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05-22-2005, 04:04 PM
Hello, all!

My name is Katharina, Iīm new to WC! and want to say "Hi! Iīm here! And I guess Iīll stay for a while." :D
I havenīt worked with pastels for years, but now I re-discovered them and I want to learn more about that wonderful material
And I have a few questions...maybe you guys can help me!
Soon Iīll be going on a trip across Europe in a motorhome. This trip will last at least four months. I can take some of my art supplies, but ofcourse not everything.
Between soft pastels and oil pastels, I finally decided to take the oil pastels, because I figured, they would be easier to transport and also the paintings will be easier to store. My concern here is, if they will melt in the heat? The motorhome gets really hot inside in summertime and Iīm worried that finished paintings will maybe stick together and be messy.
The other question is about that velvety-kind-of-paper, I donīt know how you call it, here we call it "Velourpaper". I guess you know what I mean... I worked on it once and I like how it "grabs" the pastel color. My trouble is, that thereīs always pigment coming off again. A spray to fix it didnīt work either. So, how can such work be stored, if you donīt want to put it behind glas immediately? :confused:

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
Many nice greetings from sunny Vienna!

K Taylor-Green
05-22-2005, 04:46 PM
Hi Katharina! Welcome to WetCanvas! and the Pastel Forum!! I only paint with the softies, but I'm sure one of the oilies will come along to answer your question.
I do, however, use velour paper. It is one of my favorite surfaces. I usually staple my paper to a piece of foam core as I work. When I am finished, I turn it over, and holding it away from me, give it a good thump or two. This dislodges excess pastel dust. You cna remove the painting from the foam core and store it flat between sheets of glasine, or large sheets of tracing paper.
Hope this helps, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work!

05-23-2005, 03:22 AM
Hi, Kate!

Thanks for your nice letter!
Iīll give my velour paper another try! Iīve got a gift of about 15 large sheets of that paper, now I have to show that Iīm actually DOING something with it. :) No pressure there!

I would like to show some of my stuff, but I havenīt figured out some of the tecnical things yet...and I have so little time with the computer!

Many thanks, Katharina