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11-11-2000, 09:45 PM
This is my first expierence with pastels . . . I painted it last year in art class as a seventh grader without real pastel paper, and that's one of the main reasons the color isn't very brillant. Also, the photograph of it didn't turn out well. Anyway, here it is . . .

<IMG SRC="http://home.nc.rr.com/waitingtoolong/rose.jpg" border=0>

Phyllis Franklin
11-11-2000, 10:15 PM
Great start. I think if you went back into the painting and added a stem and a leaf it would keep the blossom from floating. You really did well! Please don't stop and do show us some more.


Yep this is Phy...llis
Sounds like Lizz.
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11-12-2000, 06:35 PM
For your age, this is a wonderful start! You have concentrated on a single subject and focused on trying to see one thing.Even without actual pastel paper and as a 7th grader your rose shows sensitivity and very good sense of observation. Good job! Now that you have painted it one time, I recommend painting another rose or something you like a couple of times.Painting with a light directly overhead or in another place to see what you get.

When you are learning, it is ok not to use perfect pastel paper use pastel on...it is practice. More importantly, what kind of pastel are you using? Did you use something at school or at home? Do you know the name of it?

Looking forward to seeing more of your pastel or other artwork!
Welcome to WetCanvas,

11-13-2000, 10:39 AM
Great job Waiting!!!! I agree with the others...put a stem and some leaves. I like your shading and the background with the yellow/orange...brings out the flower nicely. Yes, if you like to work with flowers, get one...or a couple...and put them in a vase and shine a lamp on one side. That will give you a good practice. Above all, practice, practice, practice!!! I loved art when I was a student......sooo don't give up---EVER!! You have an excellent eye for color and tone....I would love to see more of your work. Welcome to Wet Canvas!!!


11-13-2000, 03:52 PM
Thanks everyone for replying!

I was going to go in and add a stem, but I ran out of time on the project and I was afraid that I would ruin the whole painting.

I haven't had a lot of time to work more with pastels recently, but in the art class I'm taking in school right now I will be able to choose what I want to work with, so I'll get more expierence with pastel there.

I have some of my other artwork on my website . . . go to http://home.nc.rr.com/waitingtoolong and find the "artwork" page if you want to see it. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

11-24-2000, 07:20 AM
I think you have done a remarkable job for a first pastel. With experience you will learn to add a little more value to give your subject some more body, but other than that you have made a wonderful start. Your colors are beautiful, and the drawing in and of itself is well wrought. Be proud http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif


11-25-2000, 05:01 AM
Welcome Sarah,
I found your artwork on your web site ( very clever art site too, I didnt know if you had a vision impairment or not at first ) and I see from your work that your starting to learn the basics of perspective and colour.I see you can sketch with both hands,you should read a book if you can called "Drawing on the right side of the brain".Your art teacher should know of it.It will teach you a lot. I liked your screen prints,very modern in style. You obviously have the ability to become a very competant artist in any one of the mediums you have tried.More work needed on your portraits but that will come with practice,and your picture using your name Sarah over and over again was very clever.
Sarah your only what 11 yrs old now ? . You have a full life in front of you to learn and learn more about a very passionate subject.It has a beautiful history and an exciting future. Enjoy it and have fun while you are doing it. Im sure one day we will see your name up in lights as it were.
Happy painting. Billyg

11-25-2000, 05:24 AM
Ive left a message on your websit for you and I thought Id left another on here but never mind.Your a lucky girl to have all that ability. Make sure you take care of it and use it well.
Your site is very clever

11-26-2000, 11:05 PM
Very nice work. Don't worry about trying to complete every piece. At this stage, you should keep experimenting and keep working as much as possible. Draw something every single day, even if it's only a quick sketch. And don't worry about paper or materials too much right now. Just keep working. You have talent.

Barry Katz