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06-23-2005, 11:23 PM
Hi everyone
my new etching press finally arrived at my doorstep this past Tuesday :clap:
however, there was a little crack in an area of the plastic piece that covers over the gears
I decided this crack is not an issue (and not worth shipping the press all the way back to Illinois across the border) so will live with it
Gave the press a test run using my most recent block (canoer), two prints pulled, the first a little embossed too much so learned about adjusting the gauges :rolleyes:
speaking of that image, I removed the tree branches I originally had on the upper left and right, found that I kinda liked the openess of the print more...now the figure in the canoe becomes much more pronounced
I put a three inch border acid-free matt around it (same colour as print paper), regular glass and a slim profile rustic wood frame (like the wood of a cedar canoe). I think the presentation now gives it even more impact.

I am also a member of a 24 artist collective. The group have gallery space in an old Canadian National Railways freight building located in a parkland area that graces the Marina district of our city. This area is very busy in the summer time thanks to tourism and assorted festivals held in the park.
Tomorrow is the opening day for this free public gallery, it will run for a two months period where we all take turns sitting and giving demonstrations of our talents. It turns out there are 4 of us who dabble in the printmaking medium.
While setting up the gallery today we had a unexpected visit from a chap who hails from West Virginia, he turned out to be a professional printmaker on holidays. He is driving around Lake Superior and camping in our beautiful wilderness parks of the region. Had a good chat about printmaking techniques and whatnot with him. He also saw my work and gave me words of encouragement. Told him about the printmakers forum in wetcanvas and how it is a godsend for those of us who want to share ideas and ask questions.


06-24-2005, 08:40 AM
Hooray :clap: :clap:

I can remember when mine arrived- It was a great day... The big lift gate truck pulled up and dropped off a BIG crate, which I spirited into my carport under the 'watchful' (read- NOSEY) eyes of my neighbors.... And then up into the house... Most never DID find out exactly what was delivered- I keep a certain level of 'secrecy' with the nieghbors :)

Looks like you got the pressure thing down pretty well... It takes some time, but eventually you will have no problem with it... You got one of the model II's with the gauges on it, right?? If so, A good idea is keeping a notebook with the pressure settings that you are using for each block- it gives you a starting point for adjusting the rollers later.

Did you get the phenolic or steel bed? I have the Phenolic one, and love it- So much lighter, and they dont rust... I have not had any problem with rusting on the press itself, If I am not going to be using it long term I wipe everything down a bit with a paper towel that is just LIGHTLY damp with veggie oil, seems to keep rust at bay (may not be an issue for you, but when you live on saltwater, ANY ferrous metals seem to virtually disappear before your eyes!!)

About the plastic gear cover- In my opinion, that is the only part of the press that is bad, it is flimsy, and doesn't seem to stay on my press too well. I have a feeling that if you called customer service, they would send a replacement to you without having to ship the press back- Blick is VERY good about this kind of thing, they aren't happy unless YOU are happy.... Especially with those of us in the 'Big Ticket' area- The press buyers!!

Have fun with the new press, and let us know what you name it...


06-24-2005, 11:51 AM
Andrew, I find it funny that you should mention what Brian will name his press. I have the very small Blick Econo press and have taken to referring to it as Mighty Mouse. What do you call yours?

06-24-2005, 12:53 PM
I find it funny that you should mention what Brian will name his press. I have the very small Blick Econo press and have taken to referring to it as Mighty Mouse. What do you call yours?

I call my press Norman... I thought I was odd, and would have NEVER told someone that my press was named, until another printmaker refered to his press by it's first name... Come to find out, it is pretty common! I think that we become so familiar with our presses when we use them that they become more than mere tools to us- They take on a bit of a life...


06-24-2005, 07:41 PM
Last night on Oregon Art Beat on OPB there was a story about a man in Portland who makes presses. His name is Ray Trayle and the presses looked very nice. If anyone is interested you can find a little more info. at the OPB.org site. I'd be curious if anyone here owns one.

06-28-2005, 08:14 AM

Congratulations! I never understood how a printmaker can be happy without a press :wink2: Had some experience with the spoon-thing, but I perhaps I'm too lazy or impaticiened to get decent results with it :D .

A name for a press???? Never haven given that a thought! Given the hefty size of mine (80cm, good a tax deal with it), "Thick Bertha" comes to my mind, after the gigantic German guns of (I think) the first World War :rolleyes:


06-28-2005, 12:20 PM
I think I will call my press "Rolly".
Already have creative friends of mine here wanting to come over and try it out.
Where I live there are only a handfull of printmakers (if that) and presses are guarded tooth and nail by those who own them.
I will be quite happy to share mine as long as care is taken using it, but my intention is to keep it here in my small studio on the work bench. Those who want to use it will have to come here to make their prints. Unfortunately the facilities are a bit cramped and it is a dark space (cellar) so they will have to work with those variables.

06-28-2005, 04:03 PM
Keep an eye on that press- They seem to be pretty hot items! Artists are always jealous when they find out that you have one at home...

I put mine on a heavy duty kitchen cart, it is the perfect height to work at, and is on wheels, so I can roll it where I need to- A great help in a relativly small studio like mine, especially since i often have to 'rearrange' mine to work with different media...

Diane Cutter
06-29-2005, 04:01 PM
Congratulations, Brian... Wow, such creative names... I never named mine, but alway thought of the big one as 'hard to get' since I struggle so with her sometimes... No name but she is definitely a she... with a lot of personality!


PS I like how the final state of the print came out. Good, classic composition.

06-30-2005, 09:10 PM
I ddin't name mine either, Diane.

My press is on a wonderful heavy-duty work table. I had it on rollers on a small table before but I could never roll it out of the way (too heavy) easily anyway. Now I can use the rest of the work table when I need it.

Brian, glad you like the press. I'd get the crack taken care of even if it doesn't affect things now.