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K Taylor-Green
09-05-2005, 10:46 AM
Good morning everyone, and a Happy Labor Day to all! This is our weekly chat thread, where we talk about out kids, jobs, pets, family joys and woes, so if you get a moment, stop in and visit.

Labor Day is a bittersweet holliday, as it signals the end of summer fun and sends children back to school. And with the disaster down south, it is hard to find the usual cheer here. Makes me wish that Raven would get up to something. But even the Big Bad Wolf is behaving himself, unusually so.

We are going to go to a neighboring county fair this afternoon. Grandson Colin, who is 8, is racing his dirt bike today. Well, there's more grey hair!
How is everyone else spending the holliday?

Paula Ford
09-05-2005, 11:46 AM
Hi Kate :wave:

Hope you have a nice time at the county fair! Don't worry, kids bounce! :D

Hubby is on reserve today. That means he has to be within 2 hours of the Atlanta airport if they call him to duty. So, he'll leave here at 11:00, drive for about 1 1/2 hours south and try to find a coffee/book shop and will sit there all day until about midnight tonight. YUCK!! Poor guy. He may have to do that for several weeks. Just the gas money is gonna kill us!!

Everything else is fine here...life is good. It feels awful saying that because of all the people whose lives are gone because of the hurricane. It's hard to be happy right now.

I'm gonna hit a sale at Hancock Fabrics today...so that's my Labor Day.

Hope all of you have a great week!!



Deborah Secor
09-05-2005, 12:57 PM
County Fairs and sewing--sounds like the real Labor Day kinds of things to me. I'm just painting... I have to get prepped for some upcoming classes.

My shoulder is improving, though not 100%. I suspect it never will be again. My birthday is Wednesday--55 almost seems harder than 50! My husband might be going down to Houston with our church this week or next, to minister at the Astrodome. He had a year of experience working with people who are in crisis--homeless, lost everything, don't know what to do or where to go--so he could definately be of comfort, I believe. I really hope he goes! Things are just so up in the air right now. Still, when I compare my life to those of the people devastated by this disaster I'm in the lap of luxury. I so desire to be of service, too, but right now I can best serve at home in prayer, it seems...

Hope the week is good for all of you, too! :)


09-05-2005, 02:07 PM
I'm also mindful of my life of plenty in comparison to all the poor souls along the Gulf Coast who have lost everything. I think we sometimes forget just how much "home" means to us and take it for granted. I cannot imagine finding everything I ever worked for and cared for, hearth and home, suddenly being torn asunder or submerged and lost overnight. My thoughts and prayers are with all the displaced people and their pets who find themselves homeless and alone. I wish my health were such that I could go do something, almost anything, to help.

I've been putting my pastels to use after a long hiatus and that feels good. Now, if I can just keep going with it.

Hope everyone has a nice Labor Day!

09-05-2005, 03:35 PM
Kate-the fair sounds like a grand time. I really love the fair here in NM, it will be opening soon too. Enjoy your day.

Paula-It must be hard to be away from your husband, and I am grateful he is able to help out with the hurricane relief. I love fabric shopping, but haven't sewn for a while. Enjoy your day.

Deb-I'm sorry your shoulder isn't 100%, but glad to hear it is improving. I'm not surprised Dan is going to help out in Houston. BTW, with the 6000 or so people coming here, do you know of some ways to help locally? You can p.m. me if you have some resources. I wish I was able to take this next session with you, maybe some time again in the future, I've always enjoyed your classes and learned so much.

Sooz-You said it so well, I was having a major pity party, when all this happened. I realize I have so much to be thankful for. Like you, I'm also limited in how much I can do, I wish I was able to physically do more, even with some of the evacuees coming to Albuq. I have limited strength and abilities, but hopefully I can find someway to help.

As for me, everything is holding steady. I made some supports this weekend with gesso and pumice and am trying a painting on it. I'm not quite sure I like the results, but it is good to experiment. We were originally going to go out of town this weekend but my husbands knee swelled up on Thursday, so we stayed home to give it a little TLC. Happy Labor Day, and I hope everyone has a good day.

09-05-2005, 06:09 PM
We're having a family day. My Mom came over & we had grilled hamburgers & watermelon for lunch. I'm working on my scrapbooking some. I'm relaxing some too as I plan to do some volunteer work for the evacuees tomorrow.
I told our church I could help with helping people find friends, relatives or pets. I figure the computer would be used so that wouldn't strain my foot. We got about 300 evacuees yesterday....have said our city could take up to 1000.
Have a nice holiday!

