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09-11-2000, 07:01 PM
Okay, now I remember WHY I started painting on sanded papers.

Binder. Bits. Rocks. Viens. I just ruined an entire painting that I was doing on Canson paper because the two of the color sticks I was using were FULL of bloody binder! "Tsk. Cheap pastels", you say. "HAH!" say I. "Schmincke!"

Schmincke? Yes, Schmincke. One of the few pastel brands I'd have thought would NOT present a binder problem. Rembrandt -- heh, tons in a lot of the colors. Winsor & Newton, here and there. Rowney -- haven't seen it, yet. But SCHMINCKE? C'MON!

The reddish violet values, D and B FULL of binder. Ripped the paper. Marred the paper. Went through an 8x10 piece of sandpaper trying to get past the binder bits. No luck.

Now, my question is: what recourse do we have? Can we send these back to the company (retail? manufacturer?) or just suffer? Is this inherent to this particular color? No idea!

Comments? Suggestions? Consolation? Pity?

Tha eil e glc, Schmincke! Nach bi grach!

Fisg mr agus mar sin leibh an-drsda,
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09-12-2000, 10:37 AM

Sympathy, consolation, and pity for you most definately. Even my first love, Sennelier, has a few colors which seem inherently stiff with binder. I do not know what this is, but it happens to me through all 8 or so brands I use. Mostly in the dark greens and some reds for me, but I don't know if there is any real reason for it.

One person to ask is a gentleman who makes pastels. He has made them for many for our WetCanvas colleagues. I do not know his name, but I had the pleasure of seeing/feeling some of his pastels just last weekend at the Colonial Beach getaway. Carol (aka: oleCC) is the one who showed them to me and who you can check with.

They seem wonderfully buttery. He will make anything you need.

You also might consider creating your own high-tooth board if you have not already. Then you can build up many layers and really lay in those wonderful pigments.

Wishing you the best,

LDianeJohnson.com (http://www.LDianeJohnson.com)

09-12-2000, 11:27 AM
I know how you feel about disappointing pastels. Like when I saw Yarkas promoted by certain PSA members; I ordered a set, was VERY disappointed.
Can you repair the damage? I know Albert Handell would have his sandpapers drymounted to museum board before working; maybe this would give a more solid surface to work. Or, as Diane said, make your own surfaces.
I guess you can get bad sticks from any; Schmincke are among my favorites, along with Sennelier and Great American. Terry Ludwig might be the one referred to as making his pastels. I got a sample kit from him; they're quite soft. Ken

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09-13-2000, 02:02 PM
Normally I use Wallis, Sabretooth or watercolor paper with pastel primer/ground on it. I used the Canson because I ran out of my regular stuff. Course my shipment was late, too. *moan*.

You mean Terry Ludwig? Nod, I intend to try his out but at the present time I'm up to my ears in pastels -- around 400 spread over five brands. So, until I put a dent in those I can't really justify buying more. That may change tho, I would KILL for a decent set of dark blues and a Rembrandt colored Prussian Blue (I LOVE Rembrandt Prussian Blue) in a much softer pastel. I think I would also kill for a set of cream/ivory colors. You know, the color of antique pearls and old lace. I've never seen that color. I'm sure someone has it, I've just never seen it.

Yarka was promoted by PSA members? Heh. I bought a box of those ages ago. Used them once. Now they sit waiting for my daughter to be old enough to use them.

As for the damaged painting: Once I realized that the pastel was beyond hope, I decided to work the scraping into the entire painting -- I went over the whole background with binder scrapes and incorporated it into the painting.

I sorta saved it -- heck it's not even a good painting -- but it's the principle, Dammit! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks for writing guys!

Mar sin leibh an-drsda,
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09-14-2000, 06:18 AM
Roan... sorry you didn't make it down to Colonial Beach for the getaway. I am not THAT far from Herndon, if you would like to come see Terrys pastels and try them out. He provides the recipes for making your own and I have a sample set that he made. Give me a call or email me - glad to share anytime.
http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif Carol aka oleCC