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08-18-2005, 08:41 AM
Hi guys, well here we are in the Studio :wave: Itís a wee bit posher and a lot tidier than the bunkhouse, but my fear this week is that no one will see this, itís so quiet in here, it's like the calm before the calm!!! :evil:

I chose this week so off I go.


Kevís Stuff

This weeks image is one taken by me of my local Post Office, on the main street in my town, Berry Lane, Longridge. I love these sandstone buildings, and the white Post Office stands out so well. I did do one thing to change it though, I put an old red phone box back, instead of the new modern plastic thing they have now.

The Post Office, Longridge.


Itís on 9x12 Aquafine paper using DaVinci and W&N paints

The Poem

Things have been moving rather quickly at WC over the past week or so, maybe you didn't notice this one!! A little tounge -n-cheek but well, thats me isn't it!!

Changes Afoot!!

Thereís things afoot at WetCanvas
Theyíve been looking at the range,
And someone has decided,
Weíre ready for a Change.

Now Change, it donít go down well,
And people can resist.
It stirs up your emotions
These things that you have missed.

I really canít get used to it,
Each day I open up.
The Change itís there before me
As I take my breakfast cup.

My eyes just donít believe it
As I look into the screen
I swear Iíve seen an image
Where they shoulda, oughta been.

So what is causing such concern
To bring out this recant.
To bring about such changes
Well itís JJís elephant.

Theyíve gone, those dancing elephants,
Theyíre not there to be seen.
Her signature box is looking full,
But me, ÖÖ. Iím not that keen.

They danced on 20 thousand pages,
But now vanished before our eyes.
We should have a minutes silence,
For the elephants demise.
©Kevin C. Fowler, 2005

Chrisí Stuff.

Hewy everyone

Not too much to say about this one, other than I had to sit and stare at it for a long time before I started. I actually sketched up a gray scale image of this looking for the light and dark areas. I decided to focus on the Post Office, and tried to let the other buildings and the sky take on a similar tone, to help highlight the white building.

Arches 140CP, 9 x 12, W & N and Davinci.


C & C welcome

The Poem
The villanelle has 19 lines, 5 stanzas of three lines and 1 stanza of four lines with two rhymes and two refrains. The 1st, then the 3rd lines alternate as the last lines of stanzas 2,3,and 4, and then stanza 5 (the end) as a couplet.

Sigh Ö this was the challenge given me earlier this week by Annapet. Not sure I like it, I was golfing in the sun today, the beer cart attendant pestered me all day with her wares and I was long past ready for bed when I started this! I may feel like Dylan Thomas at the moment but I donít write like him. And it takes a few reads to get itÖ. (If I were you I would move on to the next one!)

A Villanelle about The Post Office!

I must go down to the post today.
To the office thatís on the main street
And send my message on its way.

I have an awful lot to say.
I wrote this letter on a full size sheet
I must go down to the post today.

Iíve cards to send, (itís Guy Fawkes day)
Must send a card to my friend Pete
And send my message on its way.

Iíve bills that I have got to pay.
I have obligations there to meet
I must go down to the post today.

And so Iím off, I shanít delay
Will scurry there on hurried feet.
And send my message on its way.

Iíve signed my name, put pen away
Until itís mailed, itís not complete.
I must go down to the post today.
And send my message on its way.
©Christopher M. Earle, 2005

Kevinís Stuff
The Painting

Whew! This was done on the quick, for me, at least. I decided to paint this with only my #8 round, save originally wetting the sky with a flat, then a rigger for the figure, a very few small marks, and signing. No masking fluid. Also left in the pencil lines. My aim was simply to have fun with #8, keep the painting light and airy, not bog myself in details, and try to capture the essence of the scene. The car turned out far from desired and there is some mud. On the whole, for what I was doing, I like it!
This was done on a quarter sheet of Arches 300 lb. CP, using Daniel Smith watercolors. C&C very much welcomed!

Up The Walk


The Poem

I owe this little haiku to a party and procrastination!