09-05-2005, 06:46 PM
our weekend was dreadfully hot, but we had a 2 day trail ride anyhow. saturday teh neighbor led it, yesterday my hubby did. this is the annual south dakota trail riders' meeting/ride. it went very well, only one person dumped and she wasn't terribly injured. my oldest daughter, 10, rode her 2 yr old filly both days, and did amazingly well. the other girl, 8, has finally figured out she CAN make her horse do as she wishes. they both had a grand time, and i did too--mostly watching them have fun!

and i have a lucky break--the local bank has remodeld, and myself and my potter friend are being asked to create 2 large displays for the new walls!~! i will be doing 2 large paintings, of my own idea, and she will do a few pottery pieces, and we're enlisting a local woodworker to create some nice shelving to put the pottery on. the manager just said, go do it, whatever you want, and no major time constraints. wow!!!

i am wondering, of you who get the pastel journal, have you gotten the new one yet? my mom gets it, and has her issue a week ago already, and i've yet to see mine. just wondering if they messed up, or if there are others on the 'last run'.

i too feel very forturnate at this time for what i have--my home, my family, my health. as others mentioned, its easy to take it for granted, and things like this remind me to not do that. take care all....

Kathryn Wilson
09-05-2005, 09:06 PM
Let's all hope and pray we have a better week than last - spirits up everybody - we are the lucky ones. I saw a post in the Swap Shop that an artist who lost everything in the storm, including all her artist supplies, was looking to replace it all. I PM'd her, but she is on the move. Just think about all the artists whose careers have been disrupted, paintings all gone, supplies ruined. Wonder if we can help somehow that way. Any ideas?

Kate - I truly miss the New York State Fair - the best fair I've ever been to and we went to it religiously every year with our kids in 4-H. NC State Fair is improving each year, but just can't compare yet.

Paula - you and hubby stay safe. Carly too.

Dee - I knew there was something I liked about you! You are a Virgo - me too! In fact my birthday is Saturday. We need to celebrate together, youngster. I am older than you are - nahhh nahhhh.

I had to work today - but in doing so, I will have a very long weekend and we are going on a mini-vacation. Gas prices be d_____d. We just need to get out of town for a few days and chill in the mountains! Taking my plein air kit - can't wait!

Have a good week y'all!

K Taylor-Green
09-05-2005, 09:13 PM
How bizzaar!! My birthday was last week!!
Happy, happy news here. We got a phone call from our missing friends in NO. They are in Texas, and doing fine. I feel so releaved and light hearted.

09-05-2005, 09:44 PM
Hi everybody. Congratulations Chewy on your "lucky break"!! It's so often that the old adage of one having to go at least 50 miles (now 500 would be more like it) from home before your are recognized as an expert is still the case. Having your home town show they are truly cognizant of your talents in such a way....with a permanent display is truly wonderful. I know just how special it is as I was given a community award this spring. The only thing is it didn't go for me as I had planned.
Our city decided to initiate something new in the community and named it the “Arty Awards” as an opportunity to give recognition to all of the arts and it would be done much in the fashion of the Oscars. Someone asks you if they may nominate you and they supply the jurors with their "great presentation" of your worthiness. So it is "May I have the envelope please" and although I was thrilled to be nominated, I was even more thrilled to be chosen. I am not big on public speaking to begin with but after receiving many awards I no longer have stage fright but this very personal award taking in over 25 years of my art career was so very different. One the speaker started listing all of my trials, tribulations are personal success the emotion that overcame me by the time it was my turn at the podium just brought tears to my eyes and my lip started to quiver and I couldn't get anything past my locked throat. It sounded like they were talking about someone else….someone truly important and noteworthy. Well, they took pity on me after my standing there eyes glistening and struggling with my bottom lip for 45 long seconds and just decided to applaud me so that I could leave the stage. The unfortunate part was that I had stood there speechlessly stroking this wonderful award made of beautiful pulled glass for my duration at the podium and upon seating myself with my family it was immediately brought to my attention by my girlfriend that my new award very much resembled a large penis. Still today I have great memories of that night. :p

Cheers, Dianna

09-05-2005, 10:56 PM
Dianna, LOL, and a big big congarts to you. :clap: Chewie, way to go! :clap: Deborah, it takes a long long time for dislocations to heal. I'm surely glad for you that it is feeling better if not 100% :wave:
I was on my way out to the studio to take pics of the donated art pieces for the raffle I was able to start with our Association concerned about the fierce wind and ominous black skies as a lot of rain was moving my way. I expected to see some damage when I got back but no all was OK, just clean and bright and shining over all was this :music: :

It seemed appropriate to share these with you to offer the thought that after the storm does come hope.
May this week be more peaceful for all of you.

