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K Taylor-Green
04-11-2005, 10:10 AM
Is it Monday, already?? Welcome to our weekly chat thread. Grab a cup of your fav. morning beverage, and come on in and visit.

A very busy weekend here, with people coming and going. My step-daughter and her family "camped out" in our drive. They bought a really nice used camper, and the little ones can't wait to go camping. Our drive is a compromise, and they get to play with Grandma and Grandpa, plus watch a little TV if roughing it gets to be a hardship!
My step-son and his wife and son stopped in also, and I was just getting home from my daughter's baby shower. Can you get grandchild overload?
I love them all with all I have, but as I, too, am getting over bronchitis, I was glad when it quieted down for the night.

I aquired me another dog, like I need one. It seems as though I am the first person called when someone needs a dog placed, and so far I have a 100%
success rate. There used to be an elderly couple living about a mile from us, who are distantly related to the people who own the farm where we live and care-take. Their son, who is our age, mid 50's, lives in Columbus and last fall he took his parents to live with him. A very compassionate decision, but one that consumes most of his life. He has had no time for his dog, a pure bred German Shepherd Dog named Racker von der Hollenburg. The poor thing had to spend more time in his sleeping kennel than out of it because all Phillip could do was go to work and play care giver. Long story shorter, he called me to see if I could help. Of course I could. I took one look at this dog, and decided to keep him. What a dog!! His bloodlines are so royal, I feel as though I should curtsie when I command him to sit!! He is beautiful, well behaved, likes other dogs, cats, and varied small animals. Though I don't think I am convinced that he won't chase a rabbit!! Did I mention that he is a people lover? The downside, if there is one, is his age. He will be seven next month, though with proper care, I can have and love him for another 4 to 6 years.
He has been partly trained in Germany and finished out in the US. His parents
were Schutzhund champions, his father at level 3, 21 times!! :eek:
All his obedience commands were taught to him in German, so I'm learning a new language. :rolleyes: I'll take some pics later, now that most of the people are gone, and puppy updates, too!!

04-11-2005, 10:26 AM
Oh my, Kate. It sounds like a Racker von.... has found a home that will love him forever!

Today is my last day off before i must return to work. I've been really enjoying the time off, though I didn't get much else done besides hosting the WDE and writing an article. I'm hoping to get some serious painting in today.

This week promises to be uneventful. I have to visit my college later today to attend the showcase for this year's graduating class and see what the new competition on the market is doing so I can stay ahead of the game. :evil: It will be nice to see some old friends and instructors and get caught up again. (Sheesh - you'd think I'd been out of school for much longer than I have).

Anyway - off to finish my coffee and get down to painting.

Karen Margulis
04-11-2005, 10:57 AM
Hello Everybody!
I am not a regular to the weekly scumble but it is one of my goals to be more involved so here I am! :p Another one of my goals is to paint something...anything... every day...but this week the taxes are calling me and I have procrastinated as usual! I will just have to get down to work and get it over with! This weekend I went to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival which features over 200 artists. I only managed to see 4 pastel artists...it was such a zoo! Wall to wall people..it was hard to stop and look at the artwork!

Kate...I love following your pet stories! Your new addition sounds wonderful! I seem to be partial to german dogs...I have a dachshund but I love German Shepards! You collect dogs like I collect cats! I have four now but I volunteer at 2 cat rescue shelters so it is very hard not to be tempted to add to my little zoo!

Cori...I really enjoyed participating in the WDE. You did a great job! I did a close up of the buoys and if I finish the taxes this wek I inted to do the whole buoy scene. Thanks!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week. Spring is finally here! Yahoo! :D

Deborah Secor
04-11-2005, 11:59 AM
We woke up to sparkling snow-covered trees after an off-and-on day of snow yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous--all blue for a few minutes, then lavender pink--like fairyland! Of course, I don't have to go out in it. I heard my son scrape, scrape, scraping his car windows and shivered. It's supposed to be warmer today, but windy. I'm ready for spring to stick!

Kate, what do you call a dog named Racker von der Hollenburg? Bet he has a nickname. I love Shepherds. I've always found them to be loyal and smart. Good dogs. Yep, we want pictures--and of the puppies too!

Enjoy your last day, Cori! You're ahead of the 'competition' already, on experience!

Hi Karen! :wave: Taxes? Oy! I think I'll just go paint! LOL Hope you enjoy your time at the easel.

My poor hubby is sick now. I hope he hasn't picked up the bug I'm just getting over. It's a nasty one. I literally stayed in bed for three days, then only got up for minutes at a time. My bronchitis is almost gone, thank God, but hubby is out there sniffling and sneezing and sounding miserable. I guess I'll go baby him. He's done such a good job taking care of me. (He's a major sweetie!)


