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05-23-2001, 03:07 PM

I have spoke a little about this before, how I create 2 kinds of art. 1 for general consumption (sorry is that correct spelling) and the other for myself. I told CkA that it was based in RPGs, something I've been doing for a while now. And how this has harvested alot of ideas based on mythical creatures & ideas. This is one of them, a sea elf wizard named Aerin and her pet earth elemental Klump. The snake skin boots & top are from an adventure (game event) she had, and so is everything she's wearing actually (lol) Does anyone else play RPGs and use them in their art? Just curious...not looking for a game.

05-24-2001, 10:32 AM
Never did the RPG thing, used to do board games (SNIPER) when I was younger. Seen a lot of RPG art on the net though here:

<a href="http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/elfwood.html">elfwood</a>

BTW, is the an example of art for yourself or for general audience?

"Art is anything you can get away with." -- Marshall McLuhan

05-24-2001, 02:32 PM
Mrs. Haub your site was very thorough, I look forward to NWN just as much as you, having finished Shadows of Amn months ago. Not interest in Throne however, as NWN has so many more features to look forward to...Could you name me some of those sites you mentioned about?

05-25-2001, 12:09 AM
dhenton, I know Elfwood. And the example above is for me. What I mean by general is landscapes, formal portraits, still life, etc... the traditional subject matters for the rest of the site. But this is ILLUSTRATION bro!!! I've long felt more akin to this title than "artist", illustrator has some b--ls to it. I think you understand... I know there are plenty of artists who push the art envelope, but Illustration to me has always meant fantasy art, comic book art, sci-fi art, art for books, for movies, special effects. And that's how I define it in my book, but that's just me, nobody has to agree. And now I'm gonna stop rhyming, man I hate when that happens...

05-25-2001, 12:13 AM
Wow, that is wonderful, baquitania!!
What medium is this?


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05-25-2001, 12:20 AM
Thank you Helen, the piece was done using permanent markers for the outline on smooth bristol. Sorry I forget the weight of the paper. The color is added in layers of flat wash here and there using watercolor. Then I do detail patterns, like the skirt. Actually the mud creature and dark sky were an after thought. I put them in as sort of a gimmick and to contrast her light colored body. The palette is suppose to suggest a water type creature, which is what she is. And the pose and outfit was just to make her as sexy as I could get without going overboard. I'm glad you like her. I wish WC had a post just for fantasy art, but as I said above, Illustration covers alot. Does anyone know of a fantasy art specific site like WC? I have tried Elfwood, but was looking for others...

05-25-2001, 12:49 AM
A good portion of my artwork comes from games that I play. RPG's are a great source for inspiration. I also do a lot of writing for gaming. Often times, they feed off each other. Either way, there is a scene or a picture in my mind that I have to get out. I have been writing for a lot longer than I have been drawing.

Trist (http://trist.haubworld.org) is a project that my hubby and I are currently working on for Neverwinter Nights. Since the game isnt even out yet, there is really only story writing and artwork being done on it.

Although there are a lot of good fantasy art sites out there, I have found that I have learned more of the basics here than anywhere else.

05-25-2001, 01:48 PM
Some interesting sites for anime and RPG fans:

Polykarbon.com (http://www.polykarbon.com/index.html)
Polykarbon BBS (http://pub25.ezboard.com/bpolykarbonbbs)
Larswood RPG site (http://www.larswood.com/larswood/)

05-25-2001, 03:04 PM
thanks gerak, i book marked those... B.

05-26-2001, 10:05 PM
Hey Baquit!I always love the brite color in your drawinga and I STILL think you should try comic illustraition(Don't let go of that dream)because you have what it takes.I play RPG alot.I love Tomb Raider,It's one of my favs.I would Love to see you do a Tomb Raider drawing.

Keep up the art,

06-10-2001, 11:41 PM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/cool.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/cool.gif I really like this. I especially like the colours you have used. I used to occasionally draw stuff like this, but never saved any of it. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/crying.gif http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/eek.gif

06-27-2001, 03:35 PM
First i want to say i love your work:clap: 2nd i am a huge rpg fan my favorite rpg is final fantasy,but since my playstation messed up i havnt been able to play the new one:( i cannot wait for the final fantasy movie it looks awesome.

07-02-2001, 05:55 PM
I play video-game RPG's :D . I draw them sometimes too, but I don't post them online because of all the copyright stuff. . .TONS of other people do "fanarts" of RPG characters on the net, but most of them that I've seen are anime artists (myself included). Baquitania, I like this pic, esp. the folds and patterns in the costume. I really agree with your illustrator vs. artist comment--I LOVE cartooning and anime, I tend to go wild with it a lot more than traditional art. Nice pic! :D

07-20-2001, 10:26 AM
I have no idea what you guys are talking about :D
I love this piece Baquitania.
Very powerful

08-29-2001, 02:53 PM
My Son Leo says:

" :clap: Its awesome but just a couple things, sea elves are quite weak on land and should not look so mighty! and it looks like a fighter-thief to me. Itís done very well but I love being elfin thieves and it does not seem to be an aquatic elf sorcerer, and, the earth elemental should be made of stones. I think it looks like a flesh golem, but either way I really like it! :) "

Bella says: " seems that my son really likes your work :) I'll have to get him a name and pass here if he continues to post! hehehehe. He draws D&D character's too and likes to play. He has made me a half elf ranger :D but I have not played as yet... I have been told that my brother is a wonderful D&D master."

08-29-2001, 11:50 PM

Actually she's a high-elf, she just has a polymorph self spell on to assume the webbed fingers and skin color, cause we were doing aquatic adventures for a while. And the earth elemental should have a few stones, you're right, but I didn't want him to look like Ben Grimm of the FF. As for her class, she is a ftr/mu of 9/10th level, and the ring summons "Klump". And I am afraid I have no straight elf thieves. I have a bard who is old school 1st edition, and he is an unusal 13th level thief, I will post him for you...


This made my day, Leo's killer! If he wants, he can email me his stats and history of his PCs, and I will gladly draw some for him, since I know what he means...


Leo of Canadia
08-30-2001, 07:31 PM
I'll gladly send you my character. I finally made an WC acount.

PS. Its Leo :clap: yaaay! :D !