09-06-2005, 12:29 AM
Great rainbow pics, TJ. I saw a beautiful rainbow over Castle Mountain as we were driving up to Jasper this weekend, but by the time my camera turned on, I couldn't get a good shot :(

And now for my picture show and tell...

We drove up to Jaspar after work on Friday. It is about a 5 hour drive, so when we hit driving rain, we were happy to have sent our tent ahead with Cam's brother who had gone that morning (and promised to set it up for us).

This first shot was of the sun breaking through the storm as it snk over the mountains. It was so beautiful in the rearview mirror, we had to stop...

We saw wildlife on the way (in the dark - which is freaky). We saw a large stag. Cam saw an elk and I saw a HUGE gray wolf! When you are making hairpin turns on mountain roads, in the dark and rain with no windshield wipers...wildlife is the last thing you want to see...but luckilly no one bolted into our path so we were fine!

We didn't get to the campsite until about 11pm so it was dark and we really just had time to roast some marshmallows and set up our bed for the night. The next morning (Cam's birthday, btw) I did a bit of exploring and discovered that there was a small creek that ran just behind our site. It was quite pretty so I snapped some pics and hoped it would stay dry long enought to paint it that day.


We decided to take advantage of the temporary sunshine and went into the townsite with the kiddos to explore. I shot this view from the car as we drove in

Afterwards, we took the kids up the tramway that runs up Whister's Mountain. It was really cloudy up at the top, so we couldn't see much, but we got a picture of us and Abner at the top. They let us bring the pup up on the tram for free - it was great.

When we got back from the tram, we discovered that two of the tents in our group had completely flooded in the now torrential rain. Cam's brother and his kids decided that theirs was a lost cause, so they actually left on Saturday night and headed to Cam's dad's house, where we were all planning to head on Sunday. Our tent was dry as a bone so we got into our rain gear and toughed out Saturday night with two other couples.

Sunday morning, Cam was quite ill, so we were the last to pack up and head out. It was relatively dry first thing in the morning, so I did go get about a half hour of plein air work in (and i will post it in the sketch thread shortly). Once Cam was able to move again, we packed up the car and headed out...getting to Stony Plain by dinner time.

This morning, it was sunny, hot and gorgeous! Go figure. I was going to go out and paint a bit before breakfast, but then a wasp stung me in the foot and I decided against it.. We got back to Calgary by dinner today and I will be so happy to sink into my own bed tonight. :D

09-06-2005, 08:43 PM
Well, I got an email from my brother today that Kayden has taken his first steps.

09-07-2005, 08:50 AM
Happy birthday Deborah...take care of that shoulder!

And happy late brithday to you Kate...I don't think I said that last week, but can't remember.

Beautiful pictures, Cori...and that's exciting about Kayden...time does fly, doesn't it!
I hope hubby's knee heals quickly, Paula.

Congratulations, Dianna! That is really exciting news!

Still shaking my head following the hurrican news, but things seem to be improving, albeit slowly.

I am waiting...I think we may hear from the doctor today. He hopefully has the CAT scan films and we dropped off the older exray yesterday. Getting unpacked and settled in around here in Massachusetts....if nothing is happening here medical wise we are going to go back up to Maine for the weekend.


CM Neidhofer
09-07-2005, 11:50 AM
Happy Birthday, Deborah! :music: :music: :music:

09-07-2005, 12:00 PM
Happy birthday Deborah! I love to hear about everyone. My foot is a little better after going to the dr last week. He gave me Prednisone for a week.

