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07-28-2005, 02:48 AM
Hi folks, and here we are for my choice this week.

No ref picture, I sent the guys a PM with these instructions:

Just let yourself go on this one. The subject:

Your Fav Tipple.

The idea as I see it, one glass, containing the drink of your choice. Nothing else in the picture, so make it real, make it abstract, but don't include a bottle or an apple, a shrimp or anything else. You could do the full glass, or a close-up, whatever, but the idea is to just have one thing in the picture. Be creative with your camera, and then paint.

Think of it as designing a picture in a series for the bar area of your local pub, or classy restaurant.

Enjoy, and in a few weeks we can raise our glasses high.

Kevs Stuff

My pick I go first, I saw some large oils of this style of painting in my local Art Shop the other week and wondered if they could be done as watercolours. Just extreme close-ups of glasses with drink inside. Now my fav tipple? Well, I think itís the one I have in my hand at any given moment. I love beer, spirits, cider and wine. But with a meal, red wine, apart from fish and chips when only a cup of tea will do!!


This is on that horrid Hahnemule Torchen 140lbs, stuff. It just wonít glaze, or wash out, itís awful. I used DaVinci and W&N colours. I masked out the glass and just did a rough graded wash from yellow to deep bluey red, sprayed water while still wetand brushed out some of the paint in the glass. I then picked out the details. No white used at all.

I enjoyed this and Iím thinking of mounting it on canvas and then varnishing it as Debs described a while ago.

And the poem, well having heard both Chris and Kevin wax lyrically about their fav tipples on many occasions I decided to make a prediction as to what the paintings would be.

Burtonís Window!

I set my mates a task
A drink to don the glass
Which tipple would they choose?
On which drink would they pass?

Well Chris he is a beer man,
Iíd meet him down the pub.
But heíd never have the money,
Heíd be looking for a sub.

Now Kevin? Iíd say a whiskey,
But which one would he say,
Is it Scotch, or Malt or Tennessee,
No matter I will pay.

Now me I tried them all
Love beer and whiskeyís fine,
But with a well cooked piece of steak
You cannot beat red wine.

So come on guys, what did you paint?
Letís see whatís in yer glass,
And if Iím wrong itís Burtons Window,
And there Iíll bare my ar*e.
©Kevin C. Fowler, 2005.

Now for all you not familiar with the saying ĎIíll show my backside in Burtonís windowí will wonder what Iím on about but the Brit's will all understand. Burtons is a Menswear Shop and always had a prime position in every town centre. So people would say 'If thats not true, then I'll show my 'rear' in Burtons Window' just to emphasise the point they were trying to get over!!

Kevin's Stuff

The Painting:

This was a fun little painting, well, maybe more of a study, of a shot of my favorite tipple, Bourbon! Guess I picked up a taste for it in college, as I did for the occasional cigarÖoh, those institutions of higher learning! I sure need to practice more on depicting glass. One my nieceís took the photo. Oh yeah, the glass is now empty. This was done on a 5Ēx7Ē, 300 lb. Arches, CP using Daniel Smith watercolors and titanium white. A small painting, which, actually, I found more of a bother to paint than larger stuff. Go figure. C&C very much welcomed!

Big Shot


The Poem:

Last Call
The last drink I had, was the one that keeps me from beiní free,
Yes, the olí liquid fire I love, has hell sure turned on me.

What Started as a kidís prank, swilliní down a stolen beer,
40 years ní change later, still burns when I look into a mirror.

The bleary gaze that meets me, burns deep into my dark soul.
And seeís the way Iíve trashed my life ní paid a damned high toll.

One hundred bar fights Iíve been in, giving more than I got,
But looking at it from this view, I see only pain Iíve bought.

Three n a half marriages Iíve shattered, hearts torn to shreds.
Five children who wonít call me daddy, but only wish me dead.

Drink by drink Iíve forged my chain, which now weights me down.
Double locked, with no keys, I speak, but no-one hears a sound.

