasn't THAT late!! LOL I'm just kinda hangin' out waitin' to see who checks in...no need to do an elaborate plan right now. Just let us know what ya accomplished last month (and I happen to know you did LOTS), etc. and kinda where yer at now...

I got a couple critters done last month, but that was it and they were just for fun anyway. Maybe I'll do better this month...(hope, hope, hope)

09-07-2005, 09:02 PM
ok...last month I finally got all of my paintings re-scanned. I also managed to get out and do one plein air piece in August and get started back with my WDEs and my other paintings. Even when I wasn't painting, I was sketching in my little moleskine that I bought to keep in my purse.

Alo, last month, I helped get VPON off the ground , which I think will be great for getting all of us working toward our goals! I know VPON has already been great for spuring me on. I've never felt more productive. I have paintings hanging all over my wall (that need to be stored or attempted to be sold).

I did not get my active membership application in (bad Cori) but I've been busy getting settled in a new job so i am counting that as my excuse. I do have it pretty much ready to go. I just need to make a final decision on which paintings should be the ones to go. I may need some help with that.

I am looking forward to my FCA meetings starting up again next week after the summer hiatus. I'll probably get that application done this weekend and will be able to perhaps Jury for the November show. Wouldn't that be something if i got a piece in?!?!

As for my goals for this month. I want to paint and paint. I plan to capture the fall colours in confederation park this year. Last year I got them on film...this year i want them in person! (Maybe I'll drag Lorna and Christie out with me). Lorna and I also talked about going back to that park we painted at and take her students with us.

I am keeping my sketchbook in my goals as I am sketching more and more. It is really becoming a habit in my life!

I want to start painting my christmas card too - so i can get them printed ahead of time this year! I might be able to fit that in this month too, once I decide on an image. I had an idea but I am not so sure i like it anymore so we'll see.

Beyond those - I just want to paint and paint. I've got so much inspiration at the moment and just not enough time.

Piper Ballou
09-07-2005, 10:10 PM
Last year at this time I just started taking a pastel class, I had no idea what direction pastels would take me or even if I had any talent or if I even would like using pastels at all. It did not take me long to get hooked. So, here I am.

I did not have any year long goals because I had no idea that I would still be painting one year later. So, I can look back over the year and say "WOW". I took a class, sold a painting, met some wonderful friends here and let my heart sing throughout my paintings.
And to all of you here on Wet Canvas, thank you, I have read just about every thread, asked tons of questions and watch you grow and develop as artists, which, in turn has helped me along the way. So, again, I say, thank you.
This has been a great year for me and I am looking forward to seeing where next year takes me and all of us.

09-08-2005, 01:01 AM
I too was not a member when "Goal Posts" began, I joined late February having just picked up pastels after having started back into art after 25-38 years, depending on which medium we talk about. I had been working in graphite for about 3 1/2 months starting in November 2004. When I began I told myself I would take a year to a year and a half to just play, study and try to shake the rust before doing anything serious with my work. I fully expected it to take at least a year before I began to see anything anywhere near competent. The first few pastels were pretty pathetic. I wouldn't post them that's for sure. The first one I did post wasn't bad, but wasn't good either. Now I have about 15 pieces that I can say are competent, in addition to about 15 decent graphite drawings. Some are really pretty good. I've earned a ribbon, gotten orders for prints, and sold one small painting and have people buying raffle tickets to try to win one of mine. I'm entering shows, some judged, some not.I feel confidence in myself as an artist. I once more feel like an artist and can honestly say I am an artist, instead of I used to be one. I owe a lot to WC. I think participating here is as good as any art course, better than the one I took in March. I've pretty much met my monthly goals, though I always set goals a little higher than I am going to reach in the timeframes I set. I haven't made a bit of progress on my house, which has sadly gotten worse, so now I have no place to paint there. I am now ready to make that a priority as too many paintings are jostling around in my innards and demanding to be let out. That may mean a little less painting for a while. I can see now that my goals for the coming year will center around continued developement as a painter, but also around earning some money with my art, for my art.

09-09-2005, 02:57 AM
I wasn't participating in the goals thread a year ago when it started. I was dealing with high-pressure crises both at home and at work, and painting wasn't even on the radar screen. I remember that it was a remarkably beautiful autumn last year and I hardly had time to look at it, let alone paint anything, as I rushed about my affairs. I hope Mother Nature will do a rerun this year. :)

So things have improved in that I'm now dealing with the problems of being an artist rather than the problem of not being able to be one. I've ditched the day job, not exactly voluntarily but that doesn't mean I'm crying about the loss, either. (I cry about the lost income, but that's another story. :evil: )

I can usually count on at least a few hours a day to devote to art. Since January, I've spent a lot of money on supplies, frames, a new computer, so shouldn't have to make any major purchases in the coming year.

