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12-29-2001, 08:23 AM
Do any of you put commissioned work on ebay? I generally do oil portraits of children, but can easily crank out some graphite sketches, and was thinking about putting some on ebay. Have any of you approached getting commissions in this way? If so, in your honest opinion, what do you think you would ask for a sketch similar to this?...it is 11x14 graphite on bristol...in real life(lol) I generally get $80 for a 9x12 head and shoulder and $100 for 11x14 per subject, however these with more body do take longer..Im NO GOOD at pricing..HELP!

12-29-2001, 03:35 PM
Hey Maryeve,

I've sold 2 commissioned pieces on ebay; both were pet portraits and both were Auction for America listings. One went for $200, prearranged as a buy it now deal with a price set by the buyer in advance of my listing, and the other had multiple bids and I think ended at $120.50. Both were 11 X 14. I've never gotten those prices on my regular listings but then I've never listed a commission piece aside from AFA. I have seen commission pieces ( for pets ) with starting bids of $40 to $50 and that seems to get bids. These were not large pieces, probably 11 X 14.

I plan to do some commission listings. I heard that there is or is going to be a new category called "Services" that this would fit into.

Hope this helps. You might also do a search in the art categories by entering the word commission and see what comes up. Right now things are real dead on ebay. Post here if and when you do a commission listing. Love your drawing!


12-31-2001, 10:25 AM
Do some searches for "portrait", "commission" or any other words you think would fit the type of auction you want to offer. Be sure to checkmark the 'search in descriptions' box. You may pick up some auctions you're not interested in but this way you will also find more.

I see auctions listed for commission work a lot, but since that hasn't been one of my interests, I don't pay a lot of attention to their bids. Your sketch is really lovely. I'm sure you would find a market but it might take some time! And now is a very slow time of the year....however...there are fewer listings because of that so the competition is less also!

If you find artists who offer commission work, email them and ask questions. I find that most of the artists at ebay are really willing to share and give helpful info.