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Kathryn Wilson
07-26-2005, 11:29 AM
This Thread has been created at the request of members of the Pastel Forum who would like to exchange, trade or sell items for pastels (both soft and oil pastels).

The Wet Canvas Swap Shop has been modified and now does not include Glass Forum items - the Glass Forum has been given their own swap shop and that leaves much more room for the other mediums to conduct business. So with that in mind, this thread will be for posting your links to the Swap Shop. (You can get to the Swap Shop by accessing the Discussion Forums list under "Content Areas" above in the blue bar menu. The Swap Shop is at the bottom of the list.)

Within your post in this thread you can include: 1) your link to the Swap Shop; 2) a short description of your items; 3) a link to your wish list in the Swap Shop; and any questions you might have concerning the thread and how it works. When you have sold or exchanged all of your items, hit the
"Report" button and tell the Moderators that your items are gone and we will edit your post to reflect that information. Do not report partial exchanges or sales information - that should be done in your Swap Shop thread.

What we do not want to see here is: a chat thread and items posted for
sale or exchange without a link to the supporting thread in the Swap Shop. Consider this thread as an information resource only. It is not for carrying on the business of trading or selling.

All images should be posted within your thread in the Swap Shop. Only a brief list of items should be included with your link.

All rules that Wet Canvas applies to the Swap Shop applies
here - Wet Canvas will not be held responsible for any problems
encountered with your transaction - that is to be worked out between the parties.

How to create a link and post: open up a thread in the Swap Shop
with your information, copy the URL at the top of the page, leave your
thread in the Swap Shop and post a message here in the Pastel Exchange
Thread with the link and description of your items or wish list.

Example of a post:

Link to Thread in Swap Shop
Will trade soft pastels, earth colors, for soft pastels, lights or darks
See listing of colors in my SS thread.

Have fun shopping and exchanging!!

Kathryn Wilson
09-01-2005, 08:00 AM
There are three sets of pastels for sale in the Swap Shop at this time (9/1) - here is the link to the post: