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07-20-2005, 12:28 AM
Hello: I started this painting with a ultra marine blue,and purple glaze on the canvas, then I used the knife, after getting lost in the painting, I used the brush. after making a little sense of things I went back to the knife. I have done a little brush work later. I know I want to do more. Any comments are welcome. Jan

07-20-2005, 05:26 AM
I like the mood in this painting, and how the yellow glow comes across the water. The sky is really lovely. Great what you can do with the knife. Keep it up!


Lady Carol
07-20-2005, 06:55 PM
It is fabulous already. The tree needs a little work but aside from that this is looking good.

07-20-2005, 09:16 PM
thank you the tree was a last minute addition. I know there is a lot of work to be done on the tree and the cliff. Jan

07-20-2005, 11:42 PM
Good color and looks like it's going to be a wonderful painting. I also like the yellow reflections in the water and the transparent wave in the front and the wave crashing into the rocks. It makes me think of a storm! The tree placement is really good, it draws the eye toward the center sunset. Going to be a beautiful painting.

mrs willow
07-21-2005, 06:41 AM
Jan! The sea and the sky are really great! Very moody and dramatic! :clap: :clap: IMHO, I really think that the tree and the cliff are not necessary! Perhaps, try focussing on the drama that is going on with nature (ie sea & sky) maybe place a vessel of some sort fighting the elements...somewhere towards the horizon and slightly to the left! Just a thought! You have a lot of good stuff going here!
All the best,

Wayne Gaudon
07-21-2005, 08:20 AM
Jan .. I've been hesitant to post on this one because I really don't want to offend your or anyone else for that matter but in your interest I will let my feelings fly at the risk that I will be disowned by you and many others. I think we are here to help each other so anything I say is not meant to derail you but to help. Sometimes I am totally wrong and if I am here, I apologize.

I think this piece needs to be trashed and a new one begun. You are an artist and there is no limit on how many pieces you are allowed to make as not all pieces come off properly. I don't think you would see yellow on the horizon as colors fade with distance and take on the color of the sky and not the color of the light (sun). You have some parts working and others not and you are applying paint very very tightly.

Basically, you seem to be in a bind .. wanting to go this way but habits are taking you that way. I can see the transition in your last few pieces where you are trying to be loose but fighting yourself all the way.

My advice is, "Don't feel that all pieces have to be good paintings." We are not perfect and we will have many failures along the way. There is no harm in putting some pieces down and leaving them die because you will learn more from creating a new one than you will from fixing an older one.

If I am correct concerning your direction I would recommend using bigger brushes. If you think you need a #4 for the job then use a #6. Etc. Pick your color scheme before hand and stick with it. For example, here you seem to want a purple dominant. Green/yellow would be it's contrast (used sparefully) and orange and blue the discords (used very sparingly in the hot spot of the painting) Of course within that structure is your values. Where to use what and what intensity. Van Gogh once said that he could not work without a model be it a person or a landscape. I fully believe that one needs a model and if you have a model there are no questions as to what you should or shouldn't do because the value scale is before you. All you need do is capture the structure and values.
We always struggle before we make a considerable gain and I think you are on the verge of finding something that will help you enjoy the process more. We find, we plateau, we struggle, we find, we plateau, and on and on. It sure is fun when it's find time.


07-21-2005, 09:06 AM
Wayne, and all Thank you. I see some good in this painting, but I agree with wayne. I almost trashed it and not posted it. Trashing a picture is nothing new to me. I have trashed a lot of them. I will probably gesso over it and try again. I have other ideas, and am in the mood to expeiment. Thank you all again. I will keep it for a while and look at it. Maybe mess with it some. Will let you know what I will do. Jan