Artistís Dread

Fun last night sublime.
Wine springs forth gaily un-corked-
White the paper stares.

©Kevin Slater

08-18-2005, 08:47 AM
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Kev thank you. I shall go read the rest now.. Beaut painting by the way..:)

Wowee Chris that is one AWESOME villanelle!!!!!!! I think it is just awesome, and I got it!! Love your closeup of the Post Office too. Yep it dsoes bring out the white building..

Kevin I like your take on the pic too.. Looks like you painted this one in quite a hurry this week. Poem short and sweet too..:D
By the way that poem relates to me this evening..:(

08-18-2005, 09:58 AM
Well...I found you finally!! This newfangled forum format will take some getting used to for sure!

All three paintings are exceptional this week! When I saw the ref photo I thought "ugh..that's not something I would like to paint!", but you guys have really turned the photo into interesting works of art, that I do like much better than the photo! :)

Kev (with pins in his eyes :eek: ): I really like the addition of the red phone booth,and that blue sky is something else... I like how you have the blue in the windows also, and your color choices all throughout are great! Very funny poem! :D :clap: :clap:

Banxy, Your perspective on buildings is just amazing..you can certainly tell you have a lot of experience in engineering, because everything is so perfect. Your paintings always look like they must have taken a lot of time to complete but you continue to whip them out week after week... I admire your determination. Great Villanelle, I really like it..glad Annapet challenged you with it! :) :clap: :clap: :clap:

Stridey, again great perspective, I don't know how you guys do it..my buildings are always all womply (new word I think!). Your sky is fantastic too and love the addition of the wee birdies. Great haiku too! Had a bit too much wine did we? :D :clap: :clap: :clap:

08-18-2005, 10:01 AM
Ark :mad:

I typed out a long post to comment on these great pieces and didn't copy it....and LOST it when I tried to post. :mad:

My GD is in need of attention so I can't stay long enough to recreate the post, but wanted to say I really like these treatments of the photos...I will be back, too, because there are specific things I wanted to comment on.

Great job, guys. :clap: :clap:


08-18-2005, 10:23 AM
I found you! Eventually we'll all know where to look, I'm sure.

These are all terrific. I bet your street wishes it looked as good as it does in your painting, Kev. I too am glad you put the red phone booth back. They are being sold as hoity-toity decorator items here at mucho-dinaros. :rolleyes"

Loved your poem, it is so fitting. LOL!

Chris, Your street scene is charming. Your Villanelle is very Thomas-ish and fun to read. Well done. Must confess, even though I was an English major in college and even took a Poetry writing course when I was earning a Writing Certificate, I've never heard of that particular format.

Ah, but Kevin, I am familiar with Haiku and got a kick out of yours. A little too much partying, eh? ;) I like your experiments with your size 8 brush. Nice, loose, expressive strokes work well with your style of painting. I've started using mainly two brushesóa size 8 and a size 10óand find they are useful for almost everything, even fine lines. I do use a rigger occasionally, but mainly rely on those two for everything.

Thanks, gentlemen, for another lovely thread.


Celeste McCall
08-18-2005, 11:50 AM
These are really intriguing....all 3 of them.

Kev's for color, Banxy's for clarity and Kevin's for style.

And, guys, we would search the whole forum for your little bit of weekly entertainment. But it surely was convenient to have it all in one place.

Oh well, we can adjust to anything as long as WC keeps going. That's all that really matters.

Thanks, guys, again for a great weekly show. LOVE IT.

Lots of clappies and smilies

08-18-2005, 12:48 PM
Muy bien! Fantastico! (Ate too much Mexican food at Spritey's party - - -)

The Studio is TOO CLEAN and somewhat quiet. Perhaps an opening party of some sort?

Gentlemen, you never disappoint. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Kev, the phone booth is a very nice touch. It tied to the red trims of the building. I love the purple-ish shadows of the overhangs! I'm with you with the changes, and will try to adapt. I missed those elephants the first day they vanished.

