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12-29-2001, 10:12 AM
(Remeber Vinny Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter?) I am SO confused! :mad:

I have done searches on WC and google- please expain to a newbie- how do I use the wheel? Just a basic idea would be great. Since the first two paintings I have done have been of black animals how would I apply the wheel?

Thanks so much for all your time,

12-29-2001, 11:40 AM
There are a many color wheels to study. I think perhaps starting with the basic color wheel would be a good way to learn to use one and find out which one suits you and your thinking.

Actually, it's a thinking tool. It helps you make sense of how and which color to use.

First read this article and then I'll see if I can pull up a couple of other color wheel threads for you to look at.


Be aware that some do not agree with the placement of this color wheel. That is why there are so many different color wheels out there. Try playing with the color wheel and making your own. You will soon learn why everyone talks about the color wheel. After you learn the basics and begin to paint, you will not need the color wheel any longer..... using color will become second nature.

12-30-2001, 11:23 PM
Davena, this question is a little akin to "I can drive, now how do I win the Indy 500?" :D

The colour wheel and its application to blacks/darks is quite a subtle point, this is not to say you can't paint black subjects early on but to understand the theory behind how they relate to colour theory in general is something which you should approach slowly I think. Start with easier-to-define colours/subjects and work towards an understanding of how the darker colours relate to the lighter ones and each other and you should be on your way.


01-03-2002, 02:06 PM
as well as the colorwheels discussed at the link that llis gave,you can also go to winsor & newton site,they kinda break the colors down,but if I remember right,their charts are in pdf format,so you may need acrobat reader to see it.:)

01-04-2002, 07:34 AM
Thank you all so much for some much needed advice. I am jumping the gun in trying to understand the lights and darks and shadows. The article on WC did clear up a few misunderstandings I had about the CW.

I have chosen my next subject- here's hoping I can apply what I have learned. :)