Kathryn Wilson
09-07-2005, 12:20 PM
:music: :music: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBORAH!! :music: :music:

Paula Ford
09-07-2005, 01:39 PM
:music: Happy Birthday to you:music:
:music: Happy Birthday to you:music:
:music: Happy Birthday Dear Deborah:music:
:music: Happy Birthday to you:music:

Deborah Secor
09-07-2005, 01:42 PM
:o Awwww, thanks everyone... I'm going to lunch with my cousin today, who's visiting from Virginia this week. She and I always have fun!! :D But the rest of my family has put off any celebration until Sunday with my mom, so THANK YOU for your wishes! Makes it seem a bit more like the real thing.

Oh and
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KATE AND KAT, TOO! (Hmmm, counting back nine months...are we all New Years Eve babies??? <giggle>)

We did the Red Cross training yesterday and my husband isn't sure when/if he'll be going out to help yet. It seems they're planning to bring more evacuees here soon, so perhaps we'll serve locally. We have another idea for how we might serve, but it involves the church proper so it may not happen soon. However, it could become a reality for the future, God willing, so we'll see about that........

Cori, that first photo is incredible! I love the light--and I'm sure you could bring more of what you saw to a finished painting!

TJ, thanks for the rainbow! So beautiful and full of promise!!!

Dianna, I'm still choking with laughter at your story...but I also know that you deserve this honor. You're so generous with your time and talent!

chewie, sounds like a great chance to show your work. :wink2:

Tammy, take care of that foot. Pred can help, I know. Better sit and paint, doncha think?

Paula (pjo), I really hope you can do a class again sometime! I look forward to seeing what your work looks like on this new support you're making. I've tried things like that, too, and it can force you to make some changes, often good, but challenging! Have fun.

Okay, gotta go get spruced up for lunch. At my advanced age that takes a lotta time! :p


09-07-2005, 01:51 PM
Happy birthday Deborah.....isn't nice to be so young? ....and don't give up on that shoulder.....mine took 7 years and I too thought that it was something I would have to learn to live with. This spring I suddenly realized the pain was gone......Have faith!!

Hi Sandy and thanks...... Cheers, Dianna

09-07-2005, 02:04 PM
It's Kat's birthday too? Missed that...anyhooooo....

Happy Birthday Kat!

Take care of the foot, Tammy...prednisone does wonders...also can make you feel weird but take the good with the bad.


Kathryn Day
09-07-2005, 05:00 PM
Hi all, have been away from the computer, so missed the birthday girls. Happy birthday to Kate, Kat and Deborah!!!! Liked your story Dianna, made me laugh. Sounds like something I would do. lol. Hope everyone has a great week. Next week I go to see my kids in Montana. Leaves should be starting to change, so will get lots of pictures.

09-07-2005, 08:34 PM
Geez, Happy Birthday Kate, Kat, Deborah and anybody else born this or last week!

:clap: :wave: :cat: :cool:

Kathryn Wilson
09-07-2005, 08:40 PM
thanky everybody - especially from this old lady to Deborarh - hope you had a great day. Mine is on Saturday, but we are going to be gone this weekend - so I will keep everybody's best wishes in my heart.

09-08-2005, 01:04 AM
A Huge Happy Birthday to all the birthday people!!!!!! Big hugs too ((((((((((((((ladies))))))))))))))))),

K Taylor-Green
09-08-2005, 01:42 AM
And thanks to all for the belated wishes. I didn't celebrate this year as my father-in-law
passed away the day after my birthday. Guess that is why I didn't mention it. Just too sad, and what is 53 anyway" Just another year.
Hubby is going to make it up to me, though. I think he mentioned Wallis paper!

Lots of gorgeous photos here!
Cori, You and Cam look so snuggly.

09-08-2005, 01:14 PM
Hey, Wallis paper is well worth waiting for! Tell him a nice fat roll of the stuff would be super nice! :D

Dunno if this is the place for this, but I've got the CUTEST website for y'all to enjoy if you haven't already! If you have a minute go here:


This little critter is growing by leaps and bounds! And what a good mommy he has, too!

Paula Ford
09-08-2005, 02:01 PM


K Taylor-Green
09-08-2005, 07:26 PM
Sooz, How adorable! Animal Planet rocks!! Am I too old to say that? And the Wallis got ordered!! Yippee!
I still can't believe that Kat, Dee, and I all have b-days so close together.

09-09-2005, 10:39 AM
Happy Birthday Deborah, Kat and Kate!!! I hope you all have a great year!

