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01-07-2002, 01:25 PM
Another Try

:D Had trouble going to sleep last night, so I got up and went into my studio. I figured if I can't sleep I might as well work on a couple of paintings. After I entered the studio I looked at my sculpture all bagged up, and thought I'd just take a look at it.

:D To my surprise it looked like maybe I might be able to work with it a little. I had enough clay left to model a small cub, rocks and a fish. It was workable enough to add these elements. Still not workable enought to add detail such as eyes, nostrials etc. Wasn't able to add the second cub as I'd originally hope to do (not enough clay).

:evil: So now I think I'll let it dry slowing and use it for a model, and as a reminder about air-dry clay.

Comments, suggestions, thoughts accepted graciously

01-07-2002, 01:33 PM
After looking at the uploaded image the object in front of the mother bears left foot is a rock not her left leg.
It's hard to see the fish isn't it! I'll give you a hint it's facing the viewer in front of the rocks mouth open.

Oh well back to the drawing/sculpting board...should get my pasteline this week.


01-07-2002, 04:45 PM
Yep it's me again, the :evil: "evil grin" under my statement "comments, suggestions, thoughts excepted graceiously" wasn't suppose to go there. It was meant for another area of the text.
I don't want folks to think I can't take suggestions on how to better improve my work. We all grow and learn with our art when we keep an open mind.
I'm very interested in hearing from you.

Kathy :D

max nelson
01-07-2002, 08:18 PM
Kathy..know what you mean about not being able to sleep when that current work is buzzin around in your head. Ya got more patience than me when the materials don't meet the expectations. It's coming along nicely though. I forgot how big you said this was..if it's rather small then ya done real good! It's so easy to not simplify a small piece and you have done a good job of not getting it too 'busy'. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you get the plasteline and have enough materials to go at it. Keep us posted on your "woes"
:) Max

01-08-2002, 10:01 AM
Max, yep I just couldn't bare to throw the remaining clay into the garbage. I thought hey might as well give it another go and see what happens. Now I can keep it as a reminder!

Thank you for your encouragement it's very much appreciated. The Lanteri book and plasteline arrived yesterday afternoon, I ordered four 2 pound bricks. That should give me enough for small sculpture work for a while. Also will take your advice and make a smaller base for this one.


01-10-2002, 01:07 PM
Hi Kathy

This is looking pretty darn good you know. I especially like the simplicity of it. I tend to get carried away with detailing EVERYTHING and sometimes I would just really enjoy seeing them more like this. I might just have to get out one of these brands of air dry clay I picked up and make something. I will have no choice but to work fast and loose :D I suppose if you really wanted to put in a bit more detail why not try it now, when it's almost dry? You could use dental tools or mini carving tools if you have them around. But I like it as is. Hope you have a wee bit of clay left over in case it acquires any cracks during the drying process.


01-10-2002, 06:11 PM
Di, thanks I have put this one to bed---it's been a good experience. Now I'm moving on......
I'm taking your advice and letting it dry slowly so I can keep it.


Phyllis Rennie
01-10-2002, 08:55 PM
Looks really good for someone who's supposed to be a beginner!!! Keep going, Kathy!

01-10-2002, 10:35 PM
Phyllis, thank you for your comment, but this one is done--letting it dry slowly will keep it as a what ever.......:( lesson learned the hard way.


01-13-2002, 07:04 AM
I love it! This is great!
I don't understand about air drying clay thought? ...didn't realize that you could get it, thought that all clay had to be fired. How fast does this go hard? Sorry about the twenty questions:)

01-13-2002, 04:40 PM
I don't understand about air drying clay thought? ...didn't realize that you could get it, thought that all clay had to be fired. How fast does this go hard?

impetuous, thank you very much for your nice compliment.:D Air Dry Clay has other materials/additives such as glue being one as part of it's make-up. The brand I was using Laguna can be fired and or thrown on a pottery wheel, or just left to air dry. I was creating a sculpture piece that required small detail. As an example the bears ear's were drying faster than the rest of the body. So I wasn't able to complete the ears/fur as I wanted too. As far as drying time I really don't know for sure. I'm letting the bears dry now under plastic with the top open. You can also tell it's drying the the color it gets lighter as it drys.
I'd recommend you check Phyllis's relief thread, she is using air dry and having great success!
I hope this answers your questions, also keep looking at this forum you'll learn a lot.