View Full Version : Weekend Drawing Event May 14 (13)2005

05-13-2005, 01:47 PM
After some interfering thunderstorms in Andrew's area, and some slight panicking from WDE-addicted members, we are up and running for this weekend! :D I put the 13th in brackets because Andrew will try to get the Event uploaded tonight.
It sounds like it will be fun- here's Andrew's invitation:

Join me for this weeks theme:


High key . . . low key. . . dominate color . . . color harmony . . .

The choices we as artists make, influence the feelings that people get as they view our works.

Pictures will be uploaded (weather willing), tonight, Friday 13, May 2005

I apologize for the delay, but thunderstorms interfered with my internet access. I also apologize for no graphic, but it is on my home PC, and I am posting this from work.

Hope to see you there.