Katy-Have a wonderful trip to Montana. That is a place I've always wanted to visit, it looks so beautiful in the photos I've seen.

It will be a busy day and weekend for me. I'm going to try to squeeze in a few hours of painting this morning. Then I will need to sew a canopy for a parent lending library at my old school, which hopefully my husband and I will install this weekend or early next week. Our NM pastel society meets on Sat. morning, and I will be trying to get volunteers to help sit the show. BTW, did anyone out there enter our NM National Show? And I think we decided to put our rental house on the market, FSBO, so we will be working on little fix ups here. We moved from the big house, which is still on the market, 5 months and counting, to the rental, which is next door to the house, and are hoping it will sell or to lease it our at the least. We have about 7 weeks left on the listing of our house, and will probably move back in for the winter if it doesn't sell. It's all really up in the air though, we seem to be having a hard time making decisions lately. Anyone who wants to join me in prayers for our wisdom in making good decisions about all this stuff will be greatly appreciated. Well, I'm off to see some paintings, have a great day everyone.

09-09-2005, 10:51 AM
PJ, I didn't know there was a national NM art show. Is this the show you're talking about sitting?

09-09-2005, 10:59 AM
Hi Tammy, yes this is the New Mexico Pastel Society's National Show. I should have put a thread in for everyone here before the deadline for slide submissions, but I just didn't get my act together. I'm the "sitting" coordinator, this year, I just need to schedule artists to stay, take $, etc. during the times the show is open. The show is not open til November, but I'll be beginning to get people from the pastel society to sign up on Saturday.

BTW, I entered a couple of slides into the Pastel Society of the Southwest. Of course I don't know if a painting has gotten accepted or not, but it will be held in Carroliton, Texas (I think), is that close to you? And are you a member?

Deborah Secor
09-09-2005, 12:27 PM
I have the sweetest students! Yesterday at class they gave me a chocolate cake with candles and sang the birthday song, and gave me flowers and a bookmark! Isn't that nice? I love these gals....

I'm heading for the PSNM meeting tomorrow, too, to promote another class I'm teaching on Drawing Nature. I'm the 'mama' of the society, having started it in 1989 when I had a three year old and was desperate for adult interaction. I've become much less involved in the last 10 years, but the society is a really large and active group. The national show is a big one, hanging at the state fairgrounds during several arts fairs including one really BIG one that's very well attended (Weem's Artfest.) They actually sell the paintings, something we've always believed in, so in future I suggest you enter this one! I'm hoping to have one of mine accepted there. It's a primo judge and jury this year: Judge Doug Dawson, Jurors Gil Dellinger, Eric Michaels and Sally Strand! check out the PSNM website (http://www.swcp.com/psnm/).

Pjo, I'm keeping you in prayer, of course... Hope the house sells soon! You'll make wise decisions, I'm sure. Hang in there.

Ooooh, Kate, Wallis is a nice gift! Have fun!


Bill Foehringer
09-09-2005, 03:27 PM
Hello! Glad to see you are all active and mostly healthy. I was wondering, how do you all keep track of various art shows, fairs etc? One needs to have the dates in advance and the rules of entry, juried or not, etc. written down somehow. What are your methods for this type of record keeping?
Happy birthdays where appropriate this month!!!! BTW 53 is very young, says the 53 yr old codger. I still wonder when I'm going to feel middle-aged then I wake up in the morning. Fun ain't it. Hope everyone's painting joints are OK. BillF

09-09-2005, 06:40 PM
So....my update...I won't bore you with the absur series of events that has delayed this (such as a CAT scan film sitting in Mass. General Hospital's mailroom for 5 days with no one knowng it was there!!!!).
The doctor basically doesn't know what this thing is. Great! He wants another scan in 3 weeks to see if it has gotten smaller, larger or is the same. That will be 6 weeks since the original scan.
If it is smaller, that means it waas probably an infection or something and is going away. WE would probably check again later to make sure it is still shrinking.
If it is larger, then obviously that is bad and they will go in and remove it.
If it is the same, then I may have a needle biopsy and then, unless it shows cancer, maybe will have the option of removing it or monitoring it by CAT scan every 3 months or so.
So I will have the scan up here in Maine where I will be babysitting my grandson while daughter and her hubby are in Minnesota visiting his relatives, and then bring the films to the doctor in Boston on Monday, Oct. 3, my birthday, also Rosh Hoshanah. Normally I wouldn't do something like that on a major Jewish holiday, but they have an opening that date, I will be there and I figured it was a holy thing to do...take care of myself.