The lawyer man says heís done all he can, but now thereís no appeal.
Canít say I expected any less, after a killín, in a steal ní run deal.

So Iím taking that one, last long walk, down to the murderís room.
Iím gonna be shocked bad until I smoke, then laid into a well earned tomb.

I sure donít deserve no mercy, but sure as hell, Iíd pray if not so numb,
The preacher said Iím payiní my price, and God, Iím hopiní for someÖ
Yeah God, Iím hopiní for someÖ

© Kevin Slater 2005

Chris' Stuff:

Hewy folks:

A bit rushed this week, I am writing this late on Sunday night...had to clean up the bunkhouse as we are expecting visitors there, and pack the truck full of camping gear. This, is about the last thing I do before I go away for a few days and I was more than a bit rushed...

But as you know, there is nothing better for a fine wine, brandy, or even a beer, than to age... so I am sending this to Kev in advance, in hopes that by the time he posts it, it will have aged nicely and perhaps even reached its peak!

Painting is 1/4 sheet Arches 140# CP, paints are Holbein, W&N and DaVinci. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do, and after me and Malty had traded photos for a few days, I settled on this one, I took this photo on my kitchen table with the late afternoon sun coming through the window. (My Own Composition!!), It is of course, a glass of Rickards.

Lots of Rose Madder, Burnt Sienna and Sepia in here, over a Violet wash (in the glass) and some FUB in the shadows on the table. The foam was difficult... may need to finish that up when I get back.... or maybe not.

Kev certainly challenged us this week by making us think, and I think I did ok... or I hope I did!


Well every once in a while I get a little maudlin, and I wrote this last week, whilst "in a mood"... But after I cheered up, I still liked this. Fiddled with it a lot tonight, but after all that, stuck with the original version. It seems poems age just a like a good drink sometimes and I think this is one of those.

Hereís to You!

May the paint always flow from your brushes,
May the sun always shine on your face.
May you never forget, be forgotten.
May you meet every challenge with grace.

May your eyes always shine on your loved ones,
May they see you as worthy, and strong.
May you follow your heart where it leads you.
May your time here be peaceful, and long.

May the folks that weíve met on our journey.
Take something from what we have done,
May they always recall, that we were sincere,
May they fondly recall all the fun.

May your friendships be strong and long lasting.
As the friendship you offered me here.
May God grant the chance for to meet you.
And for a moment in time, share a beer.


©Christopher M. Earle, 2005

Well some of you may be thinking that Chris is on holiday this week, well you would be wrong!! :eek:

He mysteriously volunteered to tidy the bunkhouse, muttering something about it not being fit for habitation by special guests. He was last seen on Monday morning entering the bunkhouse armed with a vacuum cleaner, three tins of white paint and a couple of our 'special, for Ref. Only Magazines' from the penthouse. He emerged on Wednesday evening covered with white paint and a smile on his face and then he announces later that we have a very special guest!!!!

So without further ado, sharing the bunkhouse this week is ..........

Annpet :clap: :clap:

Here's Annapet's Stuff

thanks to kev, chris, and kevin for letting me participate on this week's challenge. i have to start someplace, and the crazy/brave spirit in me decided to join the guys.

here's my model and painting. 11" x 11" arches cp 140 lbs. daniel smith paints. inspired by an old the palette mag article "shapely shapes"....

thanks for your time. thanks for looking.



The Poem
here's my poem.

to the tea house

withered leaves
scattered on the gravel
flowers bloom anew

hurried steps
meandering path
calm the spirit

collected thoughts
raked sea
diffuse doubt

steaming tea
on a hectic day
cools my head


thanks for your time.


So there you have it and thanks to Anna, we now have a very clean bunkhouse too!!

Thanks for looking folks, and please, anys C&C's you feel fit :wave: :wave:

07-28-2005, 06:09 AM
About time I commented on each painting .... would be polite to a visitor :D

Kev ...... great use of that blue against the warm colours.......... and I like the calligraphy in both style and placing :) Im a bit confused about where the lower 'ring' in the glass comes from though??

