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12-17-2001, 07:06 PM
I have been reading this forum for 2 months and during that time I have been reading alot of good advice. I was really hesitant to post work on EBay, I really did not want to give my work away. But I have posted two with reserves that were, I think fair. Niether one sold, and there were no bids close to the reserve. However, one person contacted me for more info about my paintings and I sent them to my web site on ArtAgent. After a couple of E-Mails bak and forth, this person bought a painting that I had just finished and had only been on ArtAgent for 1 day. So it does pay to put your work out there for everybody to see...
..good things will follow. Jim


The painting purchased was "Old Glory"

12-17-2001, 10:39 PM
Good for you, Jim. You just never know, do you?

12-17-2001, 11:58 PM
Jim! Congratulations! Wasn't that the painting posted in the watercolor forum? If so...I really loved it!

Don't give up on ebay if you think it could be a viable source of sales for you. Take a good look at your auctions and see if there are ways you could change something to attract more viewers. However, know that right now is a really slow time for ebay sellers. I hear it will improve by the end of January! so I'll begin listing again after the first of the year.

And if you do watercolors, put Watercolor in your title (not the name of the painting) for the auction. Many of my buyers find my work by searching for Watercolor!

12-20-2001, 12:54 AM
Excellent Jim. A thumbs up to you!

12-24-2001, 04:14 AM
I try to put in my title 'watercolor', 'original', 'painting' and the title. I always include the title but I guess the gallery thumbnail should do the talking and the title isn't necessary. If the painting is a cat or something, I include 'cat' too. So here's my question... what words besides 'watercolor' do you think should be included in the title for best search results?

Congratulations Jim!

12-25-2001, 08:16 PM
Cathy, the title should always reflect as much information as possible about the painting in the listing. This way you want get accused of using multiple words just to attract attention! However, there are some words that do help with the search...

oil on canvas
large or huge (some people look for larger works)
miniature (some look for the really small things!)

Words that are not that important would be "painting" (its already in that category), words that don't relate like "the" "an" "by", words that describe feelings like "endearing", "lovely", "sensitive"; and sizes...unless you have run out of words and you still have the room!

Let's say I have an 8x10, lovely watercolor painting of a vase of wildflowers in bright, bold colors with an abstract approach in style!
What would I title it?

Abstract Watercolor Floral 8x10 CARLYART [email protected]

You will notice I left out commas! and any other info that didn't give me a broad term that fit the painting description! My title for the painting might become "WILDFLOWERS" and in my description I will use all the other info about the painting as well as other terms that will help if anyone should search for them. Keep the auction titles simple but do use all your character fields! Rearrange words to make sense too!

Two things that will always be consistent in my auctions will be my user ID (CARLYART) and ([email protected]) a group of ebay artists. My buyers get used to finding me by searching for my ID!

12-27-2001, 12:57 AM
Thanks Carly, that is really helpful information. It's amazing what just a few words can do for attention!