C, you've done really good with the villanelle. For me it's a nightmare to write one. You can write and paint anything. And who said architectural rendering is a lost art? It's alive and well here.

I like the looseness of your painting, Kevin. Remarkable perpective! :clap: Your haiku rocks! I hope you write more.

08-18-2005, 03:09 PM
Hmm that scene looks familiar :D

Wonderful how you guys have taken a rather mundane street scene and made it interesting. :clap:

Wonder if the paintings will find their way to the Gallery and/or the Thumbnail Gallery? :wink2:


08-18-2005, 05:32 PM
Well, I sure hope the paintings find their way to the Gallery, because they are FINISHED WORK.

Doug, there are cobwebs here....

08-18-2005, 05:33 PM
thats some fancy footwork kev i never would have found this thread...
I have to cook dinner will be back to comment on this great work!!!


08-18-2005, 07:07 PM
Great job all 3 of you!


Sue Galos
08-18-2005, 09:15 PM
All three paintings are exceptional this week! When I saw the ref photo I thought "ugh..that's not something I would like to paint!", but you guys have really turned the photo into interesting works of art ...

She hit on my thought exactly!
I must say you 3 have done amazing work over the course of your challenge ... super improvement too - I'm thinking I need a similar challenge to get my skills sharpened. :D

mr sandbanx
08-18-2005, 10:44 PM
A: A party sounds like a great idea! Thanks for looking and for the comments... and thanks for pushing me ion that poem. The hard part is finding the two common lines, after that its a piece of cake... hmmmmm cake. You want see rendering, you should see what malty can do... its incredible ....

Sue: get yerself into a challenge. You and Patty (bluegenes) would make a good match methinks! :D :D Thanks for looking and for the encouragement.

Doug, Patty.... thanx. :wave:

Sylvia: Me neither. I think A invented the villanelle just to frustrate me! Thanks a ton for taking the time to come and look.

Celeste: The fact that you take the time to notice anything I do is awesome. Makes me feel like I am getting somewhere. I do appreciate it.

Elizabeth Anne: thanx.

Judy Joy: I knew you would get this one. And I am glad, it was a bit troubling and I only decided to post this poem at the last second, when I realized I was out of steamand not able to do another in time. And I miss your elephants as well :crying: :crying: ... thanks for the comments.

Spritey: the fact that you are on page one of 46 consecutive threads is an awesome acheivement and I am thrilled that we have kept your attention. Thanks for hanging in there and being so positive all the time... that means a lot.

BBL to talk about the two guys who hang out in the bunkhouse with me.


Cattleprod Karl
08-18-2005, 11:18 PM
I'm one of the newbies on the block. Don't have anything new to say, though. Each of these is really superb. The more paintings I see from the people around here the more intimidated I get!

08-18-2005, 11:46 PM
:D karl, you'll get better fast because you're painting already. my first year here, I SHOPPED.

08-18-2005, 11:50 PM
Kevin this is like a vynette... just my style!!! I like the touches of olde world you added too with the phone , nice sandstone color also,
Nice poem... could be applied to many things in life besides the forum changes
only one thing is constant and that is that things will change ...sigh...
great word picture you have there Kevin,

Chris, your painting is more manicured. It is so cool to see the difference in style between the three of you I notoiced you did more of a detailed close up
and created a cozy atmosphear with a couple walking down the street.
nice touch!!!
The poem is cool I like the cadence and the subject line hehe
Nice work banxy

Hi Kevin thanks for the link never ever would have located this as i stated earlier
I like the pastel feel of your painting, nice shadows and it has a nice relaxed feel which this very inviting,
the color and composition gives me a warm impression. I should like to visit this small village of the CK&Ks' challenge and post a banner there saying bravo guys!!!
Love the haiku its honest and something we all do from time to time, did I forget to add that I like the whimsy well I find the whimsy refreshing,


mr sandbanx
08-18-2005, 11:53 PM
Karl, the intent here is not ever to intimidate... look at it as an opportunity to see what is possible. (I wish you could see some of the junk I was painting not so many months ago...) This place will challenge you, teach you and bring out the best in you.