Kevin.........I had to smile...... I have some 'give away' glasses that look just like this after too much dishwashing !!! lovely soft colours here ......would make a great backdrop to an advert so success there......... feel the whites look a tad heavy for glass though........

Chris......... that foam is just AMAZING and a very strong graphic Image you have. very masculine and beery....

Annapet....... just LOVE this, the comlpementary colours - and the way you have snuck some blue-green into the background. and the strong abstract shapes....... excellent first challenge appearance........

Congrats all on the THINKING that went into these :D

and the poems as ever...........(makes gallic gesture of throwing kiss ;))

07-28-2005, 09:13 AM
I can't believe I didn't even know what a "tipple" was until I read further down into the challenge. LOL Now if you had said "tipsy" I would know what that is. :D

First of all, Annapet, I am sooooo proud of you for stepping up and joining and getting your brushes wet and your poetry going again. You did great gf!! :clap: :clap: Loved the haiku about tea. :) Your painting is great, love the angles and shapes in it, and the gradation of color in your tea cup and the wall. Now just keep on keepin on! :) :clap:

Chris, this is great! The foam looks real to me! Love the glass and reflection in the sunlight on the table!! Way to go dude! Fantastic cheery poem!! :) :clap:

Stridey, wow, what a chilling poem, almost frightening. :eek: Alcohol definitely can make some people into monsters like that though. Now the painting is more lighthearted...I love the shot glass and the color of the bourbon. The background colors go great with it too. Way to go man! :) :clap: :clap:

Kev, my fav is red wine also! You did fantastically with the wine glass, wine, background, everything!! I really like the lettering of the RED WINE also. Great poem, as per usual! :D :clap:

07-28-2005, 09:37 AM
Gents and Lady as always a bright spot for my day. Now if someone would smuggle me in a Tooheys Draught :rolleyes: I could sit back and read....wait I'm still at school :mad:

07-28-2005, 10:37 AM
Hi folks,

JT the second circle is the reflection of the rim of the glass onto the surface of the wine. JT, I'm glad you liked the calligraphy work, it was supposed to be neater, but I'd had a couple of ciders last night as I was blocking the paint in, and it splodged a bit!! :eek:

Spritey, I thought it would be easy picking one but I luv em all, even a cup of tea, I never drink coffee now though, I just woke up one morning about 10yrs ago and said, I dont like coffee. I never really drink it at all now. Oh and BTW 'tipsy' is the state you get into when you have had one to many tipples!! :D

Mike, shame on you!! :evil:

First of all I must echo what JT said, I really like the thinking that has gone on to produce these images. Well done everyone. :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:

First Annapet, I just love the shapes and the movement thats going on here. The whispy steam from the cup an added bonus. Those colour washes in the b/g make it for me. The only nit I have is the surface it stands on, it's, well it's just a little drab!! I'd loved to have seen the angle of prespective in the ref with that fantastic bold shadow. But it's only a little nit, it is bril. Welcome back into the fold of 'painters' Well Done!!

Kevin, I just knew you would take a shot of the hard stuff!!!! Hey the glass is misty 'cause it's seen through bloodshot eyes!! Kevin I think those pencil marks, squaring up the image, add so much to the painting. I like this, just maybe a tad heavy on the white. Kevin I really think it lacks a shadow anchoring it to the table, but then again, who needs an anchor!!

That poem is enough to drive you to drugs!! How depressing. But having done a job like mine for 30years I know these people!! Some of them are colleagues!!

Chris, I can only echo the sentiments of the poem, who knows one day we may raise that glass high. The artwork that went into this is tremendous, the setup for the photo, the tight crop, the sunstroked shadow, this is all that I had in my head when I set this one. Excellent. I can taste it from here!!

OK folks the drinks are on me!! This was really fun to do I think we all should do one, I think I'm gonna start another thread in the general forum.

07-28-2005, 10:56 AM
OK I've done it, I've put a challenge out to everyone to paint their fav tipple.

