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02-21-2001, 09:38 AM
I am just giving my two cents of experience in response to someone asking the question in the middle of another thread. I drew comics for 5 years and I got into that by attending as many comic book conventions near me that I could and meeting as many editors as I could. One thing that is important to remember is meeting artists is cool for the sake of making connections to how the business works but do not reply on one to get you work. Most artists are trying to do the same. I ghosted an artist a great deal to get into the business but actually got in on my own lead totally seperate of the guy I was ghosting. As a matter of fact, the ghosting job worked against me for a while because of the artist's reputation with editors.

I am currently drawing two children's books and about to get into magazine illustration as well. The best tool for this is the annual Children's Writers and Illustrators Market Guide which you can find at your local bookstore for around $23 or less. Hope that helps somewhat...

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02-21-2001, 10:34 PM
Thanks for that it was probably me you are talking about.I will keep all that in mind.Kim

Keith Russell
03-07-2001, 03:20 PM
What Noir said about attending comic book conventions, applies equally well to attending science fiction conventions, if you are interested in working in the science fiction illustration field.

Whatever field of illustration you wish to get into, it's critical to talk to people already in the field, not to find work (as Noir said, they're competing for the same jobs you are, and are very unlikely to find you work. It happens, but it's rare), but to find out how to go about finding work.

People 'in the know' will be aware of the latest trends in the industry, and what publishers and art directors are looking for. They can tell you how to submit work, what kind of work to submit, what techniques, media, or 'looks' are hot--and what is not.

Good luck,


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03-07-2001, 05:08 PM
Hi Keith,thanks for that.Iwill check out local options.Kim.