A: Shopping is what many great artists do as they prepare (in their mind), to paint a masterpice... I think you are on the verge.

08-19-2005, 12:12 AM
Ah, gents, well done. Chris, Kev, can't stay but a bit as must get some shut-eye for a small trip (which may mean my typical Wednesday scramble next week) lol. Both are beautiful paintings, when, (sorry Kev), I just couldn't see the potential at first. But, as always, you both brought home the goods and then some. Poems, delightful! Be back in a couple days...going to a seminar on bait conducted by an ex-cop...go figure!

I did enjoy this and find it a happy, peaceful little street...

:wave:'g to all who have commented or viewed...ALWAYS means so much for the input and encouragement...haven't the time for individual comments, but big thanks to all! :wave:

08-19-2005, 12:25 AM
Actually, I can't remember how I arrived here! I may never find the Studio again! :eek:

Super paintings, all with such a different feel. And, of course, the poems are just great!

Thanks, guys, for the Thursday fun you bring (even though I'm didn't get online until after midnight). :D


08-19-2005, 02:13 AM
I don't think I would be able to find this thread unless some of you hadn't put a link in his individual thread in the gallery (I guess it was Kevin)...

so it is week 46 and you have 6 more week to finish the challenge !!

Kev, first of all I like the place you live... your painting is lovely and looks really wet... I like the addition of the phone booth... and your poem is nice as I think that changes this time in the forum has gone far away without serving their purpose.. or are they :confused:

Chris I like yor clear colors and well drawn painting... the post office has really poped-up... well done... interesting set-up in your poem...

Kevin I like your painting and I guess if you go over it with some darks it will improve a lot... btw very nice haiku poem...

08-19-2005, 03:17 AM
Actually, I can't remember how I arrived here! I may never find the Studio again! :eek:

If in doubt, use the scrolling list bottom right - it's all I use.


08-19-2005, 04:13 AM
Excellent work guys, as usual.....I sure hope you will carry on for another term after this........

08-19-2005, 08:36 AM
Saw, admired :clap: :clap: and :envy: :p

08-19-2005, 01:58 PM
Good afternoon Gentlemen... I've had good intentions in posting to your thread for a couple of days... life keeps getting in my way...

Kev... I absolutely love the colour in your version... and the phone booth (of course)... I find your sky a little distracting, but suspect that it did not photograph well and the subtle blues in your clouds are not visible in this image... no one else has mentioned it, so it must just be me... And... changing the changes... that's what we're about... :D

Chris... I enjoy the crispness of your edges and well-defined buildings... the figures in your streetscape are really well done and I can't help thinking you'd not have put them in there a year ago... Poor packy-derms...

Kevin... Your version is very painterly in high key... I'd love to be able to watch you do this... moving on to bigger brushes is a huge leap... my favourites (evolved over time) are now my 16 and 12 rounds... Watching Sue Galos paint the other day, she was using a 24 round!!!! :eek: I chuckled at your haiku...

As usual, this isn't a reference that I'd have chosen... and it would have scared me to death... You guys are soooooo good!!!!

mr sandbanx
08-19-2005, 07:30 PM
Well I think we have totally lost the rythm this week! Four threads when one would be plenty means a lot of management of who said what, where they said it and did I reply or not???? Forgive me if I seem a bit lost here!

Char: I certainly would not have put them there a year ago. Thanks for the constant encouragement.
Kat in Hat, thanks a bucketful. Its been great to have you offer your input here. Manicured (if thats the term?) is about all I can do at the moment.

Uschi: Glad you stopped by, thanks.

Vasil: Thanks. I guess I did what I set out to do if you see that... appreciate it.

Stephie: Thanks a lot. Not sure if another term is permitted under the new rules! We might very well be relegated to another dimension if we try that. But I will have to have my agent look into it. What with the book tour we may be far away from our paintbrushes on any given Thursday!

Lyn: thank you.