Come on have a go, SEE HERE (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3734227#post3734227)

It's different and fun :wave:

Ze Artiste
07-28-2005, 02:13 PM
Wonderful paintings, all! Re: the poems--I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I absorbed. Thank you for sharing your talents.

mr sandbanx
07-29-2005, 12:10 AM
Caution Kev: another Speech forthcoming!

Well the good news is we can safely walk past a Burton's without fear of being blinded!

Kev, very nice. Love the decision to use text as well..... I guess that qualifies as "nothing else"... Highlights are great, the colours are terrific, Background is very nicely done. The stem of the glass is just about perfect by the wayHopefully you will have settled on a paper of choice by the time this is all over. I would gone with beer if I had to guess for you, so Burton's would be graced with the Baitte Shoppe tattoo...

The poem: When choosing friends, their ability and willingness to "Shout the drinks" (I learned that here at WC) is high on the list of qualities I look for. It seems you have been paying attention... if only Malty would do that and stop ordering that Glennfidditch stuff he swears by! Well done. Red wine is not high on my list though, prefer white, and a steak with a beer is fine by me....

Thanks for really putting out a challenge this week. I was beginning to wonder if I could ever stop relying on the reference images so much. Was a little terrified at first, but with some help I think I pulled it off, and in fact I think we have four very creative images here.

Kevin: It was bourbon all the way... of that I had no doubt. A taste in college? And I wasted three years with learning my sums! You have captured the colour of the liquid very well, the glass is just like the one I was looking for before I switched from rye, to beer (and saving us all from the view in Burtons window).

The poem: You might try your hand at songwriting my friend! This is a bit somber for me... I should hope that we (read responsible adults) see an occasional drink as something well earned and to be enjoyed, not as and excuse for antisocial behaviour. I am hoping that this is intended a commentary on the potential perils of misuse.... exacerbated by other less savoury character traits. But hey, the poems are a free for all here and your thoughts offer some huge insight into some of the things you think about.... post this in a poetry forum and you will get some very positive responses.

Annapet! Welcome to the bunkhouse. Kev has suggested that I was trundling about with buckets of white paint in anticipation of your arrival... but this is Watercolour Forum ,and I should never admit to using white paint... let's just say I reserved the highlites throughout! It is true though that I had a smile on my face when I announced to the two other bunkies that a lady was about to grace our threshold, but he never told you that two men never combed their hair as fast as they did....

Love the abstract quality of this one.The hard edges really pay against the warm shisp of steam. Colours and in fact this entire painting are very much in keeping with the comforting mood expressed in your poem. You should be very pleased with this. Glad to have been able to help get you back into painting.

The poem: You husband did not get it? I think I did. After two reads of it anyway. Long time since we had some class in this place, and this very simple poem has really raised the standard in the bunkhouse. Looks like we may even have to add a vase of flowers in the kitchen... but thats about as far as we are willing to go....

now get your pantyhose off the shower curtain wouldja... we have a card game to be played.

And gooby...


07-29-2005, 01:53 AM
Greetings Annapet! I would wax elequently over your painting and haiku, but alas, the bottle's not empty...and I fear when it is, I will not dare try to type! Chris, Kev, comments for all on the morrow.....well done to the both of ya's! Now, if you'll excuse me, I must remove some sorta vase with flowers from the bunkhouse...is nothing sacred!

07-29-2005, 08:43 AM
Wonderful paintings, all! Re: the poems--I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I absorbed. Thank you for sharing your talents.

Can't be said any better than this! I'm not sure which I look forward to seeing more...the paintings or the poetry!


07-29-2005, 08:59 AM
Wonderful paintings, all! Re: the poems--I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I absorbed. Thank you for sharing your talents.

^^^^^^^^ me too!

07-29-2005, 12:35 PM
You are all very sweet. Thank you for looking. I enjoyed the experience, and what a way to get me started to learn again.

I had time to practice doing washes yesterday, and was pretty happy with the results. Now I have to keep on going.

These guys can paint and write. I kept on looking at the paintings, and reading the poems. They can rhyme and make sense.

