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06-21-2005, 01:35 AM
hello all I first posted my attempt of the President Bush portrait drawing in sketching forum as newbie graphite drawing. At that time I was very dissatisfied with my result however I have gotten much good advice from you all and I have started to given another go. I was told by Reinhard to post my future attempts as work in progress or WPI should I need should continuing to comments be necessary which I feel would be to case. I was not sure if he meant to continue to post on the drawing form or the WPI forum. So I am cross-posting on both forms if this is not appropriate please let me know.

Reinhard is vice me to start with the eyes and then maybe the mouth. So I am starting with the left eye. I have read Lisa's portrait eye classroom (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=245708&highlight=eyes) and found it excellent I try to see if the information presented their was duplicated at other web sites and it is not as far as my searching has gone. Nor do I remember hearing this information in the few drawing books I have read. The information I find so in unique in particular is "On the sphere set the iris and pupil Think of the iris as a colored marble Light shines through it. Because of the light shining through the iris, the lighter color of the iris will he on the side opposite the light source." I tried practicing what Lisa said by doing if you practice eye before committing it to my rust out positioning sketch. A course I can always erase so please feel free to tell me if that is necessary. The experience of doing a few practice eyes before trying it on my raft out positioning sketch led me to some conclusions. That I may have to overdo the light shining through to the right side of his left eye when I'm working at the tiny size of my 6" x 8" drawing since the eyes are so small at that drawing size that the tonal differences do not seem to read well unless you over exaggerate small details. Or at least this has been my experience having blown up my left eye in Photoshop and and then looked at my original drawing on my drawing paper. I also have the question of how much to expect when I am drawing so small? So those are my major questions at this point.

Attachment 1 is my raft out positioning sketch now would an left eye. Attachment 2 is my reference photo. An attachment 3 is a left eye reference blown up in black-and-white.
Your comments would be most appreciated.

Valri Ary
06-22-2005, 12:58 AM
I am no expert in this area but I have two things to say...take them with a grain of salt. I love our PREZ..... and the other is the EYE you've started is excellent. I would recognize it in a heart beat. That being said (as I said, no expert here!) I strongly encourage you to continue and post your progress as it move along. Way to go. Gotta love the Bush-man!

06-22-2005, 02:26 AM
Good start on that eye........you have done really well with such a small drawing......
cheers kim

06-25-2005, 06:11 AM
:)Hello all,
I have been clicking my heels and holding off on working on my Bush portrait because as soon as I heard of the miracle eraser called Blu-Tack wanted some Blu-Tack before I proceeded with my drawing. According to a terrific British graphite pencil artist called Mike Sibley it's the eraser to have if you are going to work with graphite. He sells the stuff at his web site (http://www.sibleyfineart.com/index.htm?tipsndx.htm) but I do not think he is just trying to make money, I think it is really good stuff. It is something like it needed a eraser but far more effective. I have not learned to be as precise with it as he claims you can be on his web site. I also found a US supplier (http://www.glubie.com/01_Pages/Blu-Tack.htm) which is the way to go if you live in the US.

I have taken up Reinhard suggestion and redraw part of President Bush's left eye, but you might not know it from my attached drawings because I reworked the highlights as well. I then drew the right eye and it seemed only logical to get to nose next since the eyes entailed drawing some of the nose anyway.

Attachment 1 whole drawing including ruft out positioning.
Attachment 2 new parts drawn.
Attachment 3 black and white reference drawing of new parts drawn.

Thanks all. Any further comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.



06-25-2005, 07:54 AM
Hi Marc...the right (viewer) eyeball could be moved a touch to the right ...and right nostril could be a touch too wide...otherwise looking good....
cheers kim

06-25-2005, 09:07 PM
As to the drawing - on the right eye, the angle of the crease above the eye the angle is not quite right on the left side. I think if you shad the eyeballs slightly in the corners you will give them a much more rounded look.
Good likeness though!

Anita - I was not exactly sure but crease you were referring to, but thought it was what I was thinking of as a shading denoting the brow ridge.
Attachment 1 shows my correction. I would be interested in hearing if I got it?

As for giving the eyes a much more rounded look by shading for corners I got out my 2H pencil and tried, however I did remember it is called the whites of the eyes. I think I will have the same foreboding if I decide to shade the teeth. I have read somewhere that you draw teeth best by drawing the negative spaces around the teeth but I guess I would have to switch to positive space thinking and get out my 2H pencil again if I am to shade the teeth.


06-27-2005, 06:50 AM
Anita - Thank you very much for taking the time to draw on my drawing (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3645890&postcount=11). I cannot think for the world why it can understand the word crease when you refer to it but I could not. I have been fixing that crease over the eye that appears on the right of my drawing so many times I've won at the paper. So I am going to have to leave it in its present state. I would still be interested in your perceptions as to whether you think I fixed what she saw when you looked at my drawing. I decided to go ahead and worked on my damage drawing more because I feel even working on a damage drawing will increase by drawing ability.

JayD - I am wondering if you're inside a socket comment about the eyes is your soft way of telling me I needed to graduate to a darker tone to show eye depth?

I have finished the portion from the eye browse to the top lip excluding the hair on the side of the head. A damaged on the paper from cell much you erasing of the eye that appears on the right force me to darken the eye that appears on the left as well to even them up. I think my drawing may have needed that anyway. I am now wondering if I am proceeding in the right tone range? in realistic drawing is tonal range a matter of artistic preference or is that for more artistic drawings of a realistic kind. Also I am wondering if my application of fixative when I am all done can help my paper damage caused by a erasing the left eye to much? Of course any comments that you think would improve my drawing other than fixing the eye that appears on the left would be greatly appreciated.

Attachment 1 is my entire drawing including the parts not finished.
Attachment 2 is the portion I worked on since my last posting.
Attachment 3 is a reference photo in black-and-white of the portion I worked on since my last post.

06-27-2005, 06:40 PM
Reinhard (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3651079&postcount=15) - Thank you for offering to help me. I hope you and others will be willing to help me after I admit this. My goals in learning to draw better are not exactly pure. I seek to see better in order that I might eventually become a web page and graphic designer. I have read seeing better is the first step in being more creative. Also a designer must draw many very small thumbnails which reveal relationships of design because of the close proximity they put objects and relationships.

As of now I am using the Photoshop comparison method a lot. The graph paper method a lot and only free handing toning. I also have not practice hand eye coordination exercises that much. Preferring to jump in to the exciting part of drawing. So I am in a seeing better quest. I do not know if pursuing photorealism is the best way to see better at my stage. Or perhaps pursuing what would lead me to freehand drawing. Or perhaps moving to Value Drawing after this one. I am also thinking if a Value Drawing after this one would be jumping the gun and this Bush picture does not lend itself to that since it is not and three-quarter view.

In summary I am seeking to better recognize the good and the bad art of others. Heighten my ability to see relationships. And generally become more creative.
Hope it wasn't wrong to admit all that here. And if you or anybody else has suggestions how to go about pursuing drawing projects with the goal of seeing better I would be most appreciative.