04-11-2005, 03:08 PM
Kate...your new addition sounds awesome....I bet he's a beautiful animal.

Cori...Your nephew is darling!!! And what a big boy he is.....Growin' strong!! :)

Deborah and all the rest of ya getting snow......YOU CAN KEEP IT!! I'm just south of the 60th parallel and it got up to 18 d C yesterday....I would like to keep it that way!!! :D ...Cori's right though, we always get a wicked snow storm April-May.....2 yrs ago, we got it in JUNE!! BAM Out of Nowhere!!!

Karen...welcome to the Scumble.... :wave:

Well I finished up my studio space this weekend.....I'm pretty happy with it...it lacks good lighting...but I installed some daylight bulbs and it makes an improvement.....Decent storage for what I have...there's a shelving unit beside the computer that you can't see, and shelves in the hutch behind the white curtain.

Have a good week everyone! :wave:

04-11-2005, 03:36 PM
ohhh, Dania - I love your studio space. I am looking so forward to finding a new place so i can have the joy of seeting up some real space for my art!

04-11-2005, 04:41 PM
How are you liking that easel, Dania? Looks lovely! Well, the whole studio looks lovely but WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too neat and unused! Take another pic when you're in the middle of a creative burst! It is fun when it looks so perfectly arranged tho...inviting and organized. Too bad we can't have hunky studiokeepers to keep it that way.... :angel:

Piper Ballou
04-11-2005, 06:32 PM
happy Week everyone-
We have fairly nice weather, just a little cool but no snow. Have a feeling we will not have a spring and that it will just get plain hot, hot, hot.

Kate-my husband would take that german shepherd in a second if you can find a way to ship him. My son-in-law had a K-9 for the sheriff's department for years. The dog was born in China but trained to react to German...

Cori-Hope you had a good day off. I did check out the WDE but did not have time to paint this weekend. It looked like fun.

Karen- Wish I could say have fun with the taxes.....but I hope it is not too painful.

Deborah-Glad to hear you are feeling better, you have had a go-around with this. Hope your hubby gets well fast, I do not want to be around mine when he is sick....yuk

Dania-Love your work space- I am piled into a spare bedroom..thinking I need to do something different too

Sooz-heard you had a blizzard...yuk.....your stew last night sounded like a treat on a snowy day.

Hope everyone has a great week...

Mikki Petersen
04-11-2005, 10:34 PM
Hi All! Happy Monday!

Kate, your new canine friend sounds like a wonderful companion. I feel bad for his past owner but at least he was loving enough to realize that his current life pressures were leaving Racker on the short end of it. I had to give up my conure years ago when my daughter moved home pregnant, etc. It was sad but only fair to the bird.

Cori, I hope that last day off has been relaxing. Don't worry about the new kids graduating. Nothing speaks like experience! At the same time, it is probably wise to remain connected so you stay up to date on developments in your field. Smart lady!

Deborah, I'm so glad to hear you are on the mend. Seems this has been a long ordeal for you. Hope your hubby sails through quicker.

Dania, your studio looks very workable and well organized. I really like the looks of your new easel. How do you like it?

Karen, welcome to the Scumble. Glad it was you and not me in that kind of crowd. I get very irritable very quickly in throngs like that. Still I would have liked to see such a show.

Piper, you have a great week too.

Well, I did my civic duty today and went to the Courthouse on a Juror summons for a criminal grand jury. Fortunately I was not selected. What a poorly organized mess it was though. Must have been about 100 people summoned to select a jury of 19 people and 4 alternates. All stuffed into a courtroom meant to hold about 50 people. When we were released, I felt like I was escaping! Not yet used to this small town, small county way of doing things.

Well, a friend and I have definitely decided to enter paintings into our County Fair in June and we even talked my husband into entering one of his photos. We figure this will be a nice "getting our feet wet" venue and it will make going to the fair more fun since we are a part of it. So, guess I should stop talking and get back to painting!

Happy painting all!

04-12-2005, 04:53 AM
Hi all
I thought I'd pop round - was inspired to comment as I just had a nice browse through your website Mikki - gosh, gorgeous stuff out there! I'd buy it all of you if I had the money. Found some real favorites there.
Good luck on the fair - and get painting! Good on ye' for not getting selected for jury duty.....:D

Hiya Piper - nice to meet you.
Kate - sounds like a great dog - would love to see piccies!! Hey, German is not that difficult! (LOL for a Dutch person...:D :D)
Cori - good luck being back at work - I am sure you'd much rather paint...LOL
Karen - Hi there. That show sure sounds busy - shame you did not get to see much of the artwork - I know museums can be like that sometimes....I've been told one can hardly see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre for all the tourists in front of it....
Deb - hope your husband feels better!
Dania - great studio space!! Wow - that's my next task - to create a corner for myself somewhere in the house...