Love how the color transitions are seamless, Kev and Kevin. Chris, make a poster out of that one!

The pantyhose is NOT mine. I was not the last one in the bathroom Wednesday. :rolleyes: Really.

07-29-2005, 01:42 PM
JT Thanks JT, you are right, I went too heavy with white on the glass. The ref. pic. my niece took was nice but didn't have enough reflections for me...s'what i get for trying to paint glass from imagination! :D

Spritey, Thank you, also! I did want to get that nice amber color of a good bourbon...I think I did... :wave:

Mike, Mike, Mike, drinkin' at school...well thinkin' about it and that would be natural! hehe

Annapet, I love haiku and these are top-notch! Lovely verbal depiction of the effects of your tipple... Your painting has wonderfully designed shapes and the colors are great. It lacks the depth I prefer in artwork, but having said that, I have seen many works in this style, and like yours, are very beautiful...a hearty welcome to the bunkhouse, but please, we must keep the joint manly! Vases of flowers...what's next, pink curtains in place of our burlap?! ;)

Kev, Really fine painting! Love this. The design is a beaut and you did a great job with the reflections. I can see this hanging in a bar/pub very easily! The gradiation in color/value from top to bottom really makes it for me. Way to go! The poem is dead on! I'm a whiskey man right along, though have had to curb my drinkin' a lot with some meds I take...love the poem!

Chris, This poem is my favorite yet, I do believe. Love the sentiments expressed and your excellent wordsmithmanship(if not a word, oh well, expresses my thought!). This painting is another favorite of mine...love the glow and the rich colors achieved. Beautifully done!

ElizabethAnne, Uschi, thank you both for the kind words. :wave:

Thanks to all viewers, whoever you may be! I enjoyed this and know my glass highlights were too heavy handed. I got the whiskey color I wanted and am happy with it generally as a study. Kev, the corner marks were a touch I thought may help add a bit of interest, thanks for noticing! Chris, yeah, this poem is dark...I love my alcohol but have seen terrible effects on some lives. I have three friends currently battling alcoholism. One having finished a 30 day inpatient program, only to relapse when under stress.

So, drink your fill, all, but may your fill be in moderation! :wave:

07-29-2005, 02:27 PM
Now then, .....................just where did I put my pantyhose? :eek: :D :wink2:

07-29-2005, 02:40 PM
I suspected the WRONG person :D .

mr sandbanx
07-29-2005, 02:43 PM
You thought they were Kevin's???


OK Annapet, now we got you started, do another one please...

07-29-2005, 03:05 PM
Wow!! We have High key and then we have impressionism and then we have modern and representational. All very well done

Bravo you had to go first and you did it with finesse, conquered the paper even.. could that paper be a little like masa paper?
the poem is a great take on the habits of your drinkin ahem paintin mates :D.

Just teasin and again i say well done keeping the whites white qd the color fresh,

scuse me i have to post this so i can go back and review what eles is on display here.... ok
Kevin Slater is next... my mind is mush this week so bear with me,
I have neverr taken a liking to bourbon but my stepday has always sure it was the cure for any and all ailments. If I had a sorethroat he slipped me a shot of it if indigestion another emotionlal ... another

Your glass looks like itn is ready to slide down the bar to the next taker in the saloon well done!!!

Your prose with a little music should top the charts in country music, great job Kevin,

Chris I always pictures you as a wine sipping man tho I know you8 like your bear. I had to adjust my sights and i do appreciate your rendition. Looks like a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon and its making me thirsty. I'll have one of those.

I think you've written quiet Lament and to me its the best I have seen you do ever, thanks forn sharing this one,
Great work Banxy!!!

