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Beth Duri
03-04-2001, 10:50 PM
Ok I'm very nervous about posting. But here it goes. I just found this website a few days ago and was looking in the painting section. I really dont think my art would fit in there. I think it is more suited here. What do you think. I just started painting in December of 2000. I've always doodled. Now being a stay at home mom I find this is my stress relief. I have had the good fortune of making a small amount of money selling my paintings on ebay the last 2 months. Please comment on my piece. This is a silly one. Title "When no one is looking" size 9x12 inches in acrylic. I hope I posted the image correctly. Im not sure what 100k is. I optimized it and resized it. Hope its ok. If its not please tell me how to fix it. Thank you, Beth Duri<IMG SRC="http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/04-Mar-2001/BethsartNOonesLOOKINGoptmb.jpg" border=0>

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03-05-2001, 09:17 AM
Interesting subject! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif This strikes me as a picture to which one cannot say its right or wrong or needs improvement. The style and colors are expressive and the cat reminds me of something from R. Crumb! Since you posted this in illustration, I guess want to illustrate something. Personally, that's where I think you should head next: find a book/topic that interests you and illustrate it.

BTW, what is the medium?

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Beth Duri
03-05-2001, 09:40 AM
Thanks for looking. It is acrylic paint on heavy weight paper size 9x12.
I really havent painted or drawn much since high school art classes. So I really am really just learning. I love this website I'm finding alot of information.

It would be nice one day to illustrate a childrens book or something to that effect. I still have a long way to go. I only have 2 months under my belt.

The subject was inspired by a painting I bought from Artist Todd Marrone, The guy in the painting was picking his nose. I've got a weird sense of humour I guess. Its hanging in my FORMAL dining room http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif . If you'd like to see the painting go to www.toddmarrone.com (http://www.toddmarrone.com) The title is SCOUT in his painting gallery.


Keith Russell
03-06-2001, 10:06 AM

I agree, there isn't really much that can be said about your technique; everything you have done in the piece 'works' in relation to everything else.

Thanks for posting, look forward to seeing mroe of your work, and best of luck to you.


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03-06-2001, 05:32 PM
Beth: This is so cute!

03-06-2001, 05:34 PM
There seems to be a lot more action in the Critiques forum. Why don't you post it there, and you'll probably get more feedback.


03-08-2001, 01:45 AM
Looks great to me, Beth. It speaks to me. It hangs together. It works. It has style. It says something. The quality is on a par with (or higher than) most children's book illustrations I've seen. I like it.

Ronski (http://csg-arts.com)

Beth Duri
03-08-2001, 03:12 AM
Thanks kg7er,

I really appriciate your comment. I hope to do a childrens book so badly.

One of these days. I just started about 3 months ago. I now paint everyday. It has become part of my life. I'm so much happier now than I was before I created. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

take care, Beth Duri

03-08-2001, 05:04 PM
It must be real easy brush with teeth like that! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif Good job!

BTW, good use of the primaries.


03-08-2001, 06:50 PM
I really enjoyed your illustration. Your sense of humour and style really shows. I can't believe you've only painted regularly since December. Your coloring and drawing style feel personal and genuine. I especially like the fish skeleton. Everything there makes me want to know what happens next.


04-07-2001, 11:42 PM
Beth, http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
This would be great for a children`s book. It would also be good as a greeting card. I also like the colours you have used. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/wink.gif