I am lurking in the pastel forums as I would really like to get back into it all - not yet though as I have yet to set up my pastels near my easel and organise a table, and tidy out the conservatory where I'll set up my art stuff. I haven't had the time.....My Liam (9 weeks old yesterday) takes up most of my time.....feeding...preparing bottles....changing nappies....bathing....burping...comforting....playing.....and enjoying his gorgeous smiles! The odd hour here and there is taken up by playing around on WC and household chores....am planning to get a cleaner though - so perhaps more time for me then!

Keep on painting everybody - I am enjoying your works! :D :D

Of course no snow here- those pics I saw somewhere here were sure impressive! Here it is spring, but it being the north of England it means (as anytime during the year) grey skies and today some rain. Hope the sun will come out later!


04-12-2005, 11:30 AM
Dee, How can you tell us how beautiful the snow is & not show us a pic? lol I love the way it looks when the sun comes out & & sparkles on the snow. But I wouldn't trade it for our 70's here. I like having a longer summer.

Our son's car was totalled so now I need to help him find a cheap used car & ferry him around until then. Guess I won't have much time for painting either until we find one.

04-12-2005, 12:19 PM
Our son's car was totalled so now I need to help him find a cheap used car & ferry him around until then. Guess I won't have much time for painting either until we find one.

Tammy, kids can be DEATH on the budget, can't they! AND cars! We have a nice little truck we bought for Mel that is sitting parked with low miles and giant dings from where she ran a light and clobbered someone. Probably $$2k or more in body work needed and I'm not sure we'd get that much back out of it...we're basically keeping it as a trade-in for Gary a new work car later this year, early next. Mel lost her license til next December as part of her suspended sentence deal and I think, despite having to play chauffeur and all that, I'm relieved! Our insurance and gas bill went way down and now I don't have to wonder where she is all the time. Heaven help those of us with overgrown teenagers! It's sad, too...the older girl went off to live her own life, raise her own family and never looked back, but I think we may have Mel on our hands for the duration! :rolleyes:

Well.....DRUMROLL PLEASE.....I counted 'em up and I do believe I FINALLY have my 24 postcards ready to go with one or two to spare! YAY! I already addressed all the envelopes, so now all I have to do is cut glassine strips to put around the pastels, stuff the envelopes with the cards, go down to the PO and find out how much it's gonna cost me to mail to such places as the Ukraine, Australia, UK, Spain, Turkey, etc. and send 'em off on their way. Was a fun project to do and I really like the cards I've received so far. I'd encourage anyone who's in a slump next winter to try this as a way to blast throught the block -- worked like a charm for me!

The snow from the blizzard is rapidly melting into the soil here and you should see how GREEN the grass is after just a bit of moisture! They say this was the wettest snow we've had in DECADES and I believe it! Just shoveling off the front doorstep was a heavy job! We're now on the verge of having the trees blossom out and the cooler weather flower abloom...I'm really hoping to do some small plein air work this year when the color returns to the landscape which will be SOON by the look of it! :clap:

Mikki Petersen
04-12-2005, 01:46 PM
Gosh Sophie! What a wonderful surprise to awaken to this morning. I'm so glad you enjoyed my website. I have to get in there and update it one of these days. HEY! Where's a photo of beautiful Liam???? We are all dying to see him. As for the art...dream about it, think about it, plan for the future, but enjoy every moment with that baby right now. Priorities, you know...there will be lots of time for painting but you will never get these days back with him.

Hooray for Sooz!!! :clap: I'm so glad the Postcard project kick started you. It has worked well for me in the past. Seems I'm usually in a slump about the time the project rolls around. I really miss receiving the cards this year. I have a nice scrapbook of original art from around the world. BTW, if you haven't been to the PO already...Canada postage is 40cents and international is 80 cents. Really not bad at all. It's also good to hear you cheered up about your surroundings. I know the bright spring greens around here is like a shot of new life for me.

Today, I'm devoted to finishing "River's Edge" or at least getting close. I think it will be a lot of fun to have my work hanging at the fair when we go. I always spend quite a lot of time browsing the art and photo exhibits and wondering why I don't have anything on display. This year I will!

I'm getting my annual urge to see the ocean. I'm trying to figure out how to afford the gas to go over to the coast for a few days. We have a little RV park in a cove near Mendocino that is right across the street from a private beach. We would take a couple grandkids for Papa and Hunny to play with so I could spend my time painting in situ as it were. Have to work on John to tear him away from his beloved forest.

Happy painting!

04-12-2005, 02:01 PM
Mikki - there were photos of my little one in the thread 'new mum here' and also: see my tiny head :D :D
At the moment he's screaming for his milk - but I just made it and it needs to cool down first.....he does not seem to be very patient....LOL...wonder where he got that from..... :rolleyes:
Oh what the heck, here's another one....(forgive me :D)

04-12-2005, 02:14 PM
Sounds like that dog has found himself a wonderful new home, Kate! I know you will make it terrific for him!