What a great composition... I love this photo and like your inturpretation even more, I am a closet teat driner nhaving given it up for coffe with the exception of Chai... must have my chai but i8 digress, I envision seeing this in sa starbucks round my way and i have clocked a lot of hours in our local cafe. My daugher was manager last year and she says that one of her coworkers have submitted art for the franchise of this nature... something to think about...
your prose is well done, pure and simple poetry
great job,

I love all of these ,,,, exxcellent work!!!


mr sandbanx
07-30-2005, 10:41 AM
Well thanks to the many who looked in and the few who commented here. This week was a lot of fun, making my own composition was a real experience for me for sure. And then painting the thing before I went away... would have liked a wee bit more time.

Kat: Well said I must say. :eek: Thanks for looking. Not a wine man at all I fear, but I do like my bear, being Canadian and all that. :D Actually truth be told I drink about one beer a month....

Glad you liked the poem too.

Kevin: wordsmithmanship is indeed a word... well it is now anyways. The poem was written with you two in mind... and I tried to steal some ideas from those wonderful Irish toasts that are so common, and so beautiful. Cheers again. And thanx.

Annapet: we prefer not to tell too many people that we "make sense" its a secret that we are a lot brighter than we make out to be. Thank you.

Ze Artist, ElizabethAnne, Uschi, thank you for taking the time.

Mike: Stop by anytime and we will dig one out of the cooler.

Spritey: What you see as cheery, Kat sees as a lament? Thanks for hanging in this long... hope you can think of nine more weeks worth of allocades. And are you keeping track of all these new words... (the English do speak a funny language dontcha think?)

Kevin: Yeah I am pretty happy all around with this weeks challenge... thanks again.

Jaytee: A Gallic kiss is worth a dozen bricklayers. Thanks for that. Glad the you liked the painting as well... the foam took the longest and it could be a lot better in retrospect.

Mine was initially going to be a cup of Tims XL regular... or my morning tea, but then again... I am glad I did this one instead.


07-30-2005, 12:54 PM
First of all a round of applause for Annapet for joining in :clap: :clap: - about time these men were given a run for their money - you go girl!! I love the way you have taken the colours from the ref pic and integrated them into your painting without being a slave to the pic itself and what great shapes. A very apt verse too. :clap: :clap:

Kev - great effect with the wording - I like how you used the colours in the background - as for the poem - LOL - especially good the 'Burton's window' reference. :clap: :clap:

Kevin - aaaaaah bourbon - not my favourite tipple but our Jamie loved the bottle I brought back from him from Kentucky - it didnt last long....LOL. I think you did a good job on the glass and you got the colour of the drink so kudos for that - very poignant poem too. :clap: :clap:

Chris - well what can I say about that foam - amazing - how you even got the little dimples in the top of it - looks like a good drink of John Smiths Bitter - as for the poem - reminds me of the Irish Blessing - and so apt for here as we seem to all get to meet up more frequent now (whether in big groups or singly) and share a tipple (or ten) :wink2: :clap: :clap:

Well done everyone. :clap: :clap: :clap:


07-30-2005, 11:37 PM
I've just about recovered from a week old hangover...having tried to help me old pal take photos of all different kinds of drinks......and after all that that he didn't use one of mine....and nobody painted a nice crystal glass of malt whiskey!,,,,shame

But what you did paint was exceptional...the red wine was vintage....the bourbon (must admit ..not my tipple by choice)was wonderfull....the beer...Banxy I could just imagine wiping that froth off my lip...and you nailed the colours....Annapet, what a fantastic image you painted...again , colours just spot on

Have to think this may be in top Five of the year

Poems...it goes without saying, that these were up to your ever improving quality

Bravos all round!

mr sandbanx
07-31-2005, 07:58 PM
Thanks Pat...the foam is mostly reserved whites, with some mucky greys and reds tossed in. I think it could be a little better still. The poem twas meant to be a take on an Irish Blessing. Glad you saw that.

Brian: thanks for stopping in and for your help in setting me up. Sorry its not a Glenfidditch but I don't have an unlimited budget! The colours in the beer: Sepia and BS mostly, some violet, cad orange, rose madder and some of that amazing Quin Gold.


Celeste McCall
07-31-2005, 09:17 PM
WOW, these are some great tipples. :D

I really love the colors in your paintings. You are certainly not afraid of using color to exploit every part of our eye cones. This painting is a great tipple for our eyes!

