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08-04-2005, 09:36 AM
Can anyone recomend an high resolution A3 flat bed scanner for scanning pastel paintings. My camera doesn't take large enough photos for printing A3, the resolution isn't high enough. I have tried editing it in photoshop, but it just reduces the quality. It is great for A4 but rather than buying yet another camera, I thought perhaps a scanner would be better? I was wondering what you all use for scanning your pastel paintings?

Many thanks for your help.


08-04-2005, 04:50 PM

I won't give any advise on which scanner to buy, since there are so many brands and prices. Of course that if you want something professional, that will cost.
I have an Epson A4 for a couple of years and never failed. Recently I bought a 5 MP digital cam, an entry model with which I'm satisfied so far.
Now, you want an A3 scanner since A4 is small, what about if you make a bigger than A3 painting ?
About the colour reproduction, I can't decide what's better. The camera demands all that lighting stuff while the scanner's software needs to be calibrated to show the correct colours.
Can't you take two or more scans of an A3 painting with your A4 scanner and crop them ?
How many MPs has your camera ?



08-04-2005, 06:10 PM
Hi Jose

My camera has 3.2 mega pixels, which is great for A4 prints.

I have spent an hour or so on the net searching on scanners and was horrified at the cost!!!. Your right.....it will restrict me to A3 paintings. I quiet often paint bigger paintings for clients.

You are the second artist that has mentioned to me they really liked 5 mega pixels cameras. I think that is the way I will go. I have found Cannon (the make of my current camera) make a 5 meg camera and the price isn't bad either.

Thanks for your help

08-04-2005, 06:57 PM
Hi again,

Have you tried a site called Refurb Depot ?
I guess the link must be something like http://www.refurbdepot.com
I have a Kodak CX7530. I wasn't going for Kodak but read that this model came out good. I suppose you're referring to the Canon A520 ?
Check the Steve's site about digital cams.
A good model from Canon seems to be the S70, but it's much more expensive.
It's a shame that altough the cameras are more advanced, they don't seem so well built nowadays.