Welcome Karen...new chatters are always welcome here!

Dania the studio looks super....looks like you madeyour easel comfortable! I know I like mine. I hope you are enjoying yours!

That baby is gorgeous, Sophie! Glad you are finding time to visit at least. Painting time will come.

Glad you survived your day in court, Mikki! Now get back to that painting! :D

Yep, kids are expensive and sometimes a pain...usually worth it but there are moments! Glad you son is okay at least, Tammy. Cards can be replaced.

Good for you Sooz for finishing the postcards. You must be so relieved to have that behind you.

Hope you hubby feels better soon, Deborah.

I hope everyone has a great week....we just came back down from Maine this morning and I am trying to play catch up. I'll check in later in the week to make sure you are all surviving intact!


04-12-2005, 04:17 PM
Mikki, I agree...you'll find you enjoy the fair MUCH better now that you're part of it. Win (which I'm sure you will!), lose, or draw, you'll have that extra bit of excitement and sense of accomplishment that entering will give you! The painting is coming aong beautifully and should be a show stopper! Thanks for the info on the postage, too! That shouldn't be bad at all! I envy you even a CHANCE of going to the coast...has been five years since I saw the Atlantic on my trip to New Hampshire....wayyyyyyyy too long away from the seashore!

GORGEOUS little boy you have there, Soap! They are so adorable that first few months. My husband calls them "carrots" when they're too young to play silly games with, but I adore newborns and treasure those early months when they're still unable to get into dangerous things or talk back or otherwise into trouble...the time flies by VERY quickly, so enjoy!

Mikki Petersen
04-12-2005, 06:23 PM
Sophie, I don't know how I could have missed the tiny head. He's GORGEOUS!!! And I love the photo with the little cap with those...horns?

Sooz, "carrot" is a much preferable name to what John calls the infants...he calls them "third base" because all they do is lay there. Drove my daughters nuts when he would call their babies that...which, of course drove him to do it all the more. He's such a tease :rolleyes:

As for the fair...I wouldn't turn down an award if offered but that's not my main motive...I just want to get something out there where people see it. What I would love is if one of John's photos got an award...even an honorable mention...he would bust his buttons.


04-12-2005, 06:37 PM
Mikki, there was too much to respond to with my last post....I forgot to say "Good for you!" about the fair. So is this the first time you will be exhibiting like that? It's exciting...and scary...but your work is terrific and should be well received.


Mikki Petersen
04-12-2005, 08:02 PM
Yes, Sandy, this will be a first. Except for family and WC, my work is never before presented to the public. I have noticed that a lot of the work that appeals to the public is softly colored and somewhat subdued so I don't know if mine will have any appeal or not since my work fairly shouts with color and often is predominantly green. I did notice that the three pieces that sold in the Tsunami Relief Project were all very quiet pieces. I think "Textures" (the berry vines over the rocks) will be okay but I'm also hoping "River's Edge" will come out well and I can enter that as well. It will only appeal to certain tastes, I think...doesn't match the furniture. :rolleyes: It is exciting...and scary...but it's a first step.

If I survive this, I hope to enter something in the local Art Assn's big fall show. I've decided I'm ready to face the public...I hope...

Bill Foehringer
04-13-2005, 11:06 AM
Frustration Blues. Just sounding off here. It is so frustrating not to be able to paint when and where I want to. The realities of life seem to interfere way too much. Last night I was trying to do my PAD and daughter came in to use the computer, not for school work but just to hang out with her friends online, listen to music, and write her book. If she could just sit still it would be OK but being a teen she has to laugh out startlingly loud at what she sees from her friends and sings along to her music so even with her headphones on she's distracting. Plus she's randomly reading passages from her book to ask me if it sounds right. Some nights I can deal with it and some not. Finally after she nearly gave me a heart attack with one of her sudden out bursts I gave up shut off my lights and went to look over a book about Sisley, promptly fell asleep and woke up at 10pm. I know that I will miss her dearly when she goes off and makes a life of her own. I think I need to declare a couple of hours a few nights a week as my studio time during which I am not to be disturbed. I can't stay up late and do my thing beginning at 9pm-10pm weeknights. I've been trying to get to sleep earlier, that's why my PAD production has been down. Weekends can be just as frustrating because there is so much housework to keep up with. Since I've been painting out at the nature preserve weekends the housework has suffered. Currently I have 7 baskets of clean laundry setting on the dining room table. At least it's clean!!!! I should have daughter helping out more but she's in honors classes in HS and usually has hours of homework each night. Last night she had little to do because today she is in rehearsals all day for an up-coming school production. (I should have had her fold the clothes!!! Why don't I think of these things?) It's a musical/play and she is one of the dancers. The in-school dance academy is co-producing the play along with the theater academy. She's also in a movie being made by a senior friend for her honors english final. Plus her after school dance classes use up the rest of her free time. Wife is seriously, chronically ill and many days she has her plate full just dealing with her problems much less riding herd on a teen or doing any housework. What little quality time she does have she doesn't want to spend only on housework. Years ago this frustration led me to quit painting altogether. I don't want that to happen again. I need to find a new balance that includes painting. Just sounding off, sorry. I'm sure many of you have similar demands upon your time that conflict with your art. Maybe people could throw in their coping strategies and tips for how to find/organize time for art? BillF