Between now and next September I do want to get a serious marketing plan activated, but for this month, my goal is just going to be to paint every day.

09-09-2005, 10:51 AM
Its hard to believe its been a year. I was here at the beginning. I set a goal of 50 paintings, to develop a website and to get a portfolio, and a body of work together to approach some galleries.

The only one I've really just about completed is that I do have my website up, but still need to add a few painting to, and figure out how to add the paypal button to it.

I probably completed about 25 paintings, and really haven't started a portfolio, other than gathering "ow to do it" aterials.

But I'm not that disappointed, I hope I'm just not making excuses, but since my back did not fuse from back surgery 2 years ago, and the pain level remained high, plus I had to have more back surgery to refuse the entire 12 vertibrates in April, and replace 1 titanium rod, and remove a screw (my husband maintains I've always had a screw loose), so on and so forth, I'm just happy I got to paint as much as I did, and am on the road to recovery.

I'm going to keep my goal at 50 paintings, I've set aside 3 mornings a week to paint, and should be able to complete one painting a week. I also think for this year I want to try to continue to get a portfolio together, and try new mediums, I'd like to do a few oil paintings too. I also want to try other subjects than just landscaping, just basically to keep on growing.

Sooz-I want to thank you for keeping this thread up and going also. It is a continual reminder to me to keep on with my goals. THANK YOU!!!

09-10-2005, 01:29 AM
Y'all are very welcome....I've gotten a lot out of sharing goals with all of you, as well. I'm also very proud of you all....all of us together have done a rather sizeable amount of work and have grown in so many ways!

Even tho a lot of us didn't meet our ultimate goals, we DID work at it and that's what counts. I don't think any of us can feel that we failed to grow and expand our skills over the year. I think by focusing on goals, we've learned that it pays to remain flexible but to still set the bar a little high. I'm still considering what my 2006 goals will be...I think I'll be thinking more of WHAT rather than how many, too. Like I say, I'm still thinkin'...:D

09-23-2005, 01:43 AM
Ok - the month is coming to an end pretty fast...yikes. This thread wasgetting lost on page 2!!!

How's everyone doing? I've certainly been painting more, but have had alot of little side projects too...I am looking forward to this weekend when I can get out and do some plein air of the fall colours. I'll be by to share the pics when i do!!!

09-23-2005, 12:50 PM
Can't wait to see what you do with your new pochade box, Cori! Wow, we still only have a few trees changing color except up high in the mountains, of course. The colors in autumn are gorgeous, but I sure don't look forward to the bare branches that follow for so many long, dreary months!

09-23-2005, 01:22 PM
here, the colours of autumn just means a week of yellow and then bare branches for 5-6 months...I think this weekend will be the only chance I am going to get to paint the colours. I may be wrong. If the winds hold off, I may have a couple more after...I can always hope anyway.

I am getting antsy to paint...I can hardly wait til the VPON paintout tonight and then I will be up and out of the house fairly early tomorrow to catch the morning light in the park :D

Oh - new goal - have my new website up and going before the end of the month. In the great hard drive crash of 2005, Ilost my source files so I am recreating the concept of my site... I'll let you all know when it's done (I started it last night)

09-23-2005, 08:21 PM
We'll be waiting to see the new site, Cori! See you at the paint out this evening!

09-24-2005, 06:19 PM
OK, things seem to be pretty slow in here this month, so I'm thinking we should start next month out with our renewed and reconsidered (where necessary) goals for the coming year. This marks the first anniversary of the goals thread and it might also be nice to ponder how well we've done over the last year (or portion thereof), where we did well, where we might've gone wrong, or where our goals changed, how they changed and how we plan to pursue them in the future.

So be thinkin', kids! Goals are good! They don't bite. Really! :cool:

09-24-2005, 07:37 PM
Aww - don't give up on us yet :D I'm here with a painting for once! :D This was the one i did with my little cigar box pochade today! I love that little box. It worked perfectly. I realized once i got out there, though, that I needed a few different temperature yellows....so I will be cleaning the pastels and adjusting the pallette within.

