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05-29-2005, 08:27 PM
This is the artist that I met this weekend at the fair in Sturgeon Bay, WI. His etchings are incredible- The images on the web page don't do justice to the level of detail in these- Some of the best I have seen. He even makes his own paper- Something that I have been meaning to try!

Steve Nowatzki- Printmaking (http://www.scc.net/~nowatzki/index.html)

I bought three of his- But wanted many, Many more- I just dont have wall space! Here are the ones that I REALLY liked-

Why the West was won (http://www.scc.net/~nowatzki/pages/solo/whythewest.html)- I didn't buy this one, but I wanted to... It is just TOO BIG for my walls- Not enough space left. This one has so much detail in it.

Get what you pay for (http://www.scc.net/~nowatzki/pages/solo/youget.html) - I bought a smaller version of this one, a commentary on the ivory trade.

DoDo (http://www.scc.net/~nowatzki/pages/solo/humantouch_dodo.html) - I bought this one, too- my favorite.

Hope everyone enjoys the page!

05-30-2005, 07:33 AM
The minute I opened the page I knew the artist. I have had one of his bison color trial prints on my wall for about 13 years!! I have always loved it. It just speaks to me. I have made quite a bit of handmade paper in the past so maybe that was part of the appeal even though the print I have is not on HM paper. For some reason no one around me holds the same enthusiasm for the piece but they say they like it.

I bought it in Pittsburgh. When I've seen his work at a couple of other shows (Madison, WI and maybe Minneapolis?) I've mentioned that I bought one of his pieces in Pittsburgh and he always says that I was about the only one that bought anything there. I've always been stunned because I think his work is amazing. Glad someone besides me appreciates it!

05-30-2005, 08:32 AM
Thanks for posting that, Andrew. Wish he were showing here, would love to see his work in person.

Diane Cutter
06-08-2005, 01:52 PM
Just wanted to say, I keep checking this guy out... wonderful work... thanks, Andrew, for pointing him out.


06-14-2010, 05:51 PM
I just found one of his pieces, an artists proof of "Moose Study" at a second hand store. It is printed on handmade paper (wheat possibly) for $1.50. It is REALLY beautiful!


06-22-2010, 07:11 AM
now this is a name i don't think i will ever forget... about a year ago i ran into a beautiful print... a old run down looking dockside print bearing his name and a date... just the last two numbers of the year. the print was so excellent, classic style looking much like the works of haden and whistler. with the date and the subject and quality i thought it to be a hundred plus year old print. took me about two weeks to figure out who the artist was. the work was completely different from anything else shown in varius web sites or now in his website... wish i'd found his phone back then... i'd have called and asked what gives??? maybe it was done when he was a student or just starting out??? it was sure good and not at all political as much of his present works.