04-13-2005, 11:21 AM
Hi everyone....happy Wednesday to you all. It's a gray cool day here.
We spent Sunday outside, as it was the first really warm day here, and we raked the yard and the flowerbeds...lots of crocuses and hyacinths popping up. I love to see the new growth coming up through the rich brown earth, the promise of another spring and summer of lush greenery. I have one corner flower bed in shade that I have yet to find color to fill it that deer and critters and beetle bugs won't devour. I'd love to grow the 10 foot sunflowers but I've tried for a couple years. I'd look out one morning and all the heads would be chomped off!

Tonight I'm going to a very dear friend's home I went to art college with and we are going to paint away the evening in good company and song. :clap: She left the computer world for the fine art world of oils and pastels for the past 3 years and has been very productive...very inspiring for me to see how much she has grown in her skills and confidence as well as enjoying the work she does. I'll post what I do tomorrow or this week. I am sorely missing the sticks in my hand gliding across the rough surface.

My husband is preparing for an August artshow in Rangeley, Maine, with carved and painted fish, his first time showing these. Some day soon I'll feel ready to show my work, but not yet.
Mikki, this is very exciting for you to show your work for the first time in public and I can imagine the butterflies flitting about!
Dania, the studio looks great. Organization is good so you can have the freedom to go crazy with your pastels! I like the picture you have up on the easel.
Sophie, your little one is so sweet. Hug and hold him so much now, it flies by so fast.
Kate, you are an angel to take Racker into your home and love him as your own. He sounds like he's fitting in really comfortably and really great he's a people lover. It's all that much easier to love him.
Tammy, how is your son feeling? That's awful about his car but the car will be replaced. Thank goodness he's ok. I worry about young kids driving these days...I didn't back then. Did any of us think we couldn't handle any emergency?? I was very confident til I lost control in 2 inches of snow going over a bridge and I fishtailed 180 degrees onto the guardrails. I was humbled.
Sooz, I'm interested in the postcard project. I saw a small fiberart exchange in Quilting Arts magazine about postcard size that was so interesting! I like this idea very much! I think I'll look into this. That's wonderful you finished! Here's the clash of the cymbols to finish the drumroll!
Cori, how did your visit go to the college showcase? I haven't been back to my school in many years...it would be great to visit with professors.
Karen, I know, some festivals are so crowded!! It's hard to enjoy the walk when you're bumping into so many. I find that people's personal space kind of disappears in such crowds. People bump into each other sometimes without a word or glance. I find that I don't quite mind if I'm really interested in what I'm looking at....I'm oblivious!!
Deborah, did you take any pictures of your fairyland of blues and lavendar pinks? It sounds beautiful. Sorry about your hubby. We're finally getting rid of our ill days of the past month and a half. When your head is clear, you really do have the power to climb mountains!
Hi Bill, I'm sorry about your frustration. It's real and it's valid. There are so many times when I want to paint but my daughter takes my time. You are right to know that the time she is with you is so short a time and that's fantastic that she is involved with school and is an honor student!!! You do deserve some time, respectfully, that is yours alone with peace and quiet, and she's old enough to give that to you. I know you'll work something out with her with good old compromising.
Ok, all, have a great rest of the week.
Nice to be here and sharing lifelines.
Cindy :cat:

Deborah Secor
04-13-2005, 12:23 PM
Bill, I firmly believe that you will be lovingly assisting your daughter to become a responsible adult by requiring her cooperation in doing housework. All kids need to be a part of the team that cares for a home, especially in your circumstances. It seems to me that in the long run, when she's living independently, she'll thank you a lot more for the self discipline she learned than the times she acted in a play or starred in a video. I come at this from the standpoint of a) a prima donna kid who was spoiled rotten and never learned much discipline at home, a sorely missed and hard learned attribute (I had a mom who wanted me to have fun in my teen years because she had to work so hard...) and b) as a mom who sees how important it is for my now 18-year-old son to be considerate of his family's needs. He may have complained about having to do dishes and laundry, dust and vacuum, take out the trash and clean up the yard, but he didn't do it in a vacuum, we were all there doing these things together, and now I'm somewhat amazed to see that he's a kind, considerate and helpful young man! So the work your daughter does at home is training her for the future!! You deserve some time to pursue your art and she may just need to be reminded that she contributes to the quality of your life just as much as you do to hers. I think you should engage her in SHARING some leisure time as you SHARE the work load. Don't deny her the chance to mature in this very important area. (Okay, I'm now getting off that soapbox!) Oh, and sound off here any time--we all do!! :wink2:

See you all later...Have a great day painting everyone!!