"Fall in Confederation Park"
approx 5 X 7
soft pastel on Wallis Museum


09-24-2005, 09:46 PM
Hiya, Sooz and Cori, and everyone else to follow!
I have not had a minute to myself for the past month!
I certainly miss this place.
I will start up with October goals...I did know that Sept was going to be crazy for me with my daughter starting preschool and other family events going on but I have rarely had a chance to even be here for a moment, even at work, which is where I can usually find time on breaks. But, work has been crazy, too.
Cori, very nice pic! I love all those greens. The water is beautiful.
Gotta get the little one to sleep now.
Seeya in a week or so!

09-24-2005, 09:58 PM
good to see you, Bing! We'll be here when you get time!

Wonderful plein air, Cori! VERY autumnal, indeed! Yep, a few greeny yellows and some mustard ones and so on might help this time of year...don't suppose you'd need them all through the winter, etc. but now ya would. Might have to adjust your box for each season?

09-25-2005, 01:16 AM
Thanks guys!

I had adjusted some of the colours a bit before i left to paint, but grabbed all the wrong ones apparently. I'm super happy with the water, though...I think I finally have that down pat. hmmm...maybe I should make a cigar box pastel pochade for each season! :D Keep them stocked with the colours i need most for each! :evil: I suddenly might have a use for all of the cigar boxes I just bought on ebay! :D

09-26-2005, 10:59 AM
Since the Goals thread started up last year I've delivered my first commissioned pastel, sold several more and held my first exhibition in a local café. When I started pastelling 2.5 yrs ago these would have seemed like HUGE achievements, but my enjoyment of it has really been undermined this year by the sad and difficult time I've had in my life outside art. Unfortunately I can count the pastels I've done this year on the fingers of one hand. I have lots of time at the moment but am still finding that it's hard to concentrate and it's hard to set goals. But I would like to thank you, Sooz, for hosting the thread so cheerfully all this time! :) I'm sure it's inspired many of us to figure out exactly what we WANT to be achieving, even if we sometimes fall short.

09-26-2005, 01:10 PM
Good idea about the seasonal pochades, Cori!

E-J, nice to hear from you, and I'm glad you accomplished so much over the last year. As far as work done in troubled times, don't worry! The art is there whenever you're ready to put it on paper; just be kind to yourself and know that we are here for you, ready with whatever support we can give when you need it! You've done so well with your goals, I think you can "coast along" for a while on that score! :D

Congrats on that wonderful looking show, BTW!

09-26-2005, 01:25 PM
Well I hadn't even begun painting last year when the Goals started, let along become a member of WC. I really started up this past February when I signed up for a Beginning Drawing class at the local adult school, and got to try out pastels, which really "clicked" for me - so I have not set any year-long goals.

But my son tells me it's good to set goals, and to constantly remind yourself of what they are. Last month was the first time I tried to set goals here. I was going up to Canada for three weeks, and one goal I set was to paint while I was there, and to do some plein air painting.

I did get 4 pictures done, none of them very good, in fact all among my worst as far as recent pictures go (not my worst ever therefore, :)), but at least I did it. And one thing I learned is that I'm really not that crazy about plein air! It was always either too hot, or too buggy, or too whatever, for me to enjoy it. But I learned something about myself so that is good.

My main goal this month was to start my new drawing class. This got a bit thwarted due to the fact that the class was cancelled because of low enrollment. I did get into another class though where once again we draw models from life. This is so hard for me as I ca't really *see* them very well from 15 feet away where I sit, not well enough to feel I can draw any sort of details. But my goal is to keep trying. It seems like every class the museum offers involves drawing from live models, except for the still life class and the pastel class - both of which I would adore taking, but both of which are 'daytime' classes that mean when I'm at work.

Kathryn Wilson
09-26-2005, 08:45 PM
Well, look who the cat dragged in - moi. I've been so busy this month I totally forgot this was our anniversary month when Sooz and I thought up this thread and started to act on our goals.

Will have to think on what my new goals are. I know one goal, less time being a Moderator and more time being a painter. Yeah, riiiiiiight.

I did finish up with about 30 paintings of my 50 listed goal - and really happy I ended on a good note with my Bryce Canyon painting which I am calling "First Light." Now to see if I can keep it up and produce more in that quality of painting. I could call that my second goal.

I would love to have a solo show somewhere, but how to go about it seems to be beyond my understanding - and I am really a shy person at heart - brave on the computer, a wimp in person - :) So how do you approach anyone?