So...we don't know much but I still have the feeling he is leaning toward something that has been here for a bit or an infection that is getting better. I am feeling generally better. The cough is still there a little but not so bad.

And that's all there is to report for now. Not great, but not really so bad either.

Have a good weekend!


09-10-2005, 01:20 AM
Gosh, don't they realize what a toll all this uncertainty takes on people???? You're doing soooo good handling this...I'd be stark raving mad by now with frustration and worry! Do keep us posted...we're all still thinkin' bout ya, ya know! :wave:

09-10-2005, 08:39 AM
.I'd be stark raving mad by now with frustration and worry

Ya' think I'm not! :D REally, I have good times and totally beserk times. Mostly when it approaches a time when I think I will hear form the doctor or something, I get realy crazy. ANd I have been almost totally nonproductive these last couple of weeks. I am just too antsy. But...not much choice in the matter. The only way for them to know absolutely what it is at this point is to cut me open and remove and biopsy it...they may still have to do that but if they don't have to, then I think I will pass on that, thank you very much!


K Taylor-Green
09-10-2005, 12:50 PM
Sandy, You hang in there, girl. We're all with you!

09-10-2005, 10:06 PM
Keep on keeping on Sandy! It seems very encouraging that your cough is better and you are feeling better.

Deborah Secor
09-10-2005, 10:46 PM
I'm thinking of you, too, Sandy. :)

My husband is heading to Houston with a team from church to help out with the hurricane relief. I'll be alone all week--well, my son is here, but you know how it is when they're 19! Chances are I'll be dropping in here a bit to visit with you... Why do things seem so different when he leaves? I feel as if I'll have just ages of time to fill. I wish I could go with him but I've made a committment to judge a National Penwomen's show on Tuesday and I can't leave them in the lurch. Part of my heart goes with him though.


09-11-2005, 02:34 AM
Okay - this is too cool not to share with my fellow pastel artists...I just got my october issue of PJ and decided to kill a saturday night looking at the advertisers websites (yes - I am THAT boring). Anyway - i cam e across this pastel rack that is really neat and thought I'd share.

It's really reasonably priced too, considering that shipping is free in the US - only $200.

Sandy - this must be so frustrating for you. You are in my thoughts.

Deborah - that part of your heart that goes with him will give him the extra strength he needs for what he has to do. Take care.

It has been raining steadily here for over 24 ours now and if it gets much colder that far-fetched forecast of snow may become a reality. It seems to early, but the trees started to turn a few weeks ago so it may not be far off. The trees in our front yard are living in a pool and the creek nearby is about twice its normal size. it feels like the June Monsoon all over again...and the rain is supposed to go on for another 2-3 days. I'm glad we are at the top of a hill and that our basement is not known to leak.

09-11-2005, 10:10 AM
Wow, I'm so behind on folks' news after being away and essentially computerless for three weeks, and even though I have been home a week now I'm *still* catching up. I had a wonderful time in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Maine, and Quebec's Gaspé peninsula, but it's still great to be home, and my cats missed me. :)

A few pix of my Gaspé adventure can be seen here:

I didn't paint as much as I had hoped, only got 4 pictures done and none were plein air, but one was left behind and hanging on display in the place in the Gaspé where I stayed so I have art hanging in two countries now. :)

I also got to read, swim, relax, saw several bald eagles - plus a lot of WALLPAPERING! That was not so relaxing, but the end result was worth it.

Happy birthday to all the birthday kids. Sept. 9 would have been my mom's 78th birthday but she passed away from Alzheimer's a week before Christmas last year. However we still have some happy days in our family now, with my niece turning 15 next Saturday and my son turning 27 the following Monday.

Sandy, sorry to read about your troubles. :( How upsetting and aggravating. I would be screaming and beating my head against the wall. Hard to do without doctors, but they sure can be hard to deal with as well.

09-11-2005, 07:31 PM
Cori, that's a nice rack for pastels in the studio and is a good price. I was in our local Staples office supply store and saw a book case similar to this design for about $100, It wasn't this nice wood though, just the usual hardboard and veneer stuff.