Mikki Petersen
04-13-2005, 01:21 PM
Bill, it's a very healthy thing you've done by sounding off here...that's what the scumble is all about. In addition to being artists we collectively have a vast array of life experience to share with each other.

Deborah stated well the most important advice. I, too, was a pampered teen because I was an "artist". The result was that I was so unprepared for adult responsibilities that I floundered through my twenties trying to cope with adulthood, parenthood and life...and had to give up being an artist!

When I became a parent, I decided that I would raise self reliant children so they did not grow up as helpless as I had. They had household chores from about the age of two (simple things, of course). When they were young adolescents, I was divorced and became a working Mom, working full time and taking in sewing after hours just to make ends meet. The girls had to pitch in a lot at home. They still managed to eek out a healthy social life and succeed in school. Today, they tell me about how much they "hated" me for being so "ruthless" with them and how grateful they are for it. They are much more successful then their friends how had "understanding" parents.

You not only have a right to demand some studio time or just plain "me" time but good mental health requires it. What I hear in your narrative is that you have become so vested in your caretaking roles, you have sacrificed care of self to care of others. The most important thing you can do for those you love is care for yourself and if painting gives you a release, then go for it. If your daughter has free time for listening to music, e-chatting with friends, etc, then she certainly has time for folding laundry and other household chores.

Consider purchasing a second computer for your daughter's use away from your space if it is financially feasible. But even then, non-homework computer time comes second to household chores.

Finally, your daughter's "job" is school and homework. Her social time is her plays and extra-curricular activities. You have to make time for household chores after work, before extra-curricular activities (like painting), and so should she. She needs to know she is a functioning member of the household and that her needs are equal to everyone else's. Right now, you are teaching her that her needs are more important than yours. Not a good life lesson.

BTW, I'm "mean" to my grandkids too and they love coming to stay with me. First thing I do is lay out the list of chores they will have and what fun things we will be doing. They feel very important because "Gramma needs them."

Go paint!

04-13-2005, 02:07 PM
Wow - such busy lives all of us!

Sophie, I'm just enamored by the beauty of your little guy!!! Great photos - love the avatar too.

Mikki - good - it's about time you entered a show!!! Your work is well worthy and hurrah!!!

More of you to say hello to but I'm a bit nipped for time at the moment.

All my best and happy painting... It's good to see new blood and fresh faces here as well.

Oh and I'm dang impressed with that studio!!!


04-13-2005, 02:41 PM
Hugs to you and your daughter Bill! I remember those days well....you have been given some excellent advice from Mikki and Deborah. But, ultimately you will do waht works best for you. It sounds like you are doing a heroic job as it is if you daughter is so involved in such terrific activities and doing so well in school.

Bing, I don't think I noticed before that you live in Southern NH....you must not be too far from me...then again, Mass. and NH are a lot "wider" than I think. But you are certainly in the same neck of the woods...and yes, stuff is definitely sticking its neck up out of the ground!

Today is cold but basically sunny. I went to work at hubby's office this morning and it was one of those days where nothing went right...plus my father called in the middle ssaying he is having a nother diverticulitis attack. In the end he saw the doctor in the compound where they live and he is on meds and just has to rest...but he gets to worried and is 10 steps ahead...we should all be prepared, he will be in the hospital, my mother has an appointment and he is already giving me directions because he will be in the hospital and not able to take her...and of course he is back in the apartment and will probably taker he just fine. And if he can't, well, we'll deal with it. One of us can go there and take her. The proverbial boy who cried wolf! But he still gets me going and I start worrying how I will do all this. :D Somehow we never learn. And getting old is tough...I know he is worried and it is justifiable. I have to learn to not panic till it's time...there is always time to panic later! :D

So...I didn't think I was going to vent but there I went...or vented! :D I feel better laready. This place is great!

I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly....no crises please...no health issues....no accidents...just peace and quiet and maybe some good painting!


04-13-2005, 04:32 PM
Bill, I'm only sayin' this because it took me a lifetime to finally figure it out: A family has this way of using up everything each member can give to it, and each of us has to eventually figure out what's reasonable and what's not in the way of our own contribution. Back when I was caring for my elderly, ill mother and taking care of a job, 90% of the household chores, etc., a friend told me, "You know...you can give every bit of yourself to this situation, you can even KILL yourself trying to do it all, but the fact is when you finally keel over, no one will pay extra to engrave words on your tombstone telling how you sacrificed your entire life for the good of your family. And if they did? Who would be impressed?"