As always, your paintings are great. I too would love to see a bit more of a shadow as well....as Kev had mentioned, but even without the shadow it has your GREAT ability at lost edges and viewer's imagination input. Great job.

Love the checkmark composition. (Reminds me of the great painting by the famous lady Japanese painter.....one great black checkmark on a large white canvas....sold for a ton of money. It was painted with a very very very large brush.)
Love the reflection and shadow.

By the way, if Malty has pics then where is his painting? I'm wondering if Malty is just sooooo busy that he can't post. Dang, I'm thirsting for a Malty painting.....it's been a long haul. That blue coated woman must have him spirited off somewhere.

GREAT poems and paintings fellers. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :D :D :D

What's the next pic?

By the way, Stridey....your poem was great. I got the impression of a drunk driver that killed someone. I've known of a few that have done that around here and gotten away with it. They didn't even have a scratch, but killed someone else. :crying:

You are one great guy and I often think that your wrestling accident...though it has been a terrific burden to you....has made all of us so blessed to have your artwork and poetry on here.

And Chris and Kev, you guys have blessed us also with your artistry and poems. You all have given up a tremendous amount of time and energy to the weekly challenge. I know that you could have been golfing and enjoying some other paintings or persuits and I really appreciate it a bunch.

Thanks for the weekly installments. :)

mr sandbanx
07-31-2005, 09:45 PM
Yer Welcome Celeste, and thanks for hanging in there. You have been a rock for us guys.

Its surprising that in only two months we will all be free to golf, bounce babies on our artificial knees or enjoy a fine cigar on the deck in the autumn sunshine, but you know what Celeste? I expect there is a very real possibility you might find me crying in my beer as I watch the bunkhouse being dismantled one rotten, termite infested beam at a time.

Where's Malty? Where is Mrs Doubtfire: Don't know but I suspect she will be back one day... But in the meantime: the ever popular, ever effervescent Annapet was here this week for some much needed class and refinement. You oughta go back and have a look at her teacup... thats a checkmark type painting in my book.


Celeste McCall
07-31-2005, 09:52 PM
I actually forgot about Annapets effort also. I had read this thread earlier this morning and posted this afternoon....so I had totally forgotten about her posting....though I really thought that it was GREAT as well.

Anna, your painting was terrific. I was very impressed and you are really one brave lady to have participated with your painting and poem. :) Sorry that I had a brain interruption and forgot about your painting......very embarrassed here.

Kudos and the same for you, darlin', as I said for the guys. AND CLAPPIES just for YOU. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :D :D :D

from a very embarrassed Texan!

07-31-2005, 11:27 PM
Geesh, Celeste, wish I was a Texan...you guys get all the glory! ;) Thank you for your words, as Chris has said, you are a pillar of support! Oh, wait...right, Banx called you a rock! Geesh, Chris, Texas ladies expect manners! :wave:

mr sandbanx
08-01-2005, 12:31 AM
This is as refined as it gets Stridey...

Sorry Celeste: My manners went the way of the dodobird when I took up with this lot. But Annapets prescence has caused us to dust off our Judith Martin anthology... not sure if it will last though. Anyways, I was meanin to say pillars.... no excuse.

And Stridey: Thanks you so very much for pointing out my failings. It means a lot to me, and Lord knows, Malty can't bear the burden on his own. Although he certainly gives it his best effort.


08-01-2005, 04:44 PM
Kat, Pat, Brian, and Celeste. Thank you all for looking and commenting. You're all very sweet. I will improve, I promise :D .

I've been playing with paint EVERYDAY since I e-mailed Kev the writing and painting last Wednesday...Thanks again, Chris, Kev, and Kevin. From my bottom of my heart. This kick-started my watercolor journey. I don't just collect art supplies anymore. I have started to use them!

mr sandbanx
08-01-2005, 04:48 PM
And we expect to see some results soon Annapet... thanks for lighting up the bunkhouse.