View Full Version : Church in Utne, Norway

01-08-2002, 01:45 PM
Done while waiting for the ferry to cross the fjords...

This small city (or village?) is the last one in the end of a narrow road. The road continues in the other side of th fjord, and it's necessary to cross it by ferry. A beautiful place, worthy to visit.

01-08-2002, 03:07 PM
And a beautiful sketch too :)

01-09-2002, 05:13 AM
Thank you Norah, you're so kind...

01-09-2002, 08:05 AM
Nice sketch Els.

Do you intend to develop your sketches int o paintings in the future.

By the way, a very small town is called a Village, and a very very small town is called a Hamlet..hope this helps



01-09-2002, 12:49 PM
Thank you Flattwo for the information and for the comment...

Maybe in the future I will develop these sketches into paintings, but not in the near future... :)

01-09-2002, 01:44 PM
els, you have really shown improvement in your attention to value in this piece. This is a very nice short sketch, and I am glad you are carrying your sketch pad with you. Sketching is the foundation for any kind of visual art.

01-09-2002, 04:45 PM
Beautiful picture!

01-10-2002, 05:43 AM
Thank you sass and Diana.

Sass, people ask me what is the black thing I'm carrying in all my photos from this trip :D I have to get used to it again...


01-10-2002, 09:45 PM
I like this sketch too els. :)

Could you tell me what size it is please?

01-11-2002, 07:45 AM
Thank you Ruth. It was done on an A5 sketchbook.

01-11-2002, 10:43 AM
Thank you els - but I have to admit my ignorance - I have no idea what size an A5 sketchbook is. :confused: :)

01-11-2002, 12:19 PM
Ruth, Ax, x=0,1,2...,5 is a standard measure for papers. A4 is the size mostly used in the printers (210x297mm), A5 half of this size, A3 double of this size and so on. Biggest is A0.

But I lied: my sketchbook is about 8x6 inches...:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Sorry for the mistake:D


01-12-2002, 11:22 AM
Thank you els - mistakes are allowed :D

I found a website which gives all the sizes in inches and centimeters - I learn something new everyday. :)

01-14-2002, 08:06 AM
Glad you are willing to learn.:)