You may never get a truly "fair" balance of effort there with your daughter, but you can at least expect some help. Best way to get the point across if she proves unwilling? Quit doing all those little favors she takes for granted like rides to and from here and there, gas money and use of the car if she drives, washing HER clothes, etc. Take the time and money you save and put it toward your artwork. She'll be better off learning what Dad's worth to her and you'll be better off learning what YOU'RE worth, too!

04-13-2005, 05:09 PM
Bing, I don't think I noticed before that you live in Southern NH....you must not be too far from me...then again, Mass. and NH are a lot "wider" than I think. But you are certainly in the same neck of the woods...and yes, stuff is definitely sticking its neck up out of the ground!

Hey Sandy, fellow New Englander! I didn't notice you're from this area either. I work in MA so it's not that far from my home. With the major arteries connecting out of Boston to "rural" areas, it's easy to get around here.
Do you know of any Pastel Societies/Groups, etc., around these parts? I couldn't find any except on the Cape.
I have to say, I'm ready for the greenery to sprout! It IS mid April....

04-13-2005, 06:08 PM
Hi Bing! :wave: I have not seen any pastel organization anything except for the cape either. I am in southern Maine a lot a lot of the people there are using pastels. There is a Pastel Painters of Maine which I will join once I move up there or an able to be there more. I may join sooner but trying to go to meetings it too difficult. I think they meet in Kennebunk but I'm not positive.


04-13-2005, 06:16 PM
The visit to the student showcase went well. The grads this year are really proficient in their 3-D animation skills. Tons of animated shorts and video work. I sucked at 3-d so I tended to concentrate more on making sure I geared everything I could to educational design. Paid off in the end, really, since a year after grad, i am one of the few in my grad class who is actually employed roughly in my field.

I still haven't heard if I made the list of finalist for the Canadian New Media Awards. They were supposed to be announced last friday, but they changed the date to Apr 13 (TODAY!!!) and still no notice. I am so stir crazy it is driving me insane!!! :p

04-15-2005, 12:08 PM
Yoooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooo! Where IS everybody? Off paying their income taxes???

Good luck on the show, Cori!

I'm doing my best "ignore the scratchy throat, fuzzy cough, and stuffy nose" imitation. If it's anything remarkable I figure the doc can tell me when I go in for a scheduled check-up Monday. I never make extra trips to doctors if I can help it! I'm already immune to almost all the antibiotics except for the most extreme and don't fancy over-using the ones that do still work if I can get by without it.

I don't have that much I have to do right now except a few minor errands such as mailing my postcards finally! Whew! What an undertaking...I'm going to go at this differently next year and put aside small sketches, etc. throughout the year instead of doing almost twenty new ones in a couple months!

The weather here has finally decided to be springish for awhile after the blizzard last week. The cottonless cottonwood is covered with little tassles which means leaves won't be too far behind! Imagine THAT...trees with LEAVES on 'em! Woohoo!

04-15-2005, 12:31 PM
Good luck on the show, Cori!

Show? What show? :p The student showcase is something the program i graduated from has to show off the talent of the new grads to prospective employees - I was merely there to check out the emerging competition that is hitting the market a year after I did! :D

And as for the awards - the announcement of finalists has now been pushed back another week. they emailed me to tell me that it would be made next week! grrr.

04-15-2005, 12:32 PM
Take care, Sooz...those springtime colds have a way of hanging on. Then again, any colds do. I hope it is nothing more serious than that.

It is cool but sunny today. Buds on the lilac buches! Hooray! It really is lovely out there. I just had to take a painting in to get it matted...that larger one of the little fishing cover. It was too big for me to mat myself. And as long as I was there I picked a nice, but simple ready made frame and he will do the whole thing. Whew! I hate framing and matting! I hate choosing too....too many choices, especially when you are in the shop. When I am home and using the standard mats they are all white or off white and the frame choices are pretty straighforward...whatever I pick up on sale at A.C. Moore or choose from Graphic Dimensions (or whatever they are). I still go with an off white mat and can't afford a custom frame but having all those wonderful bits of frames hanging on the wall makes me drool.....and I would have liked to do a double mat but it just jacks the price up so much...oh well....we all have the same problem, I know.

I think I may have time later to start a new painting! Not sure what yet but I'll figure it out...it's always weird being in between....I need to be careful to not let too long go between or there is always the dreaded slump....

For now I am cleaning and pressing some old lace to get ready to photograph and put up on eBay....busy...busy!