Strider: Thanks a ton... enjoy the conference... and pay attention. Bait Futures will be the stock market darling in about two years. (Its cyclical). And don't go out in that hat without the chin strap secured.


08-20-2005, 04:08 PM
I was beginning to think the challenge had died :crying: till I saw this subject in the gallery. I havn't had much time for WetC lately and have just seen what changes were made. I heard talk about them but wasn't sure what was changed exactly. NOW I get it. Not sure I like it but who are we but mere members!!

Anyway I have to say that thsi week it's the poetry that grabs my attention first. Might be the mood I'm in perhaps, a bit stressed and solitary, but I was impressed with all three.

Kevin I love haikus, they are so thought provoking yet so simple. They force ones mind to search. I might be writing something similar next sunday after two family birthday parties (friday and saturday :eek: ), brother's 40th and mothers 79th.
Not a bad painting for a fast one. Think I would have put some finer detail in the post office itself to bring it more into focus. Love the soft palette

Chris that's a great peom and a little different for you. I know how well you enjoy a challenge and Annpet did nicely. You came out shining as always. Your painting style stands out on it's own now and always draws me in with it's clear detail, and I absolutely LOVE the contrasty green in the hanging pot plants. :clap: Fab stuff!

Kev What a nice tribute to JJs elephants. It's a clear statement about you feel about the changes. Good for you. Your strong sense of colour in your painting always ROCKS. Great idea to do a series too, and they could be made into little tourist cards and sold at the post office. (Just thinking out loud here! ;) ) What will you call it I wonder.

Great stuff guys!

mr sandbanx
08-20-2005, 07:18 PM
Holey Moley, my interest waned like most peoples and I forgot to comment (in this thread) on Kev and Kevin's works. Sorry guys.

Kev: You have caught the entire street very well. Love the sky here and there is just enough detail to make it crystal clear. The warm colour on the gable end of th nearest building is terrific. Great scene will make a great addition to a series. well done.

the poem: Well said, (but probably shouting into a gale I should think). JJ's elephants should have been a clear warning of things to come...

Stridey: Thats a beaut! The washy style that you have perfected really suits this scene, and your efficient brushstrokes have about said all that needs be said!

Poem: You should consider Zen as a second hobby! good stuff. How many times have we all stared at a white sheet while slightly wobbly from a night of relaxation and fun. Hope it was worth it.


I notice the views for this are way down compared to last week, and the comments are down as well... It's a shame the deprovements could not have waited six more weeks.

08-21-2005, 04:42 AM
Chris like you I also have forgotten to comment :eek:

JJ, I miss them darn elephants, used to make me smile. And that canít be wrong

Thanks Spritey,

LizzyAnnie, I hate losing long posts it is so frustrating. Iíve started typing in Word, it also checks your spooling!!

Sylv, yeah phone booths are turning up in large house gardens here too. They were so much nicer.

Anna, IRL the shadows are deeper, but the colour I use is Cobalt Violet, it mixes well with FUB to make a lovely warm shadow colour.

Hi Sue, well Iím sure you will benefit from the new Card Flower Challenge you have just joined. It will get you painting again.

Karl, as with Sue, glad to see you have motivated others to join you in the Card Challenge.

Char whatever else can be said about you, you have a wonderful eye, I messed the sky up on this one, it has backruns where I went in to wet, but I have stuck to one piece of paper per challenge so I soldiered on. IRL it doesnít look that bad now, and Iím glad I continued.

Thanks Celeste, Doug, Patty, Kat, Lyn, Vasil, Stephie, Uschi & Elaine

And now the other two, hi guys, I think we have the eviction notice for the basement, and we may have to move back to the bunkhouse. So Chris can you give the beds an airing, and open the windows please. Did you leave the magís in the attic Kevin?

Chris the colours used are yours, and the lines are great. Like the additions. Well you totally bamboozled me with the description of the poem, but it was brilliant to read. Well done.

Kevin, call that a poem!!!! OK you were hung over. I like how you make your scenes washy the loose brush strokes are excellent.