View Full Version : New Forum Renovations

12-24-2001, 10:04 AM
As part of this morning's site renovations, we've made a number of changes to the forums here. Here is a list:

The Art Business forum has been expanded to its own category, and features a new legal forum (art law), bringing the art business forum count to 4 forums (General Art Business, Internet Sales Strategies, Legal Corner, and Membership Professional News).
Other new forums include a used art supply swap shop forum, and a "bargain basement" art sale forum, for artist-to-artist sales.
The Porcelain/China painting forum has been merged with Tole/Decorative. Neither really had a large base of participation, and they are closely related subject areas.
Same with Alternative Materials/Mixed Media and Other Mediums. They've been combined into one forum.
Some minor reorganization of the current "miscellaneous" forums.

If you run into problems or see something strange, post a note in the site discussions forum so I can take a look.