Let me think on more goals and get back to y'all.

09-26-2005, 09:26 PM
Kat, you've done GREAT this past year, especially considering you returned to work and managed all the minutae of the forum AND painted at the same time! Your work is obviously becoming more and more focused and refined all the time, too. As to a one person show...try your local library...see if they "hang" local artists' work. That's often a good place to get your feet wet with little outlay in expense, etc. If not the library, you might try a local branch of your bank! There are bare walls just aching to show off your paintings, I'm sure!

Piper Ballou
09-27-2005, 01:35 AM
When I started with pastels a year ago, I had decided I would really give them a chance and see where they would take me. This past year (even though I was not active on WC until later) has just amazed me. So, I am really thinking of goals that I will set in October for my second year and again I want to see where pastels will take me.
Thank you all for the helps and inspiration along the way, I hope I have been of help to someone tooo....

Ron Biggs
09-27-2005, 08:26 AM
Hi all, I’ve not posted to the “goal post” threads before, but if your going to continue for another year I would like to participate.

I was never very good at art at school, and until last year had not done any painting (approx 35 years). This time last year my wife twisted my arm while on holiday to go with her to a “painting with pastels” class, I got hooked. For Christmas I got a selection of pastels and paper, since then I’ve been learning and following the WIPs here at WC.
During the summer ( my busiest time at work ) I haven’t had as much time to paint as I would have liked, but thanks to Cori managed to get some practise with the pieces projects.

So my goal for September was to get at least one piece done, to that end I’ve started the Lake view from the “Pastel Riot! Fall Theme” thread, and aim to have it finished and posted by the end of the weekend.

Setting goals is a good way to focus and motivate oneself to accomplish the things we would like to do and find 1000 reasons for not getting around to.
I’ve started writing my goals for the coming year and look forward to sharing them with you all.

Kathryn Wilson
09-27-2005, 10:07 AM
Welcome to the Goal Posts thread Ron - of course we plan on continuing! So join in and share your goals with us. Setting goals gives you a way of focusing on one thing or painting at a time - and before you know it you will have built up quite a lot of paintings.

Have fun and come paint with us!

10-01-2005, 12:57 AM
Hello everyone, well here I am posting on the last day of September, (I did have a post earlier this month).

Cori, your painting shows that fall is surly on its way. It looks like you have put your new box to good use.

I did finish a few painting this month, so I feel that I am beginning to get back into the flow a bit. I'll save my new goals for Octobers goal thread. I have to say that even though I did not meet all my goals, I did meet about 1/2 of them over the course of the year, so I am pleased on the whole. I'm looking forward to recomitting and restating my goals, and hearing what some of you are going to be doing also. See you in October.

10-01-2005, 01:10 AM
Welcome to the Goals thread, Ron! Good to see you here! OK, I'm getting ready to post the new Goal Posts for October, so I hope you all have been thinking of what your new goals are. Let's be sure to remember that all goals don't have to be long term or short term nor do they have to be humongous goals at all...small ones, big ones, ones meant to be done next month, ones meant to be accomplished over the next six months or year. They're all useful in keeping us moving ahead.

Like a lot of you, I didn't reach my overly ambitious goal for last year. I knew I would never get 100 paintings done in a year, but it WAS a boost to know that that goal was there and I did make it about 40% of the way...a lot more than I probably would've done without having set the larger goal. I've learned a lot and even learned a lot about goal setting in the process....I hope!

See you on the flip side! And I agree with what all of you are probably thinking....what the heck happened to this year?!?!? It's flown by in a hurry, hasn't it???

10-01-2005, 01:20 AM
Wow - end of the month already...I can't believe how fast september has passed and that I have already been at my new job a nonth and a half. Soon I won't be able to call it a "new" job anymore!

I kinda feel like my goals flew apart a bit this month. I'm not sure why. I accomplished alot and yet didn't really feel like I was working toward anything. iguess I need to re-evaluate and decide which direction I need to turn in. I really want to get my active status with the federation, but lately when I look at my work, I wonder if it is good enough to even be accepted to shows and such. Heck - I wonder if it is even good enough to achieve the status i need to apply towards federation shows!

I think I know what I need to do for my October goals so while I am ending this month on an uncertain note - I will be able to come in tomorrow and post some personal resolves in terms of my art.

Ron - welcome to the goals thread! I am glad to hear the piece by piece projects were helpful to you.