View Full Version : Last Update till Friday Night Drawing

01-09-2002, 04:57 PM
Okay the clock is ticking... and I am so over joyed at the turn out by WC! I got a feeling chat may turn into utter chaos, but then we're artists not analysts! Anyhoo so here's where we are...

7:50 pm I will post the topic in here(the Drawing Forum) AND the WC!Gallery under the title Friday Night Drawing
So you have 2 places to post...

8:00 - 9:00 pm Is your work time... any medium, whatever makes you comfortable... Don't forget to allow yourself time to scan your work and upload at the end

9-9:20 pm I figure 20 minutes should be enough for us to post work...


What I mean by that, is this is only your hour's worth of work, if you decide to finish the piece on your own, or feel it is already finished, then make a seperate post with this preface " FND - yada yada yada " The FND is for Friday Night Drawing... :D

Okay so then anywhere from 9:21 and on I will see you in chat...

For those of you new to our chat room:

Use the first pull down menu which says Community
(the 6th line or the one after Message Forums)
Highlight that and click GO
When you get to the Cafe Guerbois page, scroll down,
pick an icon by checking the circle to the left of it,
if you do not pick one, you automatically get the Smiley Face.
Write in your member name,
then your password below the icons
Click Enter, and another window will open for chat,
this is the browser window,
you can minimize this and just leave it
(closing it will kick you out of chat by mistake, believe me I've done it!)
Finally a last window will open for the chat applet, and your icon should be to the far right in alphabetical order...

See you there... ;)


01-11-2002, 04:26 PM
OK Tonight's the Night!!! If you haven't heard the details by now, here they are...

Stand by at7:45 pm EST to recieve the topic for tonight in the Drawing forum... Under a thread calledFriday Night Drawing In that thread I will post 6 images, take which ever you want and save it to your hard drive for future reference, because in the morning, I will delete them (to prevent any copyright infringement)

So this is a 1 time thing... Anyway you may draw 1 or all 6, you may draw sections of the 1 you choose, this is for your benefit. Not a competition, nor an excersize in tight over detailed work, that you can do later... This is for inspiration, and for a chance to excersize your approach to a piece...

Okay so then you can work all the way up to 9:00 pm EST after which you have 20 minutes to post your finals... Please post in the same thread as the topic, UNLESS you feel you are completely done (show off) then you can make your own post.

If you do please put anFNDpreface in your thread title, so we all know that it was from this night, and we can find it easier.

THEN come CHAT... details for finding the chatroom are above at the beginning of this thread, and please note we will NOT be in the general room in the Cafe, but on the ROOF. That is a seperate room, all you have to do is click the line where it says roof on the side (if it is listing member names, then click the Room tab at the top of those names, and you will see the list of available rooms)

Okay so see you there... remember this is any medium you wish, whatever makes you comfortable, the title Drawing is my play on words due to the fact I will be giving you a draw of 6 images to choose from... I think it's gonna be fun...

Until tonight!!! :D