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05-10-2005, 05:28 PM
Mikeyís Dream and China

Iím now looking for a transitional painting to take my body of work from Mikeyís Dream to China Awakes. China Awakes the 5 x 4 foot painting may have to wait as it is rather large for this present show and I think has more potential for such a large canvas. I could put much more ability into it in the future.

Looking at the bigger Mikeyís Dream painting of the hall with stairs Iím not sure whether or not to include the arch. It would only seem to function as a frame in the new context. I do want to include the top hall where you can presently see the mysterious woman in black. The theme will not be about China as such, but more the relationship it has with the west. I want to put some good positive notes in if this if possible.

I decide that the arch will go in, but only part, as I donít wish it to dwarf the figures. I donít want them to be too small this time. I think a fairly high building is necessary to suggest the grandeur.

Whilst I show that the west has the Horn of Plenty, I think there is a price to pay for that and it may not be the rich who pay it. China now wants what the west has and is quite prepared to achieve all of that on its own terms. Who will pay the price? I donít want to get overmuch involved with the politics, or for that matter discussion about scarce resources in this painting.

Iíve begun differently this time by producing a basic perspective grid in Bryce 3D. The difficult problem with this kind of perspective is establishing that first square without a massive sheet of paper. The software calculates all of that for me and I only have to scale it. I can also swivel the scene, change the eye level, or zoom in and out as I wish.


05-11-2005, 06:40 AM
Hi Mikey...this certainly suggests grandeur.....and I can understand the wish to make the figures larger.....this scene suggests elements of the metaphysical...looking forward to seeing the next stage...
cheers kim

05-11-2005, 08:01 AM
Thanks Kim, I think a metaphysical element will be almost inevitable. I see the decision makers as often being swept up in a tide of events in a way which seems to be quite irrational. I also think the awakening of a people is at least in part metaphysical. I'm very much impressed by Kuang Jian's painting Dislocation. "The don't know which way they should go with their lives or the possibilties that are available to them so it's as if they are 'dislocated' in society." I haven't been able to find a half decent file to show with google.

I tried working on this one this morning. It may have been because an old friend popped in to see me, but this just wouldn't go right. I've put it to one side to do another portrait. I've taken all the pressure off myself about doing anything else for the show.


05-12-2005, 02:38 PM
When things don't go right, somethings wrong. Maybe I've got it right now. I'm going to base this one on Jan Gossaert's Virgin being painted by St. Luke (Prague National Gallery). I'm not too sure The Virgin will be in it and St. Luke won't be for sure.