Susan Borgas
04-15-2005, 08:30 PM
Hello everyone :wave: Thought I would pop in and get to know you all a bit better. It is so nice to get to know other artists other than just their work. I personally have been busy with my own schoolwork doing a correspondence Commercial Art course lasting three years. I have to admit that I will be glad when it is finished with a little over two months to go. I have a thread here at WC that I never got back to completing it as I was so consumed with studies and painting for exhibitions at the time. I will endeavour to finish it at the same time feeling guilty :( leaving the questions unanswered with photos to post once I am organised.
Here in Australia there are many parts of the country in drought. My husband and I are waiting for our much needed rain to plant our cereal crops. We have had three years of drought on our own farm but through thrifty budgeting, managed to keep our heads above the poverty line. Just outside my kitchen window I have ewes lambing. It is the first time we have had the lambing season so close to our house and it is lovely to see and hear the lambs playing together at “play school” ;) in the paddocks. There are usually a few mums not far away.
Since starting to post again at WC, gee it has me again once more enjoying working with my pastels again. A community of artist is so inspiring, hence I must make sure to put my time aside with my morning coffee in hand and see what you guys are all doing.
Until next time regards, Susan

04-15-2005, 10:58 PM
Good to see you back, Susan! Sounds like you've been busy! I'd love to see your lambs! They're so cute and gangly, all legs. Sorry to hear about your drought...we've had one here for the last four years or so, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that we may be working our way out of it; we've had pretty near normal snows and rainfall over the last ten months or so, but it will take several years of "normal" to refill the reservoirs and such. Here's hoping your rains come early and often!

Susan Borgas
04-16-2005, 12:41 AM
Sooz I don't dare go close to the lambs in case they follow me, hence then can't find mum. I zoomed in with my camera then cut a section out of the photo so that I can post a close up. Hopefully a bit later on I can get some really good shots to put in the photo libary.


04-16-2005, 12:49 AM
Cool! Good pics are always needed! Boy, it DOES look dry there! If you're anything like me, you're getting a bit tired of browns, by now! :D We're hoping for some actual leaves on our trees here pretty soon. Seems like it's been a long winter! Has the heat been bad there?

Susan Borgas
04-16-2005, 01:03 AM
Autumn seems to have had a late start here with temperatures breaking records in April. It is strange weather, sort of like it has shifted with its seasons. January usually is very hot and yet it didn’t seem to be as hot as it can be. We even had a frost during a period where we never get them. Our temperatures can and do reach 42 degrees at times though not for long periods…….thank goodness. A lot of the colour has gone from the dried grasses here. They are greyer which I totally dislike. I find the best times for the golden colours are in October in my area, which I adore :D .

Mikki Petersen
04-16-2005, 03:47 PM
Hi Susan! You picked a very slow week to join the scumble, but I'm glad you did. Thanks so much for the photo of the lambs. They are adorable! And, yes, it does look very dry there. California looks like that summer and fall whether we have a drought year or not. It rains and/or snows here for about 5 months, October through March, then there is pretty much no rain for the space in between. Unirrigated grass lands get very dry and brown and our forests turn to tinder. Funny to here you say you are experiencing a shift of seasons down under, because we are definitely experiencing that up here. Every year, it takes longer for the warm weather to set in and then it lingers, often into November.

Sooz, I'm so glad your long winter is ending. I know it has really had you down. I would be glad for the end of Winter if it didn't mean the 100 degree weather wasn't just around the corner. I hate the heat. Last summer was so wonderful, being six weeks in New Mexico and Colorado, where we thought it would be awful and hot, but was actually quite temperate. Wish we could do it again this year, but gas prices have us parked at home.

Well, I got our taxes filed. Every year I wait longer and longer. Used to file the moment the last w-2 was in, but have gotten so lazy about stuff like that. Now I can return my energies to important things like painting and chatting on the web. :)

Happy painting!

04-18-2005, 06:33 PM
Bill, hang in there I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. As for lambs, our new one, Bob, has sore front legs from the big Dane/Lab mix from the pound (I adopted) escaping and chasing him- but looks exactly like the brown ones in your pictures! We are soft hearts and just raise them for pets.....I think I have become a compulsive pastel re-organizer. I think I love the pastels more than using them- is that sick or what? The colors at least start out so beautiful. Every time I hear of a new brand I want them- I think Dakota Pastels has gotten wind of that (recent sale). I love to just LOOK at the Mt. Vision pastels but I do use them- it just hurts me to break a stick of those or unison. The Mt. Visions are much larger and even prettier though, and I wince when I break them. I would love to go outside and paint, but my bottle-fed goats would EAT the paper, pastels, easel, you name it in a minute! They are a bit too curious and even want to see how the saw works in detail... Well, ya'll have a great week!

04-19-2005, 11:52 AM
Heya! Noticed you'd posted after the new week's Scumble was opened yesterday...pop on over there next time! :D I love lambs and silly goats...when yoy